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Universities and other higher education institutions today have the daunting task of targeting the most connected generation – millennials, and post-millennials. This modern student is savvier, constantly online in one form or other, always restless, and highly skeptical.

This means, the challenge for higher education admissions teams has amplified 10-times over. They still need to select the right students from thousands of applicants every year, but they also have to be constantly in front of these ‘right’ students on the channels of their preference, hold their attention there, and gain their trust.

One thing is clear – higher education institutions need to invest in technology if they want to compete for the attention of the potential student that fulfills their definition of ‘right.’ But, what technology?

ERPs are important for higher education – there is no doubt about that. They increase the campus efficiency and bring down operating costs. Student academic lifecycle management, attendance management, curriculum design, admin, finance and HR functions – every function needs a well-connected ERP.

But, is just an ERP enough?

To attract the modern student, you need to constantly engage and engage right. For this, new-age CRMs with inbuilt tracking and communication features can give a real edge to your marketing & admissions teams.

Therefore, here’s a case for using ERP and CRM together to get the best out of your university’s tech investment. For that, here’s an infographic explaining how are both different, and complementary.


ERP VS CRM: How they are different

How they complement each other:

While an ERP performs one essential function, a CRM performs another. The two appear mutually exclusive, they are still complementary software that every university should have. While one would enable you to make admissions easier, the other will enable you to make life on campus easier for your students and for your internal teams as well. You can even continuously pass data from one to another.

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