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As you know, when it comes to generating leads, a combination of online and offline channels work best. With the coming of mobile phones, its foolish not to include that as well. While you may be using a vast array of offline methods, your online strategy checklist needs a few must -dos.

So Suit up! We are going down the rabbit hole to take a closer look!

The usual suspects:

We begin with the regular avenues that your marketing personnel are already looking into. An exhaustive list cannot be its namesake without covering all aspects now, would it?!

1. Google Ads

That’s how you get found by people who are looking for you. SEO takes time, investing in the right keywords doesn’t! So look up the Keyword planner tool and manage your online advertising.  Invest in the right keywords to get clicked by people who are looking for you. Remember to use the ad extensions and site links well. After all, the more real-estate you have on the page, the higher your chances of getting clicked. The biggest advantage is that it can be used for local advertising as well – a must have for location dependent businesses like your wellness service!

Check out the SERP when I typed “Spa massage in bangalore”. The first two ads have site links and quick references handy!

Optimize and tweak your adwords frequently. Keep doing it right and soon, when I type “Best wellness services in Bangalore”, I can see you listed first!

Now, just a quick tip – you can have your Ads appear in other websites as well. Make sure you run display campaigns as well. This means that your prospects can see what you offer while they are reading about wellness in another blog or checking out a new fitness regimen! However, don’t run them both simultaneously. Start with your SERP and then go to the display ads.

2. Linking up with KOLs

Speaking of blogs, do you know that some of the most read and rated pages in the wellness and fitness sector are blogs?

It’s true. People tend to follow what other people (whom they like or admire) do. Which is why so many brands opt for celebrity endorsement. However, for those who don’t have that kind of budget, there is always linking with the online influencers – the bloggers and the video makers!

Get a couple of bloggers to review your services (give them the right incentives) and ask them to put up an honest opinion. Quite apart from giving you visibility, it will put a good word about your business out there – which is all a prospect might need to convert to a customer!

3. Facebook Ads

You would think it’s a pretty sweet deal to advertise in a platform with a huge audience, like Facebook. But wait, it gets better! With Facebook Lead ads  you can easily capture a lead (hail, pre-filled forms) to nurture later! Using Facebook Ads, you can also target your audience based on their location and interests. Now, why would you not want to try that?!

4 .Social media engagement

Last but not the least – social media engagement is a must! Don’t roll your eyes – yes, I know it’s pretty basic. But how many of you actually post regular interesting content for your audience? Have you even thought of conducting online contests to keep make it more exciting? Here are some awesome twitter campaigns that you can draw inspiration from.

Be on the watch for any messages or queries from you audience. The sooner you address them, the lesser your turn over time, the more chances you have of winning them over.

The third-party sites:

It is not just about Google Ad words or SEO ranking anymore. For your business to be found, you have to be listed with a variety of third party websites which your prospects consult before reaching a decision. An important aspect to keep in mind is that the websites should have a lot of traffic and be authentic.

How to find those sites? Well, don’t worry – they are all listed here! Based on Similarweb ranking, I have classified the websites and given pertinent information about them.

1. Purplle.com


India ranking:


When they say “India’s #1 Beauty Destination”, they are not kidding.

Who should register?

Spa or salon owners and wellness businesses. Brands selling beauty or cosmetic products can sell on this platform as well.

How to register?

You shall have to contact bookings.finder@purplle.com. Their personnel will then get back to you with the relevant information.

Contact information:

Call – 1800227877 for salon bookings.

Or email – customercare@purplle.com

2. Beaupal



#950 in beauty and fitness category in India

Who should register?

Only wellness business owners. Spa and salon business, this one is for you!

How to register?

Getting listed here is absolutely free! Just click on “Register” on the website and fill in as much details as you can.

Contact information:

Email id: contact@beaupal.com

3. Nearbuy.com


This is the website to be in to promote your offers and get more leads. Got a great package for newyears eve? Planning brilliant discounts for women? This is where you should be listed.

The best part? For subscribed users, Groupon sends out an email with the offers clearly categorized. Now, that is a quick way to reach a prospect’s mail box! Look what I got in my email this afternoon:



Who should register?

This is primarily for wellness business owners. A great way for Spas and Salons to get fresh leads. I would strongly advise healthcare businesses against registering here. Because advertising a discount for a say – a physician consultation, might not be the best way to get your lead’s attention

How to register?

Simple:  Just register your email id and mobile number.

Contact information:

Email: info@nearbuy.com

Phone: 18001083000

4. TripAdvisor

Confused? Don’t be. When I googled “spas in bangalore” check out the results that I got:

That’s right – you can list your business on TripAdvisor! And make sure you get your visitors to review you as much as possible. Without review and ratings, a listing on TripAdvisor may not be very beneficial.

India Rank:


Who should register?

Though it is primarily a travel and tourism website, wellness business owners can register. You see, as a spa owner, you are uniquely positioned to attract a set of tourists who might want to spend a relaxing evening. You could also be the go-to salon for quick fashion fixes or hair styling for a stranger in the city! Make sure you capitalize on that.

How to register?

Simply go to “Business listings” and sign up. There is a registration fees (that varies). For a flat rate, it allows you to manage your listing and take bookings through the site.

Contact information:

Phone: 044 203 318 5019

5. Bookmyspa.in

Here is one more hit on the google search page:


Not much – it’s # 48,625. It still is a sound idea because it appears on the first page of google search!

Who should register?

Spa owners, masseuse and wellness business owners.

How to register?

Simply go to Gomalon.com and register. Recognize this name? Yes, it is the same website that appeared on the right side of the Google Ad (previous image)

Contact information:

Tel: 080-41606061
Fax: 080-41606062
Email: info@bookmyspa.in

6. Practo.com



#129 under health category.

Wondering why I didn’t put this higher up the list? Well you see, Practo is not exclusively for Spa and salons. It is a much wider platform that also lists fitness centres, health centres, individual doctors etc.

Who should register?

Every business owner covered under the Health and Wellness category. That means – spa and salon businesses, doctors, gyms, fitness centres, hospitals, individual medical practitioners.

How to register?

Currently, registration is open for doctors. However, their chat and support team is good. Request a call back and see how you can get listed.

Contact information:

Email: support@practo.com

Phone: +91 8880 588 999

Speaking of listings, there is a whole segment of classifieds sites wherein you can get listed.

7. Sulekha.com



#204 in India

Who should register?

Everybody under the sun. It’s free folks! Do you really want to miss out on this opportunity?

How to register?

It is a simple three step process.

Just fill up the form and you are done!!

Contact information:

Either fill up their query form, or reach them over phone.

Phone: 6000 4050; 1 800 3000 7979 or 1 800 3000 1212

8. Justdial.com



# 76

Who should register?

Any business owner who wants some visibility.

How to register?

Free listing again folks! All you need to do is fill up this form:

Contact information:

Phone: 8888888888 (that is dial 8 ten times)

9. Yellowpages.co.in




Who should register?

Business owners – for healthcare, wellness and fitness

How to register?

Register with getit.in. Just fill up  a form and click Submit.

Contact information:

Either click on Contact us and fill up a form, or call 1800-200-1020 (Toll Free)

10. Grotal.com



# 573

Who should register?

All business owners – be it under the wellness category or the health care sector.

How to register?

You can be listed under the paid or under the free category. Under the paid category, you can choose upto three keywords (7 Rs a keyword per day) to pay for. You can also choose whether your listing appears on top of other listing or as a banner on the side. Check Grotal support for more details.

Contact information:

Email: info@grotal.com

Phone: + 91 99 1477 8899

11 Asklaila.com



Who should register?

Wellness and healthcare business owners, hospitals, individual medical practitioners, freelance yoga or fitness instructors. This site has  a exhaustive list and category division that covers a wide section of industries. Here is a snapshot of those related the the health and wellness sector.

How to register?

Adding a  business listing is once again a simple matter of filling out their registration form and clicking submit.

Contact information

Phone: +91 80 40407777

Or submit a feedback form to get in touch.

12. Indiacom.com




Who should register?

All business owners in healthcare and wellness industry, individual practitioners and hospitals.

How to register?

The process involves filling up a rather extensive form. It is however free. As with any other classifieds search site, Indiacom.com allows for paid advertising as well.

Contact information:

Email: webmarketing@indiacom.com

Phone: +91-20-26603800

13. Fitternity.com


This is a website solely for finding fitness centers and gyms in the locality.



Yes, this is not a great score. However, it is a one of a kind website dedicated only to identifying fitness centre in a locality and at times getting them a good discount deal if they join through the site. They also arrange for trial classes and get in touch with the lead to ensure that they select a class according to their preferences  – a rather nice deal all around

Who should register?

Only fitness centres and Gyms. Dietitians and nutritionists and even health food outlets can get listed.

How to register?

Just get in touch with their support team and they will get back to you with the requirements.

Mobile Apps:

Lets face it, online strategies would be incomplete without including the mobile platforms as well. Such is the penetration of the smart phone that there is now an app for everything – especially for the health and wellness business! Let us look at the most relevant ones for now:

1. UrbanClap


4.2, with around 500 thousand downloads!

Who should register?

All business owners in the health care and wellness sector. Individual practitioners and fitness instructors.

How to register?

An easy three step process, wherein you download the app (meant specifically for partners), register with your mobile number and then directly get introduced to leads.

2. Localoye



4.2, with 100 thousand downloads!

Who should register?

All business owners and individual entrepreneurs under the health and wellness market

How to register?

Through the app! Just download and sign up!

3. Stayglad



4.3, with more than 1 thousand downloads.

Who should register?

Wellness business owners and individual beauticians. This is more of a home service application. So be ready to cater to your client’s needs at their door step.

How to register?

The app shall show the way!

4. Vyomo


3.9, with 50 thousand downloads.

Who should register?

Wellness business owners and spa personnel.

How to register?

Look to your phone – to the app that you download.

And thus ends the list of must-dos for a great online strategy.

Keep in mind though, you can definitely give it a lot more momentum if you combine it with your offline strategies. If you are looking for revenue increasing offline strategy ideas, you will have to wait for my next post.

For now, you can tell me what you think should be included in this list and then get on with successful wellness  marketing. Ciao Ciao!


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