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Cling to old-fashioned sales and marketing processes and you’re likely to struggle to build your business. Agencies, MGAs, credit unions, and insurers that book business faster—and more efficiently—put the power of LeadSquared automation to work to catapult sales and renewals.

Your Formula for Success

Capitalize on every opportunity, automate processes to build your book, and manage more efficiently.

Capitalize on every opportunity

Make your business a lead capture, lead scoring, lead distribution, lead response, and lead management machine. LeadSquared delivers the automation you need to quickly respond to leads from any channel, the integrations required to deliver policies fast and effectively, and a platform to optimize communications at every stage of the selling cycle.

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Automate book-building processes

LeadSquared is the ultimate insurance policy sales accelerator because it enables you to automate and personalize communications with prospects, streamline application processing, facilitate cross-selling and up-selling processes, and employ the tactics it takes to retain clients.

Monitor and manage your business more efficiently

LeadSquared ensures sales managers are always a click away from the data needed to monitor the pipeline and better manage the team. You can track every action, drill-down into the data as needed, customize reports to answer any inquiry, or tap into hundreds of prebuilt reports expressly created for insurance sellers.


All the features your team needs

Put the power of LeadSquared automation to work to catapult sales and renewals. Comes packed with all the features to make an insurance agency truly digital.

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