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“I went to Google, typed in San Francisco chauffeur or San Francisco limousine, I just filled out an excel sheet, and I just started dialing for dollars, right? The first ten guys I called, three of them hung up before I got a few words out, a few of them would listen for like 45 seconds and then hung up, and three of them said ‘I’m interested, let’s meet.’ And if you’re cold calling and three out of ten say ‘let’s meet’, you’ve got something.” 

Travis Kalanick (Founder of Uber)

Even though a lot a changed these days in sales, phone calls are still more effective than emails or social media posts. 

However, you have to do it right. Especially when you’re pitching to customers in the automotive sector, make sure you cover all the grounds to get that appointment.

But how do you do that?

Well, there’s only one answer – practice.

Prepare yourself for all possible questions that may arise during a conversation. And think of the best answers beforehand.

And one of the best ways to make an impactful car sales pitch is to practice calling and conversing using scripts. 

Here are 21 highly effective automotive sales scripts to close more deals. You can use them while making a phone call or conversing with a prospect at your dealership.

You can also download this pdf to share with your friends and colleagues or refer to later. :)

1. Calling a referral

You may get to know from an existing customer or a contact that someone is in the market for a new car. When calling them, you would want to avoid naming your reference as the referral may think your source violated their privacy. So, here’s how you can have a conversation with a prospective buyer without naming your source. 

You: Hello, [Prospect’s Name]?

Prospect: Yes

You: I hope it’s not a bad time to talk. I am [Name] from [Organization]. And I am calling to tell you that I recently worked with a [Your Source: friend/neighbor/coworker] of yours. They have purchased a [Vehicle Name]. Did you get a chance to have a look at that? 

Prospect: I don’t really remember / Yes, it’s a great buy. 

You: So, I got to know that you might also want to buy a similar vehicle. Since we get most of our business from referrals, such as people like [Your Source] and you, [Prospect’s Name], I thought of calling you to know your needs better. Is it true that you are looking for a vehicle?

Now, if you get an affirmative response, you can reply with “That’s great. Would you like to set up a meet?”

2. Thanking the referral

After contacting a prospect who an existing customer referred to, call them (your customer) and share the status. See this as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your existing customer and show them that their recommendation has helped you. You may even send an email.

To understand it better, you can break the message into three parts. First, thank the customer. Then give the status of your conversation with the reference. And finally, ask them for more references. Here is what you can say in that call.

You: Hi [Customer’s Name]. I hope I am not calling at a bad time. 

Customer: Yeah, it’s fine.

You: This is [Name] from [Organization]. I am calling to thank you for the contact you shared with me. We talked a few days back, and I would be helping them with a new/used vehicle when they need it.
Right now, we have set an appointment, and we will talk further about their requirements.
If you know anyone else who I can help with, can you let me know?

3. Calling an existing customer

A follow-up call is a great way to show that you care and that you were just not trying to make a sale. This approach will help improve your relationship with customers. 

Remember that keeping your existing customers is always cheaper than finding new ones. There are several reasons for making a call. Usually, the best time to call is after three days of the purchase. Here is how you can manage that call.

You: Hi, am I speaking to [Customer’s Name]?

Customer: Yes

You: I hope this is not a bad time. I am [Name] from [Organization], and I called to thank you for allowing me to help you with the purchase of your car.

Pause for a moment, and then you can state the reason for your calls. However, if the customer wants to say something, let them speak. When it’s your turn to talk, continue with the following script:

You: Is there anything that I can help you with?


You: Do you have any questions regarding the warranty or insurance?


You: I just wanted to make sure that I have your correct contact so that we can reach out to you later.

Note that you should not directly ask about their car’s performance during this call. Those should come later. Let me explain why. 

Your customer might not be expecting the call, and catching them off-guarded will not give you the best feedback. Instead, give them time to think through and share their genuine feedback with the purchase. For example, you can follow up with the customer satisfaction survey.

You: In a few days, you will receive an email with a link to a customer satisfaction survey. We’ll ask you about your experiences with the car across several parameters. A score of 8 and above means that you were satisfied with the purchase experience. If anything is preventing you from giving a perfect score, please feel free to call me anytime. I would be more than happy to resolve the issue!

4. The post feedback call

Customer satisfaction is crucial for scaling up your automotive business. It can help you can get repeat customers and referrals. If you have stayed in touch with them throughout the sales process, the follow-up calls, and the survey, you need to contact the customer after the survey too. Thank people who have given you a perfect score and get to know your shortcoming from those who did not.

You: Hi, I am [Name] from [Organization]. Are you free for a quick chat now?

Customer: Yeah

You: So, I just wanted to thank you for the perfect score on the survey. At [Organization], we take customer satisfaction very seriously. If there is anything you need, feel free to reach me at [Your Contact Details].

Alternatively, if the score was subpar, here is what you can say.

You: Hi, I am [Name] from [Organization]. I called to apologize and address the concerns you mentioned in the survey. Doing business with you means a lot to us, and I would be available to help you with any issues in the future.

Next, you can ask more about the car. Here’s an example.

You: Do you have any questions regarding the vehicle?


You: Your free service window expires on [Date]. Let me know when you want to schedule your first service so that I can get you a slot booked as soon as possible.

5. Car sales script to ask for a referral

You can call prospects directly asking for referrals. It can be a bit too straightforward, but you can quickly explain yourself and ask if they can help you out. People generally like to help, especially if it does not take much effort on their end. Here is an automotive sales script for that purpose.

You: Hi. Am I talking to [Prospect’s Name]? Is it a good time to talk?

Prospect: Yeah.

You: I am [Name], and I recently joined [Organization] as a sales executive. In case you or any of your family members are looking for a new or used car or a truck, I would like to help. It’s probably a very unexpected phone call for you, but I’m asking you to give me a chance to help.

Listen to their response. If they show an interest, you can continue with questions like:

You: So, how many drivers are there in the household? Who is likely to purchase a car next?


You: Why do you think [Prospect] is looking for a car now? Great! We have some used vehicles in excellent condition, and we also sold quite a few this month. They can also avail a few offers right now. It’s actually a wonderful time to get a used vehicle.

While it is hard to find a car buyer directly, you can use the above script to get as much information as possible. This way, when they will need a car, either of you can reach out to set an appointment or discuss further.

You can also download this pdf to share with your friends and colleagues or refer to later. :)

6. Calling an old customer to buy a new car

A follow-up call to old customers is a great way to make a sale. Often these customers are looking to replace their cars. But they have not decided when to do it. You can call them up to let them know you are still available and help them make the purchase. But do not call asking if they want to trade their car or purchase a new one. Here is an automotive sales script that does not sound too pushy.

You: Hello [Customer’s Name]. Is this a suitable time to talk? 

Customer: Yes.

You: I am [Name] from [Organization]. It has been quite a while since we talked. How are you doing? 

Customer: [Responds]

You: Great! / Sorry to hear this. [Depending on their wellbeing they share]
Since I helped you with the purchase of your vehicle back in [Year], we have tried to stay in touch and help you out with anything related to your car. However, it has been a while since you haven’t received any communications from us. So, I’d like to apologize. 

Pause for a while, and then continue your conversation.

You: So, are you still driving the [Vehicle Make]?

Customer: Yes, I’m.

You: That’s amazing. How many others drive that car? Would they be interested in a vehicle of their own?

7. Calling an abandoned prospect

Often, prospects get abandoned because the sales reps who were working there moved on to another organization. These prospects are often prime candidates for a new sales rep. However, you need to do some prior research. Look into your CRM to see the interactions they had with the company before they lost touch.

Note, “If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will,” says Bob Hooey, Sales Strategist. (Source: AutoRaptor)

You: Hi, am I speaking to [Prospect’s Name]? Is this a suitable time to talk?

Prospect: Yes.

You: Hi, I am [Name] from [Organization]. I see that you were in our dealership on [Date]. However, the sales rep who worked with you is no longer working here. Did you get a vehicle after you visited us?

If they respond with a no, you can proceed like this.

You: I see that you were looking for a [Vehicle Type]. Is there any reason why you still have not bought it?

Prospect: [Responds]

You: Got it. I think I can help you with that. Would you like to meet at [Date and Time]?

8. Calling an abandoned customer

Same as the previous case, old customers are often abandoned by the sales reps who switch the company. Old customers have high return rates. Since they already purchased from your dealership, they are likely to be satisfied and make the next purchase. They can also refer others.

However, do not start with customers who are four or five years old. Although there is no ideal number of years to identify the best prospects, start with the most recent ones.

You: Hello [Customer’s Name]? Do you have a minute?

Customer: Yes.

You: Hi, I am [Name] from [Organization]. You bought a [Vehicle Name] back in [Date]. The sales rep who works with you is no longer working with us, and I will be taking up your case. I called to inform you that, in case you have any questions, you can reach out to me. 

Customer: Sure.

You: Just for my understanding, are you still driving the [Vehicle]?

Note that you called the customer to build a relationship. Talk a bit and understand if they’re satisfied with your services or not. Do not let the conversation look like a message that could have been sent by SMS or email. 

Remember – happy clients are the best advocates of your brand. So, do your best to build a strong relationship with your buyers.

9. Birthday or anniversary Call

You can call people on birthdays and anniversaries as you need a reason to make a call, and these events are good enough reasons. You can call them a week before to give them some time since most people do not buy cars in a day. Use the following automotive sales script when you want to wish your prospect on their anniversary.

You: Hi, am I speaking to [Prospect’s Name]?

Prospect: Yes.

You: I am [Name] from [Organization]. I see that your birthday/anniversary is in a week.

Prospect: Oh yes, that’s right.

You: I was calling to congratulate you. There is a big sale coming up right on your birthday/anniversary, and I wanted to wish you beforehand. Have a great birthday/anniversary.

If they want to know more about the sale, discuss further to see if they are interested in buying a car.

You can also download this pdf to share with your friends and colleagues or refer to later. :)

10. Confirming the appointment

Often, you will need to confirm an appointment, or you will lose it altogether. Appointment confirmation calls should be short. They can even be a short text message. If they respond, there is a fair chance that they will show up. You can even share vehicle photos and videos with the message. Here is a short script.

You: Hi, I am [Name] from [Organization]. I just called to let you know that we have an appointment on [Date and Time]. I just wanted to confirm again.

Note that you can also automate appointment reminders through your CRM software. 

For example, LeadSquared Automotive CRM automatically sends reminder emails/SMS/WhatsApp messages about the scheduled appointment to sales reps and prospects. It helps increase appointment show rates. 

11. Following up on a missed appointment

Despite the efforts you put, it is common for prospects to not show up on appointments. In these cases, call them up to let them know they probably missed a great deal, and you are still available if they want to make a purchase. 

You: Hey [Prospect’s Name], is this a good time to talk?

Prospect: Yes.

You: I am [Name] from [Organization]. It looks like we had an appointment for your test drive yesterday. I understand that something must have come up because of which you couldn’t arrive. I just wanted to check if you’d want me to reschedule the appointment. 

Prospect: [Response]

Note that sometimes buyers may not be at fault for the missed or canceled appointment. 

If you’re the reason for the missed appointment, apologize to them. 

Be truthful and tell them that it was you who was unavailable and not them. You can use the following script in this scenario. 

You: Hey [Prospect’s Name], is this a good time to talk?

Prospect: Yes.

You: I am [Name] from [Organization]. I am sorry we had an appointment last night. But since there is a huge sale going on, I couldn’t get in touch with you. Did you visit the dealership last night? Was there someone to attend to you?

Prospect: [Response]

Depending on the prospect’s response, and if they’re interested in test drive / discussing details, you can continue the conversion in the following way.

You: Oh! I understand. Are you still interested in getting the [Vehicle]? I’d love to meet you and help you out. Does tomorrow evening work for you?

Make sure that you don’t cancel the appointment this time. Also, before proposing a time, check your calendar for any prior engagement.

12. Calling for a trade-in

You can call an existing customer asking if they would like to trade their current vehicle for something else available at the dealership. The following script is based on the premise that people like change. Maybe your customer is looking to change their vehicle now, and they may consider so if they find a great deal. You can also offer them a higher value for their car.

You: Hi, this is [Name] from [Organization]. We are currently looking for high-quality pre-owned cars, and before going out to the market, we wanted to contact you. If we offer a better price – about $800 to $1000 more than the current market price of your car, would you consider exchanging your vehicle?

This automotive sales script gets straight to the point and looks for a yes or no answer. Depending on the response, you can set up an appointment or simply thank your customer for their time.

13. Calling for a vehicle swap

A vehicle swap is when your customer can come to the dealership and swap into a better vehicle without paying anything extra. Depending on their finances and the existing payment plan, they may have to pay a very nominal amount monthly. 

The script for this situation is similar to the previous one. But the main selling point is that your customer pays almost nothing when getting a new vehicle. 

You: Hi [Customer’s Name]. I am [Name] from [Organization]. Can we talk for a bit now?

Customer: Okay.

You: So, according to our records, you are driving a [Vehicle] for which you are still making a payment. We are calling you to let you know that there are some new vehicles in the dealership, and you can swap yours with a new one without having to pay anything. You can stay on the same payment plan and get a new car. If you are interested in seeing the options, let me know.

14. Car sales voicemail script

Often your calls will go into voicemails. But those are also opportunities that you should not ignore. The trick is to leave a message that should encourage the prospect to call back. Here is a script.

You: Hi [Prospect’s Name], I am [Name] from [Organization]. I contacted you to let you know that we have a few vehicles in the dealership that may interest you. We also have some exciting exchange offers, where we are offering about $500 over the current market price. Feel free to reach us at [Contact Details] for more information.

15. Sales script when you dialed the wrong number

You can even call up wrong numbers or random contacts from time to time. When that happens, apologize, introduce yourself and let them know about your business. Be concise when managing such calls. It is highly unlikely that you will get a positive response. However, if your pitch is good, you may get a new customer.

You: Hi, I am [Name] from [Organization]. Hope I didn’t inconvenience you. I am trying to reach [Prospect’s Name], who purchased a vehicle from us for a customer satisfaction survey; it is important to us.

16. Car sales scripts when a family worker or a co-worker attends the call

Often when you call the prospect, their family members or coworkers may pick up their phone. In such cases, don’t hang up thinking the right person isn’t available, so you’ll call back later. Instead, you can turn these unknown people into prospects by having a quality conversation with them.

You: Hi, this is [Name] from [Organization]. Am I talking to [Prospect’s Name]?

Respondent: Hi, [Prospect’s Name] isn’t available now. 

You: Oh. Can you ask him/her to call me as soon as possible? Please note down my contact number. It is [Contact Details], and I was calling him/her regarding the car he purchased from us recently.

Respondent: Okay.

You: Thanks! May I also know who I’m talking to and what you are driving these days?

Respondent: [Response]

You: So, how long have you had that vehicle? Would you be interested in a new vehicle?

You can then ask a few open-ended questions to know if they are interested in a vehicle or know someone who is.

17. Calling on holidays

Holidays are a great excuse to call someone up. You can wish your customers and prospects on Christmas or Thanksgiving and let them know about the offers you have.

You: Hi [Customer’s Name]. This is [Name] from [Organization]. Merry Christmas!

Prospect/Customer: Thanks. I wish you the same. 

You: How are you doing?
There was a huge sale going on at the dealership right before the holidays. I wanted to call you earlier, but it has been quite hectic with the sale going on.

At this point, if the contact asks more about the sale, then chances are that they are interested.
Let them respond, and when it’s your turn to talk, use the following script.

You: There will be a sale right after the holidays again. This time, I’ll surely let you know. Would you be available on [Date and Time] to quickly discuss your preferences?

18. Calling after a service

If the customer makes an expensive repair, you can reach out to them for an extended warranty or a new vehicle.

You: Hi [Customer’s Name], this is [Name] from [Organization]. You recently visited the service department, and this is a customer satisfaction survey. Are you satisfied with the repairs?

Customer: [Response]

You: Given that your car underwent extensive repairs, would you consider an extended warranty for the vehicle? Our service department will always be available to help you out. However, with this scheme, costs of expensive repairs will come down in the future.


You: You have been using this car for nearly three years now. Would you be happier with a new vehicle with a warranty? It would cut down the need for recurrent repairs and eventually save you more.

If they are interested, set an appointment instantly.

19. Script to follow up after social media interactions

If your dealership has a social media page, you’re most probably sharing updates on your social pages as well. 

A tip here is to integrate your social media accounts with CRM software so that you know when your prospect is active on your social channels or website. This way, instead of calling them at a random hour, you can call them when they’re already thinking about buying a car or interacting with your marketing channels. 

You: Hi, this is [Name] from [Organization]. We recently have some offers on [Vehicles of Customer’s Preference]. Since you have been following our social media page for such a long time, we thought that we would let you know first!

20. Automotive sales script to send quotes

If someone asked for a price of a car on your website or commented on your social post, you can directly call them or send them a message with the quotes. You can use the following car sales pitch.

You: Hi, this is [Name] from [Organization]. We saw your comment on [Post], and I was calling you with the quotes. Would you want to hear them now, or shall I send you an email?

At this point, you can even get their email and subscribe them to your newsletter.

21. Helping an owner sell their car

Car owners planning to get a new vehicle often try to sell the old vehicle to maximize the profit. However, they may not be good at finding customers. You can help them sell their existing car and get them a new one from your dealership.

You: Hello, is this [Prospect’s Name]? I am [Name]. I recently saw your advertisement on Facebook. So, you are selling a [Vehicle], is that still available? We are presently looking for pre-owned cars, and your vehicle seems suitable. 

Prospect: Yes, it is available.

You: Great! What’s the asking price. Is the price negotiable?

Prospect: [Response]

You: Okay. So, what car are you planning to drive next?

Prospect: [Response]

You: Great. I work at [Organization]. Would you like to check some of our offerings?

So, these were some of the car sales scripts you can practice. It will help you gain confidence – especially when you’re new in the trade and calling prospects for the first time.

Before we wrap up, here are some of the best practices you must follow for making an impactful pitch. 

Car Sales Cold Calling Best Practices 

Whether you’re a new sales rep or an experienced one, keep the following points in mind when cold calling.

  • Research your prospects

    Warm up your cold calls by doing some prior research. Make use of your CRM to understand if there are any previous interactions with the prospect. If yes – understand the context and the buyer’s intent and sentiments with your dealership. Accordingly, make a pitch. Otherwise, you might end up spending time on fruitless calls. 
  • Make cold calls a routine

    It is applicable for sales reps across all industries. Cold calls need a lot of practice, and hence, you need to make them a habit. You can even role-play with co-workers to improve your skills.
  • Know about your product

    Learn every aspect of the vehicles you sell. This knowledge will help you in several ways. One, it will show that you’re enthusiastic about the car. And two, you’d be able to address the buyer’s questions instantly, without fumbling. And finally, you can refine your pitch as per the prospect’s interests while on the call itself. 
  • Learn to overcome objections

    By making cold calling a habit and knowing more about the vehicles you are selling, you will be in a better position to overcome any objections that a customer puts forward. Also, you need to be a better listener and more empathetic towards prospects and customers.
  • Use scripts wisely

    Cold calling scripts act as a guide. Do not treat them as gospel. Keep your conversations natural and organic. For young sales reps who are just getting started in the industry, scripts can help gain that confidence to speak. With time and experience, you should be able to develop your style.

While cold calls are challenging, some prior research and wise use of scripts can help sales reps ace that call. 

For instance, 61% of car shoppers research their purchases online. Hence, most people do not expect sales reps to give them information about the car. However, quality conversation and an empathetic approach with the customers can help sales reps get more customers.

If you’re a looking for a CRM to track interactions with your prospects and manage sales pipeline effectively, check out LeadSquared Automotive CRM. It has helped leading dealership businesses like DSR Leasing increase customer acquisition and retention by leaps and bounds.

“We wanted to make the whole sales process easier for our reps and the customer. A lot of these activities – sending/receiving forms, payment reminders and some parts of follow-ups – could be easily automated with a robust system. Therefore, we needed a complete sales and marketing automation tool and so we went ahead with LeadSquared Dealership CRM.”

Anthony Lopez, Managing Partner, DSR Leasing

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