LeadSquared Vs. Salesforce

Move beyond admin chores & select the best sales execution platform. With LeadSquared, land more leads and close more deals.

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Why Leadsquared Is the Best Salesforce Alternative?

One-stop solution for sales & marketing

LeadSquared supports Out-of-the-box feature-set for marketing, inside sales, field sales, call centre teams and other feet-on-street teams (like verification, collections, onboarding and more), all in a single solution compared to Salesforce’s modular solution with separate sales, marketing, and mobility modules.

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Implementation & flexibility

LeadSquared can be implemented extremely fast. For simple processes, within a few hours to the most complex use cases, within 2-3 weeks. While Salesforce can stretch to several quarters with many dependencies. LeadSquared is flexible and customizable for people at every skill or hierarchy level versus Salesforce which is a complex tool typically meant for advanced users requiring a team of developers to maintain.

Drag & drop automation, no coding required

LeadSquared comes with drag and drop workflow builder, that can regiment your entire sales process to drive maximum consistency and eliminate lead leakage. Highly advanced lead distribution workflows to map leads by regions, agent availability, etc based on customer query, buying stage, agent performance, custom triggers, and more.

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Fair pricing & no hidden costs

Cost of ownership is far lower with LeadSquared, because of completeness of features, lead capture applications, fast implementation, low/no partner dependency, the flexibility of the platform, scalability and high adoption across hierarchies. In Salesforce, you’re also required to purchase separate modules increasing the customization costs and implementation time.

We Have Improved Our Sales Funnel Quality by 60-70%

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