There has been an ongoing shift in the higher education landscape and the pandemic has increased uncertainty about the future. Enrollment sits at the forefront.

Our esteemed panel will discuss the evolution of graduate enrollment management and how different approaches to managing the graduate student lifecycle can lead to different results.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • Graduate enrollment management: the siloed approach vs the integrated interdependence model
  • Leveraging a full lifecycle recruitment through student success model
  • Exploring how this model supports increasing enrollments despite national declines
  • Examining a case study of success and more

About Our Panelists

Mickey Baines

Mickey Baines
Partner at Kennedy & Company 

As a consultant and former practitioner in higher education, Mickey has 24 years of experience building, implementing and leading enrollment and student success systems and teams. He spent almost a decade leading a successful adult education program at a small, private college in Pennsylvania that produced record results in enrollment, revenue and retention. As a Partner at Kennedy & Company, Mickey oversees the practices growth, as well as the team in their design, implementation and customization of CRM technologies. Collectively the practice serves over 50 institutions annually with various enrollment and technology projects.

Christopher Connor

Christopher Connor
Assistant Dean & Chief Enrollment Officer at University at Buffalo

 Christopher is a renowned leader with demonstrated experience in growing education institutes, including the University of Buffalo where he currently works at. He redesigned business processes and procedures related to recruitment, admissions, and enrollment which resulted in a 74% overall increase in graduate students and revenue. He has enhanced communication and outreach programs which led to a 231% enrollment of their undergraduates.

Joshua LaFave

Joshua LaFave
Director, Graduate Business Programs at Clarkson University

Joshua is a visionary leader who has spent 18 years of higher education experience in Graduate Enrollment Management (GEM) functional areas including but not limited to strategic and enrollment planning, admissions, recruitment, student services, financial aid/scholarships, and alumni relations.  He is a recognized speaker on best practices in enrollment management who currently works for Clarkson University.


Jeff Gibbs
Senior Account Executive at LeadSquared

Jeff has 20 years of sales and consulting experience helping institutions achieve their student enrollment and engagement objectives. Through the use of industry leading software and services, including CRM, student applications, student search and marketing communications, he has helped institutions across the US deploy programs aimed at achieving specific enrollment outcomes. With LeadSquared, he is committed to helping institutions realize the elusive goal of student lifecycle engagement management.