Automatically Capture All Your Service Enquiries from

Never miss out on any leads from Sulekha

Sulekha Integration

Ensure zero lead leakage from Sulekha

sulekha integration - Automatically capture leads

Automatically capture leads

Any lead who enquires for your services on Sulekha gets captured directly into LeadSquared, as soon as you get an email alert for the enquiry. This makes sure you never miss out any lead from your listing.

sulekha integration - Reduce manual effort

Reduce manual effort

Leads get captured and mapped automatically, thereby reducing the effort and possibility of human error in entering lead details manually.

sulekha integration - Automate lead distribution

Automate lead distribution

Set up different rules to distribute leads to your sales team – based on geography, service requirements of the leads or any other criteria you define. This ensures faster response than your competitors listed on Sulekha.

sulekha integration - Alert your sales team

Alert your sales team

As soon as a lead comes in, and gets assigned, a notification is sent to the salesperson, and a task is created in his name, ensuring faster follow-up, and increasing the chance of closure.

Auto-respond to your leads

Auto-respond to your leads

Send automated yet personalized email or SMS responses to the leads generated from Sulekha and other 3rd party websites. This reduces the response time in making a connection with your prospects.

sulekha integration - Analyze source performance

Analyze source performance

Analyze how Sulekha is performing for you as a lead generation channel. Track the leads generated from Sulekha, and get reports on the conversion of enquiries to customers.

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