If you run a business or manage a marketing team in India, there’s a big chance that Justdial is one of your frequently used sources of generating leads. It is currently one of the biggest providers of local search in the country, serving as the go-to for products and services listings.

But the big question for many companies and small businesses using Justdial is how to optimize the leads they are getting from there and usurp the competition that exists in the same industry. Justdial integration with automated CRM software is a really good way to achieve this.

In this article, let’s talk about some ways in which a Justdial integration can be beneficial for your business.

Why you need a Justdial Integration

Here are some reasons why doing this is integral to your lead generation process.

Justdial integration

1. Account for every lead

The reality of many sales teams is the inability to make every lead count. Automating the lead capturing process ensures zero lead leakage. This means that for everyone who searches for your product or services on Justdial, their details are automatically collected into the CRM software. From here, further actions can be taken, such as following up and categorizing the relevance of each lead to your company’s offerings.

The Justdial integration also ensures your sales reps do not spend time repeating redundant tasks since everything is automated. No longer would they have to manually input leads or sort them based on when the lead came from. Subsequently, your sales reps can focus on productive activities like calling leads and scheduling meetings with them.

2. Nurture the right way

Apart from the fact that nurtured leads bring 50% more ready-to-purchase leads at 33% less cost, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. If you want leads who purchase in higher quantities, it is important to do an automated Justdial integration. From emails to drip campaigns, you can personalize the entire process to make it more engaging.

For instance, if a lead clicks on your Justdial listing for low-cost vehicle insurance policies, you want to follow up in a way that is different from the rest of the competition. A Justdial integration enables you to send an automated yet personal email to the potential customer.

Assuming that most leads are not necessarily looking to buy immediately, you can create a pipeline of automated and personalized emails to be sent to the lead at different intervals, just enough to convince them your product or service is worth it. Generally, the idea is to ensure that you and your sales reps never have to worry about getting these emails out, as you have something that does it automatically.

3. Assign the right leads to the right agents

Let us look at the following scenario:

A real estate company that is into both the sale and rent of real estate properties has multiple listings on Justdial. One is a listing of luxury homes in Bengaluru, another is a listing of apartments for rent in Chennai. A lead in Chennai looking to rent an apartment visits the Justdial website and clicks on the second listing and enters their details. The CRM software automatically captures the lead’s details and adds it to the database.

As a sales manager, the right thing to do will obviously be to look at the particular listing the lead clicked on and look for a member of the sales team who is adept at ‘selling’ apartments for rent, compared to someone else whose specialty is the sale of luxury houses. He will also look at the location of the agents (if he runs a large team that is spread across different locations in India) and assign one in the same location.

With Justdial integration, you are able to automate this process by presetting distribution rules for which leads will be distributed amongst the members of your sales team.

4. Check performance

Beyond automatically distributing leads to agents, a key function of doing a Justdial integration is to be able to track your leads. With the right CRM, you can set lead scores and follow up on leads that go cold at any point in time.  For more insightful decisions, you can analyze the performance of your leads by looking at metrics like click rates, open rates, as well as which listings on the Justdial platform are getting the most traction. You are able to tell which ads should be changed and those which should be optimized on similar platforms.

You can also analyze for lead conversion rates. Many times, the leads are coming in large numbers but they barely get converted into paying customers. This might be due to a couple of reasons, one of which can be from your sales reps. How well are they communicating with the leads when they follow up? What are they saying? All of these, as you already know, is important to closing customers.

These are the kinds of insights you get from analyzing your leads, following a Justdial integration with your CRM software.

…Integrating with LeadSquared

Getting the best out of your Justdial integration requires that you connect with the right CRM software. Hence, the importance of LeadSquared’s CRM to every business, including yours. It makes your sales team more efficient and ultimately able to get the most out of the leads you’re generating.

Connecting the LeadSquared CRM to Justdial is quite simple as all you need is to install the LeadSquared Marketplace App which gives you direct access to the website. For more information on how to integrate, you can read here.

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