Story ideas for insurance blog

In our last post, we talked about why starting a blog can be important for insurance agents. Adding a blog to your website helps you reach your target audience online and establishes you as an authority in your field. Consumers today are searching for their insurance products online, so having a digital presence is more important than ever.

If you’re new to blogging, generating topics can be the hardest part. Here are 12 insurance blogging ideas that you can use to get started.

1. Focus on a specific type of insurance

Many consumers have some basic knowledge of insurance, but don’t really understand the different types of policies and how they work. A great place to start with your blog is to focus on a specific type of insurance and do a deep dive into how it works and why your customers should buy it. This is a particularly effective way to explain complex products that consumers may not already be familiar with.


2. Answer your FAQs

Keep getting the same question over and over again on a specific topic? Turning frequently asked questions (FAQs) into a blog post is a great way to clear things up for both new and returning customers. A lot of other people likely have the same question and are searching for answers online, so these posts can be very effective for search engine optimization (SEO).


3. Discuss a current event

Current news stories or trends make excellent blog post ideas. Talking about local news stories is a great way to connect with your local customer base, but you can also talk about broader national or global events. For example, many people have wondered how COVID-19 will affect their health insurance, and a blog post could be a good place to address that.

4. Feature a new product or service

If your agency is offering a new type of insurance, a blog post is a great place to promote it. You can explain how the product works, the benefits of it, and how to sign up.

5. Clear up common insurance myths

There are a lot of myths about insurance out there, and you can use your blog to clear them up. Not only are insurance myths confusing, but they can actually prevent your customers from getting the coverage they need. A blog post addressing a common insurance myth builds credibility with readers and shows you care about them.


6. Discuss location-specific issues

Consider blog topics that are specific to your geographic insurance market. One effective way to do this is with weather-related topics. For example, if you serve a market in the southeastern United States, you could talk about the types of insurance coverage you need for hurricane protection.


7. Partner with local businesses or events

In the same vein, you can use your blog posts to partner with other businesses in your area and talk about local events. For example, if your agency is sponsoring a local festival, you can discuss the event in general and give a shout-out to the other companies that are participating. This is a great opportunity to cross-post on social media and reach new customers.

8. Go step-by-step

Sometimes simple is very effective when it comes to your blog content. There are many aspects of insurance that can seem very complex to the average consumer. A blog post is a great opportunity to provide step-by-step how-to guides to make things easier for your clients. Some examples here could be how to file an insurance claim or how to renew your insurance policy.


9. Share your best tips and tricks

Consumers are always looking for ways to make life a little bit easier. You can translate this into a blog post by sharing a list of tips related to the type of insurance that you provide. If you specialize in life insurance, you could share a list of healthy living tips geared toward older adults. If you focus on car insurance, you can share safe driving tips. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and share tips that your customers might not have considered before.

10. Feature your team members

If you want to make your agency feel a bit more approachable, consider featuring a standout team member in your posts. There are many different ways that you can approach this. You can have your team member share some of their unique insurance knowledge or tips, or you can feature some of the work that they’ve been doing recently. This can be particularly effective for team members that have won awards, completed additional training, or are involved in their community.


12. Structure your posts around holidays and seasonal changes

If you’re struggling with writers’ block when developing a blog post, consider any seasonal challenges that your customers might encounter. Winter-proofing your home, car, or business is a common challenge for many people and can be an excellent blog topic. You can also talk about specific holiday traditions and how they affect insurance coverage or claims.

13. Feature a major client

This could be a very effective approach for insurance companies that work with corporate clients. If you have a long-term client who has continuously used your services, you can feature them in a blog post. Not only does this give your business a very positive review, but you can use this as an opportunity to cross-promote to your clients’ audience as well.


These are just a few blog ideas that you can use to help your insurance agency stand out online. Don’t be afraid to really get creative and tackle new topics that are most important to your audience.

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