Sulekha is home to over 200,000 service providers and is responsible for connecting them with more than 30 million consumers. This number is spread across 40 cities in India. As a result, the platform has become a go-to hub to generate quality leads for lots of businesses. To do this, it has become increasingly important for businesses in India to do a Sulekha integration with their CRM software. You know, the bulk of your competition is probably on the platform too, listing their products and services.

How a Sulekha Integration can help

In this article, I will explain why you should do the same for your business today – link your CRM to the Sulekha platform.

Sulekha Integration

1. Capture all your leads automatically

As it is, companies who automate the lead generation process experience a 10% increase in revenue within 6 to 9 months. From the moment your listing goes up on Sulekha, a CRM integration ensures that all your leads from there are captured in a breeze. This drastically reduces the manual effort that goes into gathering leads, as well as the possibility of omission. Also, think about the time you would have saved from sorting your leads manually. It frees up more opportunities for your sales reps to call potential customers, schedule meetings, send out reminder emails, etc.

Automated lead capture is also important when you are running online ads and listings on different platforms. It helps you know exactly which source your leads are coming from. Assuming that you’re integrating with a smart CRM software, you can not only tell that a lead is coming from Sulekha but also from Gmail, Facebook, Justdial, Shiksha, etc.

2. Distribute leads optimally

This is quite important, especially if you run a large sales team or you handle more than 2 or 3 portfolio products and services. Doing a Sulekha integration with the right CRM software enables you to efficiently distribute leads to members of your sales team. This can be done based on location, service requirements of the leads, skill set, etc.

This ultimately leads to faster response time to leads before they turn cold. You should also consider the fact that your competition will probably use Sulekha to run listings just like you. Sometimes, it is a matter of who responds faster and not who has a better or cheaper product.

For context, look at this scenario where two real estate companies, A and B, have several homes for lease in Chennai and have both decided to run listings on Sulekha. Then, a customer visits the website. Because he’s trying to weigh his options he clicks on both ads. Company A is slightly more expensive than B. However, they have an automated call center. Thanks to this, they reach out to the lead first. Result? The deal closes faster.

3. Personalize your communication

In lead generation, nurturing precisely, personalized communication is important for optimum results. In fact, that is what new-age customers want. 75% of customers would most likely buy from a business that addresses them by name, product suggestions based on historical actions, etc. By integrating Sulekha with your CRM software, you can send auto-responders that are personalized, whether it is through email or text messages.

Your auto-response can include the details of your business and point your leads to the next course of action. For instance, it could be asking them to fill an attached form to apply for one of your insurance policies. It will also include your contact information such as a Support email and phone number. The auto-response can also be to schedule the best time to view a new house or property.

4. Track performance

At the end of the day, it is all about results. As a sales manager or digital marketing executive, what you want to know is if Sulekha is doing the desired job from listing your products/services on it. Hence, the importance of Sulekha integration to your CRM software. This way, you can track all the leads generated from the website and get reports on the ratio of conversion.

Low performance can mean different things, including the quality of your ads. Is the copy grabbing the attention of visitors? This is where you check what the competition is doing as well. They probably have better images and written content and it may be responsible for the drop in conversion.

On the flip side, it could be that your sales agents aren’t saying the right things to the customers during calls. Bad conversations can be detrimental to the volume of sales you generate. If you’re integrating with a LeadSquared Call Center CRM for instance, your auto recordings of calls will show you how your agents are doing with calls and what exactly they are saying. It will also guide you on what the next course of action should be to increase sales conversion.

Improving your Lead Conversion

With the above in mind, I would like to introduce you to the LeadSquared platform with CRM software for businesses in real estate, education, insurance, financial services, etc. The platform enables you to integrate with third-party websites like Sulekha so that you can get more out of your leads.

Connecting the LeadSquared CRM to Sulekha is quite simple as all you need is to install the LeadSquared Marketplace App which gives you direct access to Sulekha.

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