Sulekha Leads

Sulekha has become a market pioneer in matchmaking local service providers and customers. With a consumer base of more than 20 million, the online platform is now a gold mine of leads for service businesses in various sectors. When we look at the statistics, more than 2 million Sulekha leads are mapped to 130000 service professionals clustered across 18 Indian cities. 

With such a growing market, it becomes essential to manage every lead with care and increase your sales.

Quality of Sulekha Leads

Sulekha is working intensively to enhance the quality of matchmaking. To match users with service experts, the company has created a complex system for service definitions. 

To that effect, Mr Srini Vasan, CTO Sulekha, recently said, “The company is leveraging Big Data and self-learning algorithms to create a more quality customer experience and map them to the expert service providers.” 

“We have learning systems that look at various pieces of data coming from users as additional comments in service request forms, service partners as part of their onboarding on the platform, user behavior/drop-offs on our site/app, and service partner feedback system.”

With such advancements in technology, Sulekha generates many quality leads for businesses. Now it entirely depends on you how to manage them. Clearly, it is not an easy task. 

Traditionally what people do when they get a lead from Sulekha?

They add it to their list, manually. 

It takes out a huge chunk of their time, which could have been used for following up with the lead. But the delay is inevitable.

First, let us understand that Sulekha incorporates a listing of numerous businesses. The customer may have submitted the inquiry to various service providers. And if your competitors call them first, they can snatch your sales opportunity. 

To prevent that, you must implement an automatic lead capture mechanism. This is where CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) comes into play. It captures not just Sulekha leads but leads from different channels like websites, events, social media, PPC ads, etc.

Managing Sulekha Leads with CRM Software

When Sulekha leads flow into your company, at a glance, you can only identify them as an entity with an email ID and phone number. But, to know them as a real person, you must understand them and skim through their thought process before making the first contact.  

Well, I won’t give any complex explanation on how to do that. 

But, it is possible with the CRM software. Let’s see how?

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Track Your Leads with CRM Software

When your Sulekha Leads are captured in the CRM, the software tracks how the prospects interact with your website. Every page they visit, and the amount of time that they spent there is recorded. It helps you to understand the interests of your prospects. With this, you can craft your sales pitch that appeals to their interests and resonates with their mind. 

Follow Up without a Delay

CRM eliminates the delay in following up with the customer so that you can get the sales opportunity that initially belonged to you. The software enables your sales team to manage the leads efficiently by eliminating the delay in the first follow-up call or email. 

Let us look at the other side of the story. Suppose you have details of your lead. What’s the first thing that you will do? 

You will call them and inquire about their requirements.

But what an exhausted salesperson will do?

They will procrastinate! 

CRM software helps to keep your sales team on their toes, in a healthy way.  It automatically reminds your salesperson to follow up at the earliest, for every lead. 

Work on Leads with More Potential

CRM software guarantees that your sales teamwork on quality leads, in priority. 

Customer Relationship Management software enables your team to see the leads that have higher chances of conversion. The tool leverages its lead scoring and lead nurturing capabilities and informs your team about it. 

For instance, when a lead arrives. The CRM software will track the interest and location of the buyer and will assign it to the respective team, automatically, and without any hassle. 

In the meantime, the prospect is browsing your website. Let us say they read an entire article about the services of your company. From there, they went to the pricing page, buffered for a while, and requested your services.

In this entire process, the software will track the lead.

For reading the article, Lead Score will increase by 5.

For viewing the pricing page, Lead Score will increase by 10. 

The same cycle goes on with all your leads. Now, according to the lead score, the software identifies the lead with more potential and notifies your team to follow up. 

Engage Your Leads Efficiently

After making the follow-up call, you can engage your leads by sending them emails and other marketing collaterals, according to their interest. 

It helps you to maintain the connection throughout the buyer’s journey. This enables you to incline their interest in your product and service and gain higher chances of conversion.

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LeadSquared CRM empowers you to manage your leads in a way that any professional would do. 

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