How One of the Leading Higher Ed Institutes in India Increased Admissions Efficiency by 30%

“LeadSquared’s admission-focused platform has allowed us to streamline our enrollments and has increased our admission efficiency by 30%. We have improved our inquiry-to-enrollments to 30% as well within just two intake sessions. If you are a higher educational institution envisioning rapid growth, I would highly recommend LeadSquared; their experience with the segment ensures that they understand an institution’s vision and mission and provide solutions accordingly.”

How One of The Leading Higher Ed Institute Increased Admissions Efficiency by 30%

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Being a prestigious UGC acclaimed institute, the university receives student applications from 6 different countries. Thus, it is necessary to provide a consistently great student experience while improving the admissions efficiency 

Spread across a 50-acre campus, the university offers 60+ programs and provides specializations in UG, PG, and Ph.D. With over 8000+ students and 250+ faculty members, it has a state-of-the-art infrastructure with modern amenities for better education and access to employment-oriented programs through an empowerment delivery model. It focuses on enabling students to be employment-ready and earn high placements. Their mission is to integrate technology with creativity to foster academic and professional leadership that reaches out in a spirit of openness, inclusion, and service to society with excellence in teaching-learning, research, and outreach programs  

Challenges Faced by the University:

The mission of the administration team was to digitize its admission operations and provide seamless applications experience. But without an education-focused lead management system in place, the university was facing certain challenges:

  • Leads were slipping through the cracks due to manual lead capture on excel sheets:  The team wanted to automate and centralize student-inquiry capture, and completely plug any lead leakage.
  • Improper lead nurturingThere were two challenges here – Creating nurturing emails was difficult without a drag-and-drop platform. Setting up automated nurturing flows was not possible without proper student tracking.
  • Manual student management and tracking: Excel sheets were used for admissions leading to improper follow-ups with potential students.
  • Tracking student intent and prioritization: Making it difficult for admission counselors to personalize communication and plan a reach-out strategy.
  • Insufficient performance insights: No analytics to track profitable lead sources and thus improper marketing budget allocation.

Solutions Provided by LeadSquared’s Enrollment Automation:

The team at the university was on the lookout for a tool that could help them optimize their enrollment journey and empower their teams.

“Due to the sheer number of admissions-focused features, education specific third-party integrations, and add-ons, Leadsquared is one of the best CRM applications for education institutions. With Leadsquared, you can create a custom, lightning-fast solution tailored to your admissions process. In addition to these advantages, it’s a very flexible platform, allowing our team to make changes as our requirements change.”

1. 100% Opportunity Capture Automation:


The University receives about 100 student inquiries every day. Noting down student details manually on an excel along with a reach-out plan was getting next to impossible.

LeadSquared helped them with automated lead capture from all their online & offline channels, including publisher panels (College Duniya, CollegeDekho, Result.Shiksha,  GetmyUni, Collegechalo, and more), the university website, micro-sites using landing pages, social media (Facebook, Instagram), Google Ads (and other digital ads), events, phone calls, traditional on-the-ground campaigns, and newspaper ads.

LeadSquared helps them capture and distribute not only self-serve student inquiries but also manually captured inquiries by the admissions representatives. The distribution among admission coordinators is automated based on several pre-determined criteria.

Now the university has multiple landing pages and contact forms for capturing student inquiries which have helped them boost enrollment rates for all their courses.

They also monitor the student drop-off journey from these landing pages and forms. They capture essential signals such as the pages the students dropped off from and notify the admission counselors to take the right action accordingly.

2. Managing Admissions Pipeline and Student Engagement:


With 100s of student inquiries coming in daily, it was important for the team to engage with the prospects and send them timely content relevant to students. LeadSquared helped them use pre-designed email and SMS templates, create and save the emails, and reuse them at any point. They also have drip campaigns set up, sending timely emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages based on a user’s action. Earlier it was difficult to manage and nurture student inquiries that had come into the admission pipeline. However, with the help of LeadSquared, we have managed to set a process for timely engagement with interactive and targeted nurturing campaigns. This has helped us revive cold/dead leads and push them back into the admissions pipeline. This has helped improve our process efficiency by 30%.

3. Out-of-box Integrations:


Institutions rely on multiple lead generation publishers such as GetmyUni, Collegedunia, College Dekho, and more. Unique partnerships with multiple lead-gen platforms can create confusion leading to missed opportunities and an unclear pipeline view.

LeadSquared integrates with all major lead-gen connectors and publishers as mentioned above and social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This helped the team to capture student inquiries from numerous sources and web pages and map them on a single platform.

4. Inquiry Deduplication and Distribution Automation:


One student may be interested in multiple courses during the inquiry stage. For example, Vivek may be interested in Mechanical Engineering as well as Computer Science. This creates two opportunities under the same lead (leading to data duplication). Duplicate leads reduce the productivity of admission teams, since multiple admission agents may end up calling a prospective student.

Result: Wasted follow-up efforts, and a less-than-ideal student experience.

LeadSquared helped in countering data duplication right from the point a student filled the inquiry from. The deduplication logic works based on unique field authentication (phone number, email ID) or critical fields such as program name and checks if the same inquiry has been made within a specific period.

These opportunities are then automatically distributed among the admissions team based on different attributes –  language, seniority, location, availability, or simply in a round-robin fashion. This has helped  to reduce student response time with students.

5. Microscopic View into Student Enrollment Pipeline:


The administration team has gained a microscopic view into its admission pipeline with the help of LeadSquared. They can prioritize the students that have a higher chance of enrollment and target their communication accordingly.

LeadSquared helps in identifying conversion-ready inquiries (by scoring their actions – like email or SMS opens, webinar attendance or an important link click). Student inquiries with a higher score are usually conversion-ready. So, the team accordingly plans out its follow-up strategy.

“With LeadSquared’s Higher Education CRM, we have managed to derive actionable insights for all admission and marketing efforts. This has helped us target the right candidates and nudge them towards enrollments faster.”

6. Enrollment Analytics and Productivity Reports:

Gain-microscopic-view-into-the-admission-funnel-with-LeadSquaredWith the help of productivity reports, we have managed to track multiple admission KPIs. Incentivizing was also a major roadblock that has now been solved. This has motivated our teams to perform better. We can now allocate budgets for marketing and admission spends based on high-level insight.

Agent and Team Reports

LeadSquared, helps in tracking multiple KPIs for individual enrollment agents as well as the teams. Daily activities such as calls made, connected calls, dialed numbers, approvals, form fills, stage changes in the enrollment funnel, etc., are tracked in real-time.

Source, Course, and Campaign Reports

The team can also identify the most profitable lead sources, course performance, website performance, conversion through different landing pages, and more. 150+ marketing and admissions reports help in allocating its admission and marketing budgets appropriately. The team now has a microscopic view into both the admission funnel as well as teams and individuals.

Admission Head Reports

Admission heads can track metrics such as – Number of calls made, Pending and overdue tasks, Student activities on the website and marketing collaterals, daily enrollments, inquiry to enrollment rates, overall efficiency in the admissions pipeline, and much more.

Marketing Reports

Marketing users track metrics such as the number of inbound leads, leads from various sources and campaigns, quality of leads from integrators, campaign effectiveness, CTRs, quality of content based on drop-offs, and more.

Results on using LeadSquared:

The University has achieved a remarkable improvement in its end-to-end admission process.  Automation has helped them identify conversion-ready candidates and drive them to enroll faster. Student drop-offs and turnaround time is also at an all-time low.

With targeted communication, they have also managed to improve their student engagement. LeadSquared’s automation has helped them reduce manual work ensuring a more efficient and seamless admissions process.

“LeadSquared’s admission-focused platform has allowed us to streamline our enrollments and has increased our admission efficiency by 30%. We have improved our inquiry-to-enrollments to 30% as well within just two intake sessions. If you are a higher educational institution envisioning rapid growth, I would highly recommend LeadSquared; their experience with the segment ensures that they understand an institution’s vision and mission and provide solutions accordingly.”

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