Acko Increases Their Daily Insurance Sales by 40% with LeadSquared

insurance sales - Acko logoAcko is a fast growing, new-age, insurance company, that aims at making insurance easier to purchase, focused on motor insurance. By adding technology to insurance, they aim at transforming the long and tedious process of applying and claiming insurance into a much easier and quicker process. Along with motor insurance, Acko also works with Ola for travel insurance for outstation trips, and with Amazon for mobile insurance.

Mayank Gupta, Growth Hacker for sales in Acko talks to us about how LeadSquared has been with Acko ever since their inception and helped them grow.

“When we began thinking of launching Acko, we decided that we needed to invest in a good CRM tool from the very beginning. To us, as a new age startup, there were two important requirements: Customization and scalability. Salesforce, being a big player in the market was one of our first choices. But we realized that we cannot make the tool work according to our requirements, and it would have to be the other way around.

We are a fairly new company, and while some decisions are based on instinct, some are made as the result of experience and experimentation. We needed a tool that would allow us to conduct said experiments and that’s when we zeroed in on LeadSquared as it fit the bill perfectly.”

The different teams that use LeadSquared:

Our call center team uses LeadSquared the most. Every time a new lead enters the system, a priority score is set to them. This score is calculated based on parameters such as the source of the lead, time of the day, depth of product usage etc. This is then distributed to our 200+ call center team on a round robin manner based on their availability. Thanks to this, the team knows who to call first, as the system decides for them who a high-priority lead is.

Our advisors, ie sales team, use LeadSquared as well, and they use the data gathered by the lead tracking tool to pitch relevant products to the lead. The data collected at the call such as their demography and interests are then ingested back into the priority score.

The operations team make use of the tool as well. When a car insurance expires, we need to inspect the vehicle before issuing a new policy. LeadSquared helps schedule these inspections, assigns them to the available user and even reassigns them if needed. The product team also uses LeadSquared quite a lot, since the tool is now deeply integrated with our product and processes.

The results we have seen:

Our product is an ever growing one. So, we need to be quick on our feet. There may be hundreds of leads coming our way every hour. But our team cannot handle that much volume at once. Which is why LeadSquared’s priority algorithm has helped our call center team reach out first to those with the highest propensity to convert.

We have observed that the introduction of LeadSquared, the average sales per day per agent (i.e insurance sales) has moved up by 40% and the lead to sale has increased by 35%. And this is just in the last three months.

We have been using LeadSquared for over a year now, and I have been recommending LeadSquared to other internet economies since I’ve become familiar with the product. It is a completely customizable product that delivers!

insurance sales - Mayank Gupta



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