Toprankers Student Reach Expands 18X with LeadSquared

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“It’s like a lifeline for us. We began using it for a few leads for conventional lead journeys. Now, LeadSquared is not just lead generation software but has increased the student outreach by 18X by acting as a sales and marketing automation platform for us. We’re doing so much more with it now.”


10x your admissions with LeadSquared

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Increase in Student Enrollment


View of Each Lead


Admission Process

Toprankers loves LeadSquared for:

  • Sales and Marketing Automations
  • Operational Flexibility and Scalability
  • Multiple Channel Integration for Enhanced Lead Nurturing and Engagement
  • On-Demand Customer Support
  • Centralized Admission Process
  • 360-degree view of every lead

Increase in Student Enrollments


Degree View of Each Lead


Admission Process

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About Toprankers

Established in 2016, Toprankers has emerged as India’s premier digital counseling and test preparation platform, dedicated to guiding students toward promising careers beyond Engineering and Medicine. It aims to boost career success post-12th grade with exceptional learning practices and support.

Toprankers offers comprehensive career counseling services and a robust test preparation platform for students aiming for Careers in Management, Humanities, Law, Design & Architecture in both UG and PG categories.

Their flagship test preparation examinations under the UG category include the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), Integrated Program in Management (IPM), Common University Entrance Test (CUET), National Institutes for Design (NID), National Institution for Fashion Technology (NIFT), Undergraduate Common Entrance for Design (UCEED), and many more. In the PG category, they offer preparation for exams such as LLM, CUET PG, and the Common Admission Test (CAT).

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Challenges Faced by Toprankers Before Opting for Leadsquared

1. Inefficient lead management

Before LeadSquared, managing leads through basic lead journeys suggested a lack of automation and sophistication in handling inquiries.

2. Lack of unified system

As a result of disjointed systems, Toprankers likely needed to consolidate various tools into a single, cohesive platform to streamline operations and improve lead engagement.

3. Limited insight into lead nurturing

A lack of detailed insights into lead behaviors, preferences, and engagement levels hindered effective nurturing.

4. Concerns on efficiency across teams

Teams operated independently, using manual processes across various platforms, which made operations slower and less efficient than having a unified system.

After Choosing LeadSquared

The Pivotal “Aha” Moment: Initially contemplating building their own CRM to leverage in-house technical expertise, Toprankers quickly realized the substantial time and resources required for such a project. Re-evaluating their approach, they discovered LeadSquared, an established CRM platform that closely aligned with their needs. Opting for LeadSquared enabled Toprankers to concentrate on their primary mission.

Reflecting on this choice three years later, they view it as a strategic shift. This decision has validated their preference for an existing, reliable platform, significantly contributing to their growth and enhancing operational efficiency.

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LeadSquared’s Transformative Solutions

Marketing Automation and Nurturing Leads

LeadSquared provided a single platform that combined the functionalities of a sales CRM and a marketing automation tool. This unified system allowed Toprankers to manage their leads more effectively, from initial capture through the entire sales funnel, ensuring no potential student was overlooked.

Operational Customizations

The platform’s customization options, and flexibility allowed Toprankers to adapt the CRM to their specific process changes and operational needs. This adaptability was crucial for Toprankers as it enabled them to evolve their strategies without being constrained by technological limitations.


“The flexibility of LeadSquared has been crucial for us, especially when making process changes. It’s designed to accommodate a wide range of interventions, allowing us to adapt swiftly and effectively. The LeadSquared team has been instrumental in implementing these modifications, which has significantly enhanced our capability to utilize the system across various functions.”

Toprankers Student Reach Expands 18x with LeadSquared

Comprehensive Lead Tracking

LeadSquared facilitated a 360-degree view of each lead, integrating data from various communication channels into one cohesive system. This comprehensive insight into lead activities and preferences empowered Toprankers to tailor their engagement strategies more effectively.


“Utilizing multiple platforms to interact with leads can significantly complicate data integration at scale. In our scenario, since everything operates within a single system, we have a comprehensive understanding of each lead—knowing when they came in, their activities, and the optimal times for interaction. Essentially, it provides a 360-degree view of every lead, which proves immensely beneficial for our operations.”

Toprankers Student Reach Expands 18x with LeadSquared

Boosting Team Efficiency

The implementation of LeadSquared improved operational efficiency across several teams within Toprankers, including marketing, counseling, product growth, student success, and finance.


“Our marketing team uses the platform to create landing pages, automatically routing generated leads to the appropriate counseling team. The Product Director for Growth evaluates call quality and geographic trends to better source and optimize leads. Meanwhile, our Student Success and Finance teams manage interactions and detailed reports efficiently through LeadSquared.”

Toprankers Student Reach Expands 18x with LeadSquared

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LeadSquared has become crucial for Toprankers, streamlining lead management and enhancing engagement strategies effectively. This partnership has transformed educational counseling, highlighting the immense benefits of utilizing the right technology to achieve student goals efficiently.