Infographic Tools for Marketers

There’s too much information available in the market today. That is the precise reason why Infographics (graphical visual representations of data or knowledge) have gained such a huge stature among marketers. Infographics help people grasp information quickly & easily. However, for a marketer without much (or ‘any’) design knowledge, creating an infograph is not easy.

Therefore, here is a list of the Top 6 Infographic Tools for Marketers, to create great infographs without design knowledge.



3. Piktochart


5. Visme

6. Creately

Why do you need an infographic?  You can simply write down details and people will read and understand them right?

Here’s why infographics is a red-hot marketing tool:

Effective way to grab attentionMost people decide whether to stay on a website or not within the first 5 seconds they enter the site. Now, 5 seconds is a narrow window, isn’t it? This is where graphical representations through infographics become an effective way to grab attention.
Easy InterpretationOur ability to interpret and grasp visual information is better than that of written words.
Social Media MarketingPeople are more likely to choose and share something that is visually compelling and easy to digest than plain content. This makes infographwhich also turn out to be great viral marketing tools.
Search Engine OptimizationSomeone sees your infographic, publishes it, and links it back to your website; great way to do some authentic off-page SEO.
Increases Brand AwarenessAdd your company logo, name and link on the infographic that you create and you automatically increase your brand awareness.
Problem-solving methodInfographics can be a step-by-step guide and solution to help readers understand something that is really hard to communicate and very complicated.

A business owner or marketer (with limited time and budget) need not be a rocket scientist to be able to create high quality effective infographic videos.

Here are 5 infographic tools for Marketers:


Their mantra is to “Tell stories with data, drive traffic and amplify a businesses’ social media presence.” You will find data nerds, visual junkies and marketing gurus, all under one roof at –  a data visualization and infographic platform.

How is helpful to a marketer?

✔️ Sourcing + Story boarding + Distribution: Marketers don’t have to do much.’s services include sourcing (obtaining information from various sources), storyboarding (basic story development) and distribution of the infographic. Their marketplace platform lets a marketers’ complex data/ideas reach millions through their distribution services which are all inclusive in the package.

✔️ Viral Marketing Tool: The infographic created by is presented in front of 10+ million users. They can publish them in their social profiles thereby increasing the virality of the infographic and in-turn the company name.

✔️ Flexibility of paid plans: Creating an infographic using is not free. Here are their various plans:

PlanPriceBest Suited for
Basic$999Presentations, pitches, data science & blog posts
Video$5000Demo videos, pitches & presentations
Interactive$10,000iPad apps & touch screen presentations

(You can upload a Static Image, Interactive data visualization and Video – currently accepting only from YouTube and Vimeo. Once you have submitted any of the above, you can get a motion graphic created from the existing infographic for as less as $500.)


Since its inception last year, has quickly catapulted into what they call themselves as ‘world’s most popular infographic creator’. They help create infographics with pre-designed themes and are aimed mainly at news portals, journalists and  bloggers.

How is helpful to marketers?

 Free Services & Easy sign up: Marketers can easily log in using Facebook. This is apt for marketers who do not have the time fill up elaborate forms. Currently services provided by are free. (But they will soon be adding custom elements which will be charged).

 Additional features at low rates: For business owners who are running a tight ship, you can use’s new pro features:

a. Downloadable infographics –  marketer will be able to save infographics in PDF or PNG format (not possible currently, because all items are stored only in the respective users’ library, nowhere else)

b. Privacy controls – control exactly who sees your creations through privacy tools such as private links and password protection

These will be charged $18 per month (if you are an early bird, you might even get them for just $9).

 Ready Made Templates: Templates are built in. All you have to do so is replace the dummy texts and images with your data.

 Simple Extra Features: By the side of the infographic, you can see various features that you can add to enhance its look. Features include – charts, map, picture, text and video. Don’t worry, everything is professionally arranged and you won’t miss a thing.

 Sharing: You can share your infographics publicly or privately for personal use. You can also download the file (but for this, you will have to upgrade to the pro version.)

How does it work?

1. Once you sign up at, you will be taken to the home screen having three buttons, Create, Library and Upgrade to Pro.

2. When you click on the ‘Create’ button, you will be taken to the various templates which will assist you in the infographics creation. Once you are through choosing, all you have to do is replace the dummy text with your data and your infographic is good to go.

3. While creating the infographic, you can add details like Charts, Maps, Text, Video or Image to your creation.

4. All your infographics are auto stored in your Library as you proceed with your work.

3. Piktochart:

Infographics made easy, Do away with boring data and create the ultimate presentation…this is the  yardstick of Piktochart.

How is Piktochart helpful to a marketer?

 Simple to create: All you have to do is drag and drop stuff already present on your canvas to create awesome infographics. Voila! your infograph is ready!

 Engages the consumer: You can craft easy presentations (which are attractive & easy to digest) off your mundane data which may be very difficult to understand and communicate.

 Sharing & Brand Awareness: The graphics on Piktochart are of high-resolution and thematic. Once they have been created, you can also share them via social networking sites to increase brand awareness.

How does it work? 

The basic plan is free, which cobtains 6 basic themes, 10 slots for images and Piktochart’s watermark. You can get the premium plan details here.


Easely is a theme based web app to create infographics. It has easy drag and drop features and a simple interface. You can easily create and share visual ideas online, which are supported by what they call ‘vhemes’ or visual themes. All you have to do is drag and drop a ‘vheme’ onto the canvas, add your data and create great infographics.

 How is helpful to a Marketer?

 It is free: For marketers/business owners running on a tight budget, here’ some good news. Unlike other infographic tools, is completely free.

 Easy to use: For amateurs in the field, user interface for is is extremely easy. This tool can be used both on Mac or PC.

 Wide Range of themes: You can choose your layouts from a wide range of ready to use themes and then also embed the infographic onto your blog or website. This enhances the outlook of your website. (People will also think you to be pretty knowledgeable). 

How does it Work?

Once you register yourself at the website, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Drag a theme onto the canvas (the place where you will create your infographic – it opens automatically when you log in).

2. The themes have auto fed details which are removable. Clear them and add the data you want to showcase.

3. Add editable symbols, objects, text & charts to your infographic to enhance its outlook.

4. That’s it, you are done. Yes, don’t forget to save your file and share on your social networking sites and embed the codes onto your blog and website.

5. Visme

Visme is known as an all-in-one visual design service. It offers a wide range of tools to make your content visually appealing. The best part of Visme is that everyone can use it without any hustle – whether you are a seasoned designer or a total novice. Apart from various visual design tools, Visme has created a powerful infographic maker. It is an actionable tool that can help marketers accomplish their marketing goals. 

Visme logo

How is Visme helpful for marketers? 

✔️ It is free of charge. There is no need to spend for an infographic maker. Any marketer can sign up for free and start creating infographics right off the bat. 

✔️ Easy to use. Infographic maker from Visme doesn’t require you to have deep knowledge of design and the tool itself to create infographics. Just sign in, create a project, and play with the number of features the infographic maker suggests. It has never been easier than designing any infographic in three simple steps. 

✔️ A huge library of templates. Visme offers over 1000s of easy-to-edit pre-designed infographic templates. 

✔️ Database of additional visual elements. Use over 1.5 million high-resolution stock images, thousands of vector icons, over 125 fonts. Plus, visualize data with more than 50 charts, graphs, data widgets, etc.

How does it work? 

  1. Sign up to Visme with your free plan

2. Hover your arrow to the top menu and choose the “Create” option

3. Click on the “Infographics” tab

4. Click on the “Create Your Infographic” button

5. Create a new project and choose an infographic template you like (or use a blank template)

6. Customize your template using additional visual elements available in the left side menu

7. Download, share and save the ready-to-go infographic

6. Creately:

This infographic tool aims at making visual details simple for people. And, they do this by giving users great online application which is a breeze to use.


How Creately helpful to a Marketer?

 Easy to use: An amateur can easily drag and drop objects to create flowcharts, wireframes & many more diagrams from hundreds of templates available.

 Sharing: You can work with multiple users on the same diagram at the same time, create multiple projects and share easily with others on Twitter and Facebook. On the right hand side bar, you can type in the email id of the person you want to work with, once he/she accepts it, you can collaborate and work.

 Powerful tools: Creately has one click styling options to add definition to your presentations. The  contextual toolbars offer less clutter and more drawing space for amateurs who need more time to practice.

How does it work?

1. Creately’s features are divided into 5 major categories. Check out their pricing details here. You can either opt for a premium plan or a free one.

2. Once you have logged in using your Google or Facebook Account, you will be lead to the homepage showing the various features of Creately.

3. Once you reach the canvas, you can create infographics in no time with the in built diagrams and designs.

4. Here’s something unique. On Creately, you can collaborate with anybody and work with them simultaneously. Invite anybody to collaborate by adding their e-mail and start creating your infographic in real time. From 2 to 20 people can work on the same file at the same time anywhere around the world.

5. You can also download the Creately Desktop feature on your PC or MAC Book and work offline and save your files. Later, you can upload them online.

Here is an infographic that we have created:

infographic tools

So, these are the top 6 infographics tools for marketers. Which one will you use? Do leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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