Customer Intelligence – Know Your Customers In & Out

Customer Intelligence

Customers are more connected and evolved than ever, with data being available on their fingertips. They know where to shop, what to buy, and how much to pay. 

In such a business landscape, it is essential to predict customer behavior. 

But how exactly would you do that? 

Quick Answer: Through Customer Intelligence.

What is Customer Intelligence?

Customer Intelligence is the knowledge of why customers behave as they do, which allows companies to adapt and meet customer demands.

What is Customer Intelligence

Simply put, Customer Intelligence is gathering and analyzing customer data. 

It is all about, first, the way you analyze the data gathered from different sources of your target audience. Second, how you can use it to serve them better before your competitors do.

While collecting customer intelligence, you will gather plenty of data. It would be in vain if you don’t know how to analyze the data to your advantage.

Why Customer Intelligence is important?

Customer Intelligence puts you in your customer’s shoes. It enables you to see through how they interact with your marketing channels and what they expect.

Obtaining this perspective and using it to your advantage will get your business head and shoulders above the competition.

To help you understand this correctly, here’s an example of how learning these insights can improve Customer retention

Our 30-year-old customer has recently moved and has a young family.

  • Here, a well-educated customer is applying for a home loan. They are looking for an option with lesser interest.
  • We learned that they are also comparing the competitor’s offers with ours. Probably, looking for more flexibility.
  • Perhaps, to build loyalty between this customer and our brand, we can offer lower interest on loans and zero down-payment options. It will help the family through a financially difficult time.
  • It is all about the way you analyze the data gathered from different sources of your target audience and how you can use it

However, this requires relevant data. For that, you need a CRM software that resides the ability to extract data and provide actionable insights.

“80 percent of the customers say that they are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience.” (Forbes)

Here’s a handful of reasons why you should really consider adopting customer intelligence in your organization:

4 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence helps you to develop customer loyalty

Develop Customer Loyalty

Customers will stay loyal to your brand when you cater to their needs and provide them what they want.

It is, therefore, vital that you always know what their requirements are.

This will allow you to fill this need before the competition takes advantage. 

Gone are the days when painting a comprehensive picture of your customer base was a process that took ages. Newer methods of gathering customer intelligence have come up now. At present, you can easily know what your customers require in real-time and address it as soon as possible.

You can do this by using a CRM platform like LeadSquared.

Give a Quick Response

CRM enables you to make a connection right from the starting with personalized emails and SMSs on the go. 

Autoresponder reports helps you to get appropriate customer intelligence

It not only reduces your response time but also generates a complete analysis of the autoresponder’s performance. 

Now find the messages and timing working well with your audience to enhance your selling. 

Get a Deeper Understanding of Customers

Customer Intelligence enables you to understand Your Customers

Many of the customer intelligence platforms can capture customer data from various points along their journey. 

LeadSquared’s CRM for customer intelligence goes a step further and analyzes this data to give you a complete picture.

The software monitors their activities by tracking and studying their browsing pattern, buying intent, etc.

To that effect, CRM leverages Smart Profiling of your customers and segments them based on their interest. This allows your salespeople to target the interest and provide them a better consultation.

Your salespeople can add notes in the software for every sales conversation, enabling you to study and make changes in your follow up calls, accordingly.

Build Strong Relations

Enhance Customer Relations

Building and maintaining healthy relationships with your customers is the key to better and organic customer insights.

After gaining insights, CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT or CRM will help you to facilitate constant interaction with your customers, thus fostering a better relationship. Consequently, it will help you to build their loyalty for your brand.

Now to optimize your process of customer interaction, a CRM tool is needed to help you power through. 

Keeping this need in mind, LeadSquared’s CRM tool was developed with amazing Email Analytics, Customer Behaviour Analytics and more.  

Where to Next?

In the past, companies have relied on the lengthy market research process to get any customer intelligence. If you are the first to please the market, you can capture their loyalty to your brand.

However, a more cost-effective customer intelligence technology like LeadSqaured’s CRM will you to maintain this loyalty. 

So, if you are looking to gain an edge over your competition, you should seriously consider using customer intelligence.

The insights you gain from analyzing these data will increase brand loyalty and your relationship with customers, which in turn will increase your sales.

Get started by developing your customer insights and setting up your customer insights platform to gather intelligence with LeadSquared!

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