Role of Technology in Improving Inurance Coverage

IRDAI has set a bold target to achieve 100% insurance penetration by 2047. Achieving this goal requires innovative thinking and strategic planning by insurance companies to identify new customer segments, develop new products, and leverage all distribution channels effectively.

To help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape, we are hosting insurance leaders who will talk about critical strategies & tools you need.

We’ll discuss all the above, additionally the need to build a comprehensive digital strategy & maximize the reach to non-insured customers.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The current state of insurance in India, the regulatory landscape, the goals and initiatives of the IRDAI
  • The role of technology and data analytics in identifying the next customer
  • Strategies for effectively leveraging all types of distribution channels
  • The future of the Indian insurance industry – opportunities, and risks that insurers should be aware of


Amreesh Kher

Amreesh Kher
Chief Partner Distribution Officer, Turtlemint

Sridhar Sampath

Sridhar Sampat
VP – Partnerships and Business Development, LeadSquared

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