They say the first impression is the last impression. As much as I want to disagree with it, it’s true. This is particularly important in the case of an education business. The course details, the programs offered, academic curriculum, school campus, placement opportunities and all that are vital of course, but are looked at only after they see your website, maybe a brochure, online campaigns or even an ad. Your marketing collateral is the first impression. Everything else comes later. Do that right and half the job is done! :)

I have a cool infographic that explains this. Take a look:

Marketing Collateral: Your Best Admissions Assistant

*72% want to start their own business – is sourced from Millennial Branding and, Feb 2014 High School Careers Study
*60% want to impact – Deloitte Millennial Study, 2015

We recently had a webinar on marketing collateral for education businesses. In the session, Jenn Lyles, an award-winning admissions & marketing consultant, shared her expertise on the subject. She addressed three key questions:

  1. Is your print marketing collateral drawing the right inspiration?
  2. Do the photos printed paint an authentic picture of your school?
  3. Are you speaking your student’s language?

Citing her experience of auditing schools across the country, she shared fresh, but inexpensive fixes to help you put your best foot forward at growing enrollments.

Here’s the recording:

Download her presentation for your team. Connect with Jenn on Linkedin.

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