10 Best Sales Reporting Software for 2023

Does it worry you that it takes anywhere between hours to days for your reps to manually create reports? 

Well, reports are essential to every company, whether you are a B2B or a B2C business. With good reporting, you can improve your business efficiency, spot gaps in your existing strategies and business processes, and predict conversion rates.  

But manually creating them can be a painfully slow and time-consuming task.  

One way to save your team’s time and effort is by automating your reports using sales reporting software.   

What is Sales Reporting Software? 

The term ‘sales reporting software’ is pretty self-explanatory – it refers to a tool or program that helps generate sales reports for your team. You can use this software to create your own reports and use pre-baked ones to track conversions, marketing campaign success rates, and more.  

And if you have or are looking for customer relationship management software (CRM), then this reporting tool is generally built into them.  

Why is Sales Reporting Software Necessary? 

Here’s an infographic that shows you the four advantages of sales reporting software.  

why do you need a sales reporting software

Generally speaking, there are four types of sales reports generated by sales reporting software. 

Types of Sales Reports 

  1. Sales Funnel Reports – Sales funnel reports help you identify any hitches or bottlenecks in your sales funnel. It provides a detailed overview of which leads are at which stage in your funnel, where leads are dropping off, and more.  
  1. Sales Performance Reports – Sales performance reports help you identify your sales reps’ conversion rates, the number of leads generated, the value of deals closed, and the kind of clients they have closed. This can help managers identify each salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses. 
  1. Forecast Reports – These reports predict where your business will be in the future based on the past data available. You can understand your expected conversion rate, the total revenue gained from conversions, and how many leads you will drop.  
  1. Customer Reports – Customer reports provide valuable insights into business strategies that are and aren’t working. Furthermore, they also help you understand your customer satisfaction levels, which rep is losing more clients and other important information like upselling and cross-selling opportunities.  

Although there are many other sub-types of reports, like win-loss reports, sales cycle reports, etc., they can all be categorized under these main types.   

Until now, we have established what sales reporting software is and how it can benefit any business.  

But we are yet to address the elephant in the room– Which CRMs provide good sales reporting software?  

To help answer that question, here is a list of the top X CRMs that provide excellent reporting based on sound and constructive customer reviews, their key features, pricing, and ratings on credible review sites like G2, Gartner, Capterra, and SoftwareAdvice. 

(Note: The ratings here are an average of those taken from the above-mentioned review sites and are to provide you with an idea of customer feedback.)   

Top 10 Sales Reporting Software for 2024

Sales Reporting Software 


Average Rating on Gartner, Capterra, and G2



Ease of use, pricing, scalability, and no-code automation 


  • Lite – $25 per user/month

  • Pro – $50 per user/month

  • Super – $100 per user/month   


Managing leads, creating pipelines, and nurturing campaigns 


  • Essential – $9.90 per user/month

  • Advanced – $19.90 per user/month

  •  Professional – $39.90 per user/month

  • Enterprise – $59.90 per month   


Number of features, integrations, enterprise-focused 


  • Essentials – $25 per user/month

  • Professional – $75 per user/month

  • Enterprise – $150 per user/month

  • Unlimited – $300 per user/month


Lead management, lead nurturing, workflow automation, and task reminders 


  • Starter – $20 per month 

  • Professional – $500 per month 

  • Enterprise – $1200 per month 

Zendesk Sell 

Mobile CRM, simplicity, and artificial intelligence in CRM 


  • Team – $19 per user/month

  • Growth – $ 49 per user/month

  • Professional – $99 per user/month   

Zoho CRM 

Number of features, price, integrability, ticketing services 


  • Standard – $14 per user/month

  • Professional – $23 per user/month

  • Enterprise – $40 per user/month

  • Ultimate – $52 per user/month   


Managing tasks, telephony, building websites and analytics


  • Free – $0 per user/month

  • Standard – $124 per 50 users/month

  • Professional – $249 per 100 users/month

  • Enterprise – $499 per 250 users/month   


Email nurturing, marketing automation, sales pipeline management 


  • Enterprise – $499 per 250 users/month   

  • Basic – $12.74 per user/month

  • Growth – $42.49 per user/month

  • Pro – $84.99 per user/month

Power BI  

Customer visualizations, mapping data, excellent mobile app 


  • Pro – $10 per user/month

  • Premium User – $20 per user/month

  • Premium Capacity – $4,995 per capacity/month


Easy to use, AI analytics, zero click insights 


1. LeadSquared  

leadsquared sales reporting software

LeadSquared’s sales execution CRM is an end-to-end solution for businesses that want extensive sales features with great integrations and affordable pricing. The CRM is scalable and perfect for companies that wish for excellent reporting. Some other features that the CRM is notable for are: 

Ratings – 4.3 on G2, 4.5 on SoftwareAdvice, 4.4 on Capterra, and 4.4 on Gartner Peer Insights 

Why choose LeadSquared? 

Sales Intelligence and Efficiency through Reports and Analytics (SIERA) is LeadSquared’s new-gen self-service reporting tool. It offers customized reports, extensive analytics for larger volumes of data, create pivot tables, and more.  

One advantage of this 4.4-rated sales reporting software is that it was launched in 2022. This means it is built with some of the latest technology, making it fast and efficient.  

Furthermore, it is truly customizable. While you must create new reports in other CRMs for each parameter change, you don’t have to build it from scratch in LeadSquared’s SIERA.  

Plus, unlike other CRMs that often restrict this to just administrators, with LeadSquared, anyone can create their own individualized reports. 

Then where does LeadSquared fall short?  

Since it was launched recently, the credibility of the reporting tool has been restricted to a small sample size of 300 customers, all of whom have given positive feedback.  

Furthermore, it still has some features yet to be released, like the customizable report builder and dashboard.  
However, with the company’s excellent customer service track, you can expect this product to deliver good results.  


  • Lite – $25 per user/month  
  • Pro – $50 per user/month  
  • Super – $100 per user/month 

Note: LeadSquared charges 10% of MRR for SIERA.  

Free Trail Availability – Yes, upon request.  

Mobile App –  Available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

2. Pipedrive 

pipedrive sales reporting software

Pipedrive is a sales CRM known for excellent pipeline management, lead distribution, lead tracking, and sales force automation. CRM is great for B2C businesses looking for robust solutions and interactive reporting.  

Ratings – 4.4 on G2, 4.5 on SoftwareAdvice, 4.4 on Capterra, and 4.7 on Gartner Peer Insights 

Why choose Pipedrive? 

One unique feature native to Pipedrive is the interactable charts that make it easier for users to understand data trends. 

Pipedrive also provides a custom report builder which allows users to create their own custom reports.  

Then where does Pipedrive fall short?  

While the custom report builder is undoubtedly a great feature, the CRM caps the number of custom reports you can make in different packages.  

And let’s not forget that Pipedrive’s sales reporting software can sometimes feel too complicated to use


  • Essential – $9.90 per user/month   
  • Advanced – $19.90 per user/month   
  • Professional – $39.90 per user/month   
  • Enterprise – $59.90 per month 

Free trial availability – Yes, 14 days free trial.  

Mobile App –  Available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

3. Salesforce 

salesforce sales reporting software

Salesforce is an enterprise-focused CRM that provides extensive tailor-made features. One of the oldest in the game, this software provides excellent sales forecasting, lead management, and sales management.  

Ratings – 4.2 on G2, 4.5 on Gartner, 4.2 on SoftwareAdvice, and 4.2 on Capterra.  

Why choose Salesforce? 

Salesforce’s reporting tool – Tableau, has some of the most customizable options of any other sales reporting software. Plus, its solutions are robust.  
Tableau can also integrate with other CRM as well. Here is a positive review of the product: 

The software is incredibly user-friendly, and its data visualization capabilities are second to none. I appreciate Tableau’s flexibility, allowing me to quickly and easily create custom visualizations and dashboards to help me better understand my data.”  

Then, where does Salesforce fall short? 

One place where Salesforce’s Tableau fails to meet a client’s expectations is budget. Plus, it has a very steep learning curve, which can prove to be difficult for first-time users. 

Another con of this CRM is that it can be very slow to customize existing reports


  • Einstein Predictions: $75 per user/month 
  • CRM Analytics Growth: $125 per user/month 
  • Advanced Analytics Platform with AI Built In – $150 per user/month 
  • Revenue Intelligence – $200 per user/month 

Free Trial Availability – Yes, free for 14 days 

Mobile App –   Available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

4. HubSpot 

hubspot sales reporting software

HubSpot is another well-known CRM, although it is more famous for its marketing features. HubSpot Sales Hub is user-friendly, and a unique aspect of this CRM is that you can create your own API with its API-developer tool. HubSpot is particularly good at: 

Ratings – 4.4 on G2, 4.6 on Gartner, 4.5 on SoftwareAdvice, and 4.5 on Capterra.  

Why choose HubSpot?

HubSpot sales reporting software has a customizable dashboard and attribution reporting features.  

Also, it is good at financial tracking, providing detailed reports on gross margins, net incomes, and cash flows.  

Then where does HubSpot fall short? 

One issue with HubSpot is its lack of reporting features like cross-functional and consolidated reports.  

Plus, some reviewers wrote that the reporting features are quite limited compared to other CRMs in the market. 


  • Free – $0 per month 
  • Starter – $45 per month 
  • Professional – $450 per month 
  • Enterprise – $1200 per month 

Free Trial Availability – Yes, free for 14 days 

Mobile App – Available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

5. Zendesk Sell 

zendesk sales reporting software

Zendesk Sell is a sales CRM that helps businesses manage leads, client interactions, and tasks. With easy-to-use features, Zendesk Sell provides good sales automation, lead management, and sales force automation.  

Ratings – 4.4 on G2, 4.7 on Gartner, 4.5 on SoftwareAdvice, and 4.4 on Capterra. 

Why choose Zendesk Sell?  

Several reviewers loved that they could customize reports for the sales team in just a few minutes

In fact, one reason that a client switched over to Zendesk Sell was its amazing reporting.  

Furthermore, this software can integrate with applications like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Power BI to provide more insights.  

Then, where does Zendesk Sell fall short?  

One area where Zendesk Sell lacks is the reports are fixed and cannot be changed. Moreover, the CRM lacks a lot of AI-powered insights and analytics.  


  • Team – $19 per user/month 
  • Growth – $ 49 per user/month 
  • Professional – $99 per user/month 

Free trial availability – Yes, available for 14 days.  

Mobile App –  Available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

6. Zoho  

zoho sales reporting software

Zoho is a suite of products that includes CRM, ticketing platforms, customer service software, and a task scheduler. Its CRM is built for small and medium-sized businesses that need help managing leads, distributing them to the right reps, and nurturing them through email campaigns.  

Ratings – 4.2 on G2, 4.4 on Gartner, 4.3 on SoftwareAdvice, and 4.2 on Capterra. 

Why choose Zoho?  

Now while Zoho CRM’s reporting tool is just another humble, ordinary software, combined with its product Zoho Analytics, it becomes a powerful solution for companies wanting in-depth analytics.    

The first advantage of Zoho Analytics is its real-time reporting. One reviewer commented,

“Giving executives real-time access to the numbers that matter means we make better decisions, respond faster to threats and opportunities, and grow our business quicker.” 

Plus, it is very easy to view and interact with the reports with this sales reporting software. 

Then where does Zoho fall?  

Zoho’s products aren’t the most customizable, and this can be an issue, especially if you want to tailor the software to your business needs.  

And along with it being difficult to send those reports automatically.  

Zoho has high charges for additional team members, not to mention poor customer support, lack of unique features, and complex setup. 


  • Free – $0/month (For two users) 
  • Basic – $24/month 
  • Standard – $48/month 
  • Premium – $115/month 
  • Enterprise – $455/month 

Free trial availability: Yes, available for 15 days 

Mobile App –  Available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

7. Bitrix24 

bitrix24 sales reporting software

Bitrix24 CRM is part of various products, from website builders to project management tools. It offers on-premises and cloud-based solutions to businesses looking to organize their work, manage tasks and leads, and want good marketing and sales analytics. 

Ratings – 4.3 on G2, 4.5 on SoftwareAdvice, and 4.4 on Capterra. 

Why choose Bitrix24? 

Bitrix24 offers a wide variety of sales reports which allows users to view them in real-time.  

Bitrix24 is also relatively easy to use, provided you know some coding, and offers intuitive reports. 

Then, where does Bitrix24 fall short?  

Bitrix24’s pricing might not be the most affordable for small businesses. Plus, the CRM is not very robust and frequently glitches out.  

Furthermore, there have been numerous complaints about the CRM’s lack of customizable reports.  


  • Free – $0 per user/month 
  • Basic – $61 per 5 users/month 
  • Standard – $124 per 50 users/month 
  • Professional – $249 per 100 users/month 
  • Enterprise – $499 per 250 users/month 

Free trial availability: Yes, available for 15 days 

Mobile App –  Available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

8. EngageBay 

engagebay sales reporting software

EngageBay is a CRM that offers businesses marketing, project management, and sales tools. This software saves time and improves efficiency by providing capabilities like email marketing automation, contact management, segmentation, and sales force automation.   

Ratings – 4.6 on G2, 4.5 on SoftwareAdvice, and 4.7 on Capterra. 

Why choose EnagageBay? 

EnagageBay is budget-friendly, making it a good fit for SMBs. And since there are a lot of pre-built options to choose from, it saves time, which is crucial for start-ups.  

Also, the reports are customizable, with drill-down capabilities that allow better insights. 

Then, where does EngageBay fall short? 

The platform lacks customization options that match the branding of the business and has very limited reporting features.   


  • Free – $0 per user/month   
  • Basic – $12.74 per user/month  
  • Growth – $42.49 per user/month  
  • Pro – $84.99 per user/month 

Free trial availability: No.  

Mobile App –  Available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

These are our top sales reporting software offered internally, along with CRMs. There are other standalone external software built exclusively to provide businesses with reporting and analytics.  

Some advantages of using the software are that since they are general-purpose tools, they meet many requirements, are much more flexible, and provide better visualization for businesses. 

However, this also means they are slow and confusing to use and don’t provide profound insights for different teams of your organization.  

One way to get the best of both worlds is by integrating your CRM with an external reporting tool. Here are some tools that can integrate with CRMs and provide deep insights. 

9. Power BI 

power bi sales reporting software

Power BI is Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform. It allows companies to connect and visualize data from multiple third-party applications. This platform allows access to real-time information, Big Data processing and has customizable and interactive UI/UX features.    

Ratings – 4.5 on G2, 4.6 on Gartner, 4.6 on SoftwareAdvice, and 4.5 on Capterra. 

Why choose Power BI? 

One of Power BI’s strongest suites is its data visualization. One customer provided a note on how:

“the visualization part and other chart types are very well designed, giving the user a clear and elementary understanding.” 

Apart from this, Power BI supports stunning dashboards and interactive reports.  

Where does Power BI fall short?  

One issue with this software is that visualization is challenging, which means that you need another third-party application to create these.  

Power BI is also less powerful than other data analysis tools, as it does not have a built-in programming language, so developers must use DAX or other third-party tools to manipulate data.  


Pro – $10 per user/month 

Premium – $20 per user/month or $4,995 per capacity/month 

Free trial availability: Yes, available for 60 days.  

Mobile App –  Available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

10. MicroStrategy 

microstrategy sales reporting software

MicroStrategy is a business intelligence platform that empowers businesses to build and deploy analytical applications. They provide users with reports, real-time dashboards, documents, mobile applications, and even HyperIntelligence, a technology that brings relevant insights in zero clicks.  

Ratings – 4.3 on G2, 4.6 on Gartner, 4.6 on SoftwareAdvice, and 4.4 on Capterra. 

Why choose MicroStrategy?  

MicroStrategy offers excellent security to your reports. It also has a robust mobile application and is more affordable than Tableau and Power BI.  

And no matter how complex the data is, you can easily create dashboards for it and export it quickly.  

Then where does MicroStrategy fall short?  

This software can be pretty daunting when you use it for the first time, as its interface isn’t very intuitive

And as with any other feature-intensive software, there is a very steep learning curve with MicroStrategy.   


No fixed pricing. You can contact info@microstrategy.com for more information.  

Free trial availability: Yes, available for 90 days.  

Mobile App –  Available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

Concluding Remarks 

Sales reporting software is crucial to all businesses that want to understand their processes and current standings in the market. However, along with sales reporting, you also need strong lead nurturing, automation, customer service, and sales automation features to help improve those business processes.  

And that’s where LeadSquared comes into the picture. Not only does the CRM offer excellent sales reporting tools, but it also provides end-to-end sales solutions to help businesses improve efficiencies.  

If you want to know more about what solutions we provide and how we help companies transform their businesses, get in touch with our CRM experts!

Our knowledgeable team will guide and assist you. 


1. What makes LeadSquared’s sales reporting software popular? 

LeadSquared’s new-gen self-service reporting tool, SIERA, makes it a popular sales reporting software.  
It offers customized reports, extensive analytics for larger volumes of data, create pivot tables and more.  
It is also truly customizable and allows anyone to create their own individualized reports.   

2. Which sales reporting software is right for your business? 

Choosing a sales reporting software doesn’t have to be overwhelming. LeadSquared’s new-gen self-service reporting tool, SIERA, helps you track leads, opportunities, organization revenue, user performance, and more.  
Additionally, SIERA helps you – 
1. Customize reports and apply relevant filters to display crucial data 
2. Make informed decisions using real-time analytics and actionable insights 
3. Design reports that trickle down your organization hierarchy to track user-level progress 
4. Improve business performance by analyzing large data volumes 
5. Sort and filter vast data volumes 
6. Create pivot tables 
7. Remove and add rows with zero values 

Want to see LeadSquared in action?