When a school is up and running with a steady inflow of new enrollments, it’s a standard practice to re-invest 15-20% of your revenue on marketing.

Private and vocational institutes, as an industry, spend millions of dollars on advertising and generating inquiries every year. Most of us, however, don’t have that kind of a budget to swing with. It’s a fraction; if it even exists. But here’s the thing, if you sit back and don’t match up you’re inevitably pushing your school into a downward spiral of decreasing enrollments.

In our last webinar, Bart Caylor, laid out his best ideas and hacks for career schools to make a big noise on a small budget. In 0 to 2500 Dollars per year, he’s laid out the entire spectrum of effective marketing methods when you have no money.

Here’s the recording of his complete session. And he insists that you immediately give you plans the new wind they deserve:

Download the presentation deck used in the webinar.
And the videos – Stabiliser and mic  & Light Kit

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