Reduce Lead Leakage with Ameyo Call Center Integration

Capture your inbound calls as leads and activities within LeadSquared

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Make your Call Center Solution and CRM Work as One

Acuity Integration - Single platform

All in one system

Embed LeadSquared into your Ameyo account. Access all your lead details and lead history within your Ameyo platform. No need to constantly switch between the two.

Ameyo Integration - inbound calls

Capture phone calls

Reduce the risk of letting leads slip through the cracks. Your inbound calls, missed calls and even voice mails get captured as leads or activities on LeadSquared.

Ameyo Integration - call records

Access call recordings

Record all your converstions that you have with the prospect. Track them as activities within LeadSquared and Ameyo.

Ameyo Integration - lead details

Access lead details

When an existing lead makes a call, see their lead details automatically with this integration. When a new lead calls, you can quickly add the lead into LeadSquared.

Ameyo Integration - lead distribution

Easy lead distribution

Distribute leads that come in to your call center/sales teams. Set up simple rules to assign leads based on product, criteria, by zip code or even in a round robin manner.

Ameyo Integration - tasks and reminders

Set up tasks and reminders

With every new lead created or activity posted through Ameyo, you can set up corresponding tasks and reminders. This will help you to follow up on time.

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