Insurance call center CRM

Create a super efficient call center team

Route your inquiries to the right agent

Distribute leads among your call center team based on any criteria of your choosing – including caller availability, past performance, product specialty, location, and anything you want.



Customized progressive call pop-ups

For all inbound and outbound calls, your agents will see progressive calling pop-ups. These pop-ups have all key lead details, and allow you to enter the notes of the conversation, set follow-up tasks etc. without ever leaving the pop-up screen or opening any more tabs. The pop-ups are completely customizable, help your salespeople immensely, and save tons of time.

Easy to Execute Post Call Actions

Add task for followup, Forward to available agent, Forward to inspection officer, Send customized emails


Help Your Agents Plan & Execute

Clean and customized UI to focus on the most important jobs

Always make the right pitch

The callers can view lead’s old conversations, and activity history while on the call, helping them modify the pitch on-the-go, hold the lead’s interest and always know what they are looking for. This would help them make the right pitch and delight the prospects.

Insurance Call Center reporting

Conduct real-time audits

Record calls, run quality control checks, monitor caller performance, identify exceptionally good or bad agents in terms of call quality and closures and give real-time feedback.

Agent performance reports

Get detailed reports about the overall performance of your call center team, and individual callers. Identify the star agents closing the most deals, the slackers missing out on their tasks, the overall number of calls made by each agent, and if they are able to meet their targets or not.

Call Center Software
Insurance Call Center

Integrate with your favorite IVR tools

Out-of-the-box integration with all the popular IVR tools – like Knowlarity, CallRail, Exotel, Ameyo and more.

It Powers Our New Telephony-assisted Online Sales Channel.

“Leadsquared Insurance CRM is very powerful in allowing customizations, unlike large CRMs. We use it to power our new telephony-assisted online sales channel. Automations help us engage customers without delays, and we have increased our conversion rates. The lead capture is seamless from all sources. The in-built connectors, APIs & Web-hooks are simple to use and can be integrated with your core systems.”

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