Banking Sales Execution Platform

Digital Transformation Partner for Banks

Increase Your Bank’s Operational Effectiveness

Multiple processes, products and teams – A single platform to manage them all

For digital sales

Deliver a top-notch digital experience for your prospects and customers. Auto-capture every single inquiry & activity. Notify your teams to take relevant actions.

For call center sales

Up the efficiency of your contact centers by routing JUST the right inquiries to them. Nothing less, nothing more. Empower them to do much more than just making calls


For field operations

Up the productivity of all your feet-on-street teams (sales, collections, verification and others) with LeadSquared mobile app & on-the-ground tracking.


For cross sales

Increase the Customer Lifetime Value by instantly catching the cross-sell & upsell signals & notifying your relationship managers to act on them.


For collections

Optimize collections by aligning it with all the core processes & teams. Automate follow-ups & route only the uncontacted collection leads to the call centers.


For branch operations

Unify the complete branch operations. Help your teams prioritize whom to call first. Get in-depth reports on the branch’s sales efforts and effectiveness.

Deliver Excellent Customer Experience Every Step of the Way

The only front-end platform you’ll ever need for your entire workforce

Acquire more customers digitally

Integrate & speed up inquiry generation and customer conversion + onboarding from your digital channels.

Capture all banking product inquiries from every single medium – digital, phone, email, social and others. With automated screening at each step, your team will never waste a single moment on low-quality requests.

Acquire more customers from your digital channels
Increase call center sales

Increase call center teams’ efficiency

Integrate your call center with your core teams & processes. Increase the efficiency of the team: For instance, send only those leads to the call center who don’t submit an application online.

Empower the call center team to do much more than just make calls. They’ll have the complete context to the conversations, and ability to directly assign leads and conversations to different teams.

360 degree view of customer portfolio

Provide your Relationship Managers comprehensive insights into customer details & their portfolio. Help them recommend retail products suiting the customer profile automatically.

Cross-sell opportunities can be identified and recommended both on the web (for in-branch teams) and mobile (for field teams) interface.

Increase field sales productivity Customer portfolio view

Auto-plan relationship managers’ schedule

Let LeadSquared automatically plan your agents’ day – meetings, routes & goals

  • Meetings in order of priority
  • Best route to follow
  • Goals for the day.

Track everything your field teams do

Don’t let your teams slack

  • Auto check-ins for Relationship Managers and Agents
  • Real-time geo-tracking to validate meetings
  • Geo-fencing, so that no meeting is misrepresented ever again (Activity won’t get posted till the agent reaches the meeting location)
  • Track all conversations & activities – calls, SMSs, emails, meetings etc
Track everything your field teams do

Speed up + Power up Your Document Collection Processes


Sell more to existing customers (Cross-sell)

Generate and send custom offers for your prospects and customers. For instance, someone who spends at the movies often can be offered an Entertainment Credit Card. Send offers automatically via emails or text messages, or send the leads to your call center


Create offers automatically or manually

Automate lead qualification and offer generation with LeadSquared. Generate offers by fetching transactional information automatically from the Core Banking System and conversational information from LeadSquared.

Auto-assign high-value accounts to RMs

Use signals from different data points and platforms to identify the spending patterns of prospects and customers and identify high-spending customers.

These customers with high customer lifetime value can be assigned for personal attention to relationship managers.


Complete Performance Reports for Teams, Products, Relationship Managers & More


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