Dynamic Display Ads

When I say ‘Good Strategy’, I definitely mean that it is an effective solution to reconnect with your visitors on the Google Display Network and probably more useful than your traditional Remarketing strategies.

Now, instead of spending it on creating ads for each and every product, you can invest your time in re-engaging your leads and pushing them down the sales funnel. All you have to do is to begin with Dynamic Display Ads on the Google Display Network (GDN).

Dynamic Display Ads rolled out in June this year. Since then it has been an effective strategy for marketers in retail and e-commerce business. Google has been piloting this feature for travel and education businesses also and by the end of this year we are likely to receive some good news for other business sectors also. So let’s see…

What are Dynamic Display Ads on Adwords?

Dynamic Display ads help you “Create rich media ads that match people’s location and the content they’re seeing. For a more compelling message.”

This ad type is typically beneficial for product-based businesses who have an existing Google Merchants account for their business. All you need to do is to link your Google Merchant account through a product extension with Google Adwords ad by creating a display network campaign. Here is the step by step procedure to create a Dynamic display ad for your business:

Step 1: Go to your Adwords account

Step 2: Click on a display network ad campaign (this procedure is for already existing display ad campaigns)

For new campaigns, after you have created an ad group for it, just skip creating the ads and save the ad group. You can go back to the ad group and follow the same steps mentioned below, so that all the ad gallery options are available to you.

Step 3: Go to Ads tab and click on +New Ad button to create a new display ad

Step 4: Select Ad gallery option from the drop-down bar

Step 5: Hover to Dynamic Ads option and click on Create

Step 6: Click on any one of the two ad types available- either image ads or text ads (described below)

Dynamic Image Ads:

1. To create image ads, you will have to select an ad layout out of the various options given.

2. You can customize the ad size, insert your business logo, write a suitable headline and give a CTA button.

3. You will have to link the ad to your Google Merchant account and Adwords will automatically pull your product information to displays it to your audience, depending on their search pattern.

4. You may choose to optimize layouts, sizes and formats of your ad or show your ad in the specific format that you select.

5. Take advantage of the advanced field options to customize your ad and make it look more attractive.

Dynamic Text Ads:

1. This ad type also requires you to link your Google Merchant account with your Adwords account. The product title, price and the Merchant name will be automatically pulled and displayed with the ad.

2. Like all other text ads, you will have to give a display URL, destination URL and creation ad. But instead of a headline or description, all you have to give is a promotional message (optional) for your displayed product (this message can be according to the product category)

After you have set your preferences and customized the ads, you can preview and save the ads to let Google review them. As soon as the ads get approved, Google will display these on the GDN and target your audiences accordingly. Make sure you have your budgets and bids in place, so that the ads automatically get active on the display network after approval.

Now let’s talk about the…

Benefits of Dynamic Display Ads:

1. You don’t need to create separate ads for each product/category. All you have to do is create one dynamic display ad (image or text as per your preference) and link it to your Google Merchant account. The product details automatically get pulled and displayed to your audiences over the display network.

2. You can focus more on engaging the visitors that come through these ads, rather than spending time managing your ads separately for all products to cater to your audiences choice.

3. The option to automatically optimize your ad format or layouts, doesn’t make your ads stagnant and boring. These ads will be displayed in rotation, thus, helping you reach your audiences dynamically.

4. Last but not the least, you do not have to pay for each product ad separately. Adwords will rotate your product ads depending on your visitors’ search trend and you will only pay when your visitor click on the ad. Thus, you get to show hundreds of products at the cost of just one ad. Wow, isn’t it!

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