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Real estate is considered one of the most lucrative businesses of all time. Undoubtedly, urbanization has rolled out many opportunities for real estate brokers, but at the same time, it has increased the competition in the market. The volume of sales is now dependent on how profitable the real estate market is at any point in time. And let me tell you, this is only the beginning of the competition. You will need a real estate broker CRM to be one step ahead of competitors.

Real Estate brokers already have a lot on their plate. From crafting leases, preparing contracts, following up on leads, and accompanying potential clients on their site visits, the daily tasks expected of real estate brokers are many. It is even more tedious when the process is entirely manual. 

Sooner or later, they realize that they’re getting swamped with tasks all the time, but productivity drops consistently. This is especially evident when the real estate broker has a sales target. It leaves them wondering where they’re going wrong. 

Connecting the Real Estate Broker and CRM Software 

With these issues in mind, there’s only one way to make work more seamless – by adopting a real estate CRM software. To put things in perspective, here are some reasons why it is essential to get your real estate brokers to adopt a CRM software.

CRM For Real Estate Broker

Everything At One Place 

Instead of examining different processes through separate excel sheets, real estate CRM software brings everything into one platform, offering a unified view.

Since real estate brokers meet people every now and then, they never really run out of leads. However, without a system in place, it is not a surprise that leads leak out of the system the same way they came in. 

This can be due to loss of contact information or failure to reach out at the right time. With CRM, you can do a lot of things on one platform, ensuring zero lead leakage. Calls, emails, and texts can be sent from the CRM since all the information is right there, waiting for the real estate broker to act. 

Even when a lead goes cold, real estate broker CRM software allows you to track every conversation and pick up from where you left. For instance, if a client wants a studio apartment, but the broker doesn’t have that kind of accommodation on their listing at the moment, they can always reach out as soon as they have it available. 

All that’s required is simply clicking on the client’s profile in the CRM, where they can find email exchanges, pages visited, phone call scripts, and even call recordings if they’re integrated with a contact center solution. This way, real estate brokers can save time and help offer better customer experience to customers. 

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Follow Up Like a Pro 

80% of successful sales usually require 5 follow-up calls. However, take a wild guess which one is the most important of the bunch. Yes, that’s right! The first one. Of course, without the first call, you can’t get the other ones. However, you can lose a potential customer even before you make the first call. And that can be for a variety of reasons. Top of the list is the fact that your lead capture process isn’t automatic. This only increases the response time – a period where a competitor has probably reached out to the same customer.

It is often the case when you and several other real estate brokers have listings on the same real estate marketplaces like CommonFloor, MagicBricks, 99acres. 

Here visitors are presented with various options in the same category and have the freedom to move from one property to the other in the wink of an eye. It is hardly ever the case that your listings are unique.

With a real estate broker CRM, you can speed up the entire process. Assign leads to members of your sales team real-time – as soon as the leads enter your system. 

Doing this can have an impact on the number of conversions. 

Prioritize Leads Based on Lead Score

Often, you find real estate brokers working the wrong leads. That is people who aren’t exactly ready to make house purchases or rent apartments. Beyond follow-up is a greater need to be following up with the right people. A real estate broker CRM software will help your brokers and agents prioritize leads.

Your sales funnel typically contains different categories of leads – hot leads, warm leads, and cold leads. On the surface, you may not be able to tell them apart. However, real estate CRM software scores every lead in your pipeline based on their activity on the website, the pages they have visited and whether they have signed up for a free trial or demo.

Through lead scoring, your real estate agents know which leads have a higher likelihood of closure and, therefore, should take their attention. 

Do It Right and Get More Referrals

The real estate industry is one that thrives on word-of-mouth. The more you satisfy your customers, the higher their chances of telling others about you.

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