Seamless Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Facebook Lead Ads Integration Let's You Capture All Leads from Facebook into Leadsquared


Automatically capture leads from Facebook with Facebook Lead Ads integration

Sync Facebook lead ads with LeadSquared

Facebook Lead Ads Integration lets you map your Facebook lead forms just once to start capturing all leads from Facebook lead ads into LeadSquared. Track leads from various sources in one platform.

Capture leads with zero manual effort

Lose the hassle of downloading the leads from Facebook, and uploading it to your lead management system. With Facebook Lead Ads Integration leads get captured automatically.

Capture leads from other Facebook ads

Use responsive landing pages to capture leads from your other paid Facebook ad campaigns. Test your campaigns easily and track conversions.

Nurture leads captured from Facebook

Set autoresponders, drip marketing campaigns and other engagement rules for all your Facebook leads. Push them to conversion with ease.

Publish Landing Pages on Facebook

Never miss an opportunity to capture Leads on Facebook by hosting your Landing Pages on your Facebook Pages too.

Track your campaign performance

Always know which of your Facebook campaigns are converting the best using Lead Source report. Analyze and improve your campaigns easily.

Map Facebook Leads easily

Map all your leads generated via Facebook easily into Leadsquared with the help of Facebook Lead Ads Integration and save the hassle of manually entering each lead.

Map Facebook Leads easily

Analyze Facebook Campaigns

Analyze Facebook Campaigns

Analyze each Facebook campaign and check which campaign performed the best.

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