Ameyo has been a game-changing call center tool for companies to enhance the customer experience, but too many companies find they’re unable to leverage it to its fullest potential. There’s a lot of overlap between Ameyo and CRM, but neither can fully replace the other. This often leads to confusion among users as they choose how to record data, which can lead to missing or incomplete details and lost opportunities.

Ameyo Integration

That’s why LeadSquared has introduced the Ameyo integration that lets you harness the power of both platforms in a single solution. 

What is LeadSquared’s Ameyo Integration?

LeadSquared developed the Ameyo integration to bring CRM and call center help desk software into a single point of reference. Rather than having to go back and forth to locate data between the two platforms, users can see critical customer interactions in the same place to develop deeper insights, increase responsiveness, and provide a better experience to their customers.

How a company serves its customers is more critical than ever. More than 89% of companies admit to competing on customer service alone, ushering in a new layer of branding that can truly help a company stand out.

By using the Ameyo integration, companies can gain greater transparency and cohesiveness into every touchpoint with your customers and leads, and turn those insights into brand-boosting activities.

How it Works

LeadSquared and Ameyo are powerful on their own. But combined, the two become greater together than the sum of their parts. Here’s how they work in tandem to improve the customer experience:

ameyo integration

Two Platforms Become One

Rather than dealing with two different sets of data, the Ameyo integration allows you to embed LeadSquared into your Ameyo account. You can access lead information without having to go between systems, which can save time searching for important details.

Record Every Conversation

Recording conversations with customers and prospects has never been easier. Every conversation is documented automatically and accessible for easy reference in Ameyo and LeadSquared.

Distribute Leads with Ease

As calls come in, LeadSquared can distribute leads to the appropriate sales or customer service rep. You can set up rules in LeadSquared so that callers can connect with the person best positioned to serve them without getting the runaround.

Document Call Activities

Inbound calls, outbound calls, missed calls, and even voice mails are automatically documented in LeadSquared and Ameyo. This helps you get a data-rich record of all call activity to see where, when, and how you’re moving the needle.

Create Tasks and Reminders

As new leads enter your radar, you can set up LeadSquared and Ameyo to automatically create tasks so that no details go overlooked. For example, set up call reminders, follow up tasks, and other opportunities to stay connected to your callers. You worked hard enough to get the phone to ring, so don’t keep your callers waiting.

Benefits of the Integrating Ameyo with CRM

After you integrate Ameyo with LeadSquared, you can get straight to work in crafting a more comprehensive customer journey. Here are some of the most common benefits you can expect:

A Better Customer Experience

In today’s competitive business world, customer experiences are worth their weight in gold. Studies have found that 64% of people say their experience carries more value to them than the price of a product. With greater transparency into your customer interactions, you gain data-driven insights into where you’re leaving gaps in your service.

Higher Level of Productivity

When customer service reps and sales teams don’t have to spend time going back and forth between systems, doing double data entry, and locating information, they can be more proactive in serving your customers. Everything you need to serve your customers is front and center to allow you to respond quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

A Positive Company Image

Customers take notice when a company treats them well. In fact, 7 out of 10 consumers have admitted they spend more with companies that gave them great service. Even better, this extra spending amounts to about $823 million over the course of three years for companies with at least $1 billion in revenue. Even if your revenue is nowhere near this number, it’s easy to see how your profit can get a boost when you give your customers an experience worth paying for.

Final Thoughts

LeadSquared is a comprehensive CRM solution that’s made even more potent with Ameyo and other integrations. Take us for a free 15-day test drive and discover a better way to connect with your customers!

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