Powerful Marketing Tools to Complement Your Salesforce CRM

Get perfect alignment between your marketing & sales databases

LeadSquared integration with Salesforce

Actionable marketing insights for sales teams using Salesforce

Sync the systems with ease

Sync the systems with ease

You need zero technical knowledge to set up the bidirectional data sync between LeadSquared and Salesforce. Just takes a few minutes to sync the two systems.

Enable data sharing between teams

Make sure your sales and marketing teams are always on the same page by sharing data transparently over the two systems.

Run powerful marketing campaigns

Help your marketing team use data from Salesforce to run highly relevant campaigns that your prospects and customers relate with.

Help your sales team sell better

Help your sales team sell better

Send intelligent marketing insights your salespeople's way. Help them know more about their prospects - the pages they view, their lead scores, quality, engagement levels etc.

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