In the modern connected era, email marketing software provides a strategy that allows businesses to directly contact the people who are most likely to buy from them. The trick to a successful email marketing strategy is to provide custom emails for individual people.

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Doing this by hand is possible, but it can quickly become hard work and boring – especially if you have more than a handful of customers. Email marketing can be much more effective when operated automatically based on a profile that has been carefully built of the lead.

How an Email Marketing Software Works

From the moment a customer lands on your website or clicks an advert relating to your products and services, you can begin to build a profile of their digital footprint. Trackers that are built into advertising services and into your website itself will allow you to see what pages they visit. This enables you to unlock insights into what they really need.

Every action they take can be assigned significance, and when they inevitably contact you, request further information, or just fill in a form to be kept updated, you’ll truly get to know them.

It’s at this stage that the email marketing software comes into its own. The first email that is sent out will be tailored to the way they interacted – if they’ve requested information about a particular product, the email will mention that product and other related items. If it’s a general inquiry, it may list your flagship products.

The key is in how the recipient responds – there will be links built into the email that if clicked will enhance the profile of the person. The next email that is sent out will take these clicks into consideration.

Now, let’s take a quick look at how email marketing software can help.

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Provides tailored content

Imagine you operate a paint factory offering thousands of shades of paint. No matter what color is required, it’s going to be based on a combination of red, yellow, blue, black, and white paint.

The initial contact came from an advert that the lead had clicked after searching for “blue paint”. He landed on the main blue paint page, but then headed to the red paint page. He clicked a link labeled “Tell me more about the range”

The initial email focused on red and blue paint and suggested he might like to look at purple paint. The lead clicked the purple link and browsed around several shades of purple on the website.

The next email specifically recommended lilac paint, which he again clicked on. He then spent a long time on the lavender paint page.

When the next email went out, highlighting a paint that was halfway between lilac and lavender, he clicked through and bought it.

No matter what industry you are in, there are parallels that can be drawn from this example. Of course, you can’t necessarily combine items in the same way as paint, but you can provide different options that provide similar functions.

Email marketing works in this manner by narrowing down the items that the lead would be interested in, removing objections in the process.

Ensures personalization

You’ve probably been on the receiving end of an email sequence and have quite quickly disregarded what it has to say. A predetermined sequence is designed to take you from point A to point B and then to purchase the recommended item, irrespective of what you actually want or need.

Now, modern email marketing software allows individuals to see what they desire – it’s almost like an echo chamber of their mind. Your opinions and choices are not forced on the lead, as they essentially determine what it is that they will be told about. Their choices and clicks inform the emails that they receive.

Moving from an impersonal strategy to a personalized series of emails will give you a far greater chance of converting a lead into a paying customer.

Helps you save time

As mentioned previously, it is entirely possible that you could complete this process manually, but it would take a very long time to do it, especially as you gain more and more leads and customers. These are essentially repetitive tasks, and email marketing software excels at automation – even if it is conditional automation and requires you to make choices based on the actions of a user.

Even if there’s an instance where the software can’t make a choice based on what the user has done, it can be configured to contact a human to help. It is far better to have to deal with two or three queries of this nature than to have to manage thousands of queries a day.

It gives your sales team time to focus on the leads that really need their attention, allowing the system that is in place to deal with the rest.

Email marketing software increases your sales numbers

There’s a good chance that the products or services an individual is looking for may not jump out from your website straight away. This is simply because it is common to configure your website to show the items with the greatest mass appeal first – it draws in a lot of customers.

However, someone will always have specialist needs. By using email marketing software to help build a complete picture of the lead and understand what it is that they need, you’ll be able to automatically show them the items and service that they would be interested in.

For a sales team member to do this it may take a long time – conversation after conversation by email or voice call, constantly establishing the needs of the lead, going over details again and again.

By automating this process with an email marketing software, you’ll be able to save time, increase the number of your sales, and provide a better service all round for each one of your customers.

And of course, the better service your customer gets, and the more easily you answer their needs, the more likely they are to return to you again.

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