Insurance Field Sales Software

Run your entire field sales operations on mobile crm

Make your mobile a lead capture machine

Automatically add incoming calls as leads on your mobile. All the conversation – calls, emails, text messages are automatically synced in LeadSquared field sales app

Insurance field sales software - Make your mobile a lead capture machine

Insurance field sales software- Alert your field sales team on important events

Alert your field sales team on important events

Notify your field sales reps on all important events such as on lead assignment, meeting reminders and when the lead does any important activity such as visits policy pricing page

Live Geo Tracking

Get a bird’s eye view of field sales team from your office – The places they travel, the distance they traveled, the people they meet, the tasks they miss and much more

Insurance field sales software - Check in and check out feature to always monitor
Insurance field sales software- Meeting Updates

Instantly sync your meetings notes

All the meeting notes, emails, messages, calls are automatically and instantly synced in one central data repository which can be accessed from mobile or desktop

Leads near me

Optimize your route better leads near me feature. While in a particular location for a meeting, the field sales app can provide a recommendation of leads existing in the same location.

Insurance Mobile CRM - Notify your agent of "leads near me"
insurance field sales software- no internet

Works offline

LeadSquared is the world’s only CRM that syncs crucial sales activity data like calls and messages even when they are without internet connectivity

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