Is your sales team among the 34% not using a sales rep app? Grab a chair, if you answered yes to that.

A Trip to The Past

Once upon a time, there was an era of sales, when sales rep were compelled to carry big briefcases with a ton of paperwork inside to cover all areas of the business. You never know which prospect or client you will come across. You have to be prepared at all times.

With time, businesses began using customer relationship management (CMR) software that helps integrate all of the vital information into a database. While this greatly helped to speed things up, it posed a huge problem when sales reps are out on the field as the CRM was usually stuck in the office.

So, while on the field, the sales reps have to handle business the old way, which was not only cumbersome but also very much ineffective.

How CRMs Changed Everything

Thankfully, that era is in the past now. Today, businesses are selling smarter and faster. Sales CRM and other sales rep apps like mobile CRM are now readily available to every member of the sales team. Sales reps can now enjoy real-time information, thus expediting the sales process.

A report shows that real-time access to company’s data has helped to shorten the sales cycle by 8 to 14 percent. Also, a survey of sales reps proved that CRM systems are the most valuable sales rep tool to increase sales. It is needless to say that most high-performing sales teams use nearly three times the amount of sales tech than under-performing teams.


Benefits of Using a Sales Rep App

You are stunting the growth of your business if you are yet sitting on the fence on getting a professional CRM software. Here are 7 astounding benefits of sales rep apps that your business cannot afford to miss.

1. Quick Access to Company’s Data

Accessing information is one of the major challenges sales reps face while on the field. Although most businesses now make use of sales CRM, getting real-time data is yet a challenge as the CRM system is typically stored in the office.

How do you juggle information about several clients, business inventory, updated price, and proposals outside the office? That is where sales rep apps like mobile CRMs come into play. With this app, your sales reps can gain uninterrupted access to every info on your database, making it so much easier to win prospects and close deals while on the field.

2. Fast and Easy Data Collection

Long gone are the days when sales reps are made to enter all of the information collected on the field upon getting to the office. It is so much easier and faster now! Mobile CRM apps are integrated with virtually everything the central sales CRM holds. Therefore, your sales reps can do more than access information.

Sales rep app - documents

They can also enter information collected on the field without any hassle. This allows you to get real-time updates and monitor the performance of your sales team too. You also get an insight into what part the sales team is lagging on and where best to focus your resources.

So, you met a client who is requesting a quote. Of course, you are well versed in the game, but you will need to check with the office for an updated price, fill in inventory and other ridiculously compulsory paperwork before sending the quote over. Such time wasted could cost you more than you think. This is why smart sales reps now turn to mobile sales CRM apps that allow them to create quotes using up-to-date information in a split sec. Yes, you get to bypass the hurdles of the office – and screaming at the printer. You can get everything you need in a heartbeat – and right there on the field.

3. Better Customer Relationship

Customers today no longer want to be bought. They want you to prove you are worth dealing with. Are you reliable? Do you care about your customers? How is your customer service? Thanks to sales rep apps, you now have a log of customer’s history on your phone.

You can quickly check the details of your last meeting, what the customer needs, the product or services he is interested in, and maybe the challenges he is facing at the time. So, you do not go there unprepared, asking funny questions or looking literally dumb to the client.

4. Insightful Planning

Following up with prospects and clients can be pretty overwhelming. There is a lot to keep track of. In fact, it may seem impossible for your sales team to keep tabs on prospects and clients as the firm grows. Well, it doesn’t have to be a soul-wrenching task. Mobile CRM apps are equipped with a function that allows sales reps to easily plan their day and track their clients. The app helps you to maximize your time and resources by telling you who to visit and where to visit them. You can follow through with as many prospects as possible with the automated planner.

5. Stronger Team Relationship

Communication among members of a sales team is very critical to the success of any project. And having everyone dispatched to different locations/ tasks can make it really difficult for sales reps to stay in touch. Fortunately, sales rep apps are designed to mitigate this pitfall by providing team members with the opportunity to communicate with others right on the field. Better communication has been proven to greatly minimize errors while maximizing the team’s effectiveness.

6. Increased Productivity

This point sums up all the individual benefits of sales rep apps – increased productivity. Having easy access to customers’ data, calendar, schedules, reminders, automated plans, etc., all contribute to enhancing the productivity of your sales team. You will be amazed at how much faster and easier it is to push prospects through the sales funnel with these life-saving apps. Give it a try!

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