How EduGorilla increased sales conversion by 11x in 18 months


“Leadsquared has helped us scale our sales team, processes, and revenue. It enabled us to drive higher sales by getting all our data in one place.”

How EduGorilla increased sales conversion by 11x in 18 months

10x your sales productivity with LeadSquared.

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Sales Team


In Revenue


Customers Onboarded

2 Weeks

Shortened Sales Cycle

EduGorilla loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Automating the sales processes
  • Improved lead nurturing
  • Better data visibility
  • Scalability in teams and revenue

Sales Team


In Revenue


Customers Onboarded

2 Weeks

Shortened Sales Cycle

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About EduGorilla

EduGorilla is an online test prep platform helping students prepare for competitive exams across various fields. When the pandemic closed offline coaching centers, EduGorilla saw a business opportunity and pivoted.

They launched their B2B product – Gibbon – a complete one-stop solution for coaching institutes to set up their digital academy.

With Gibbon, their customers got content, technology, and continued support all under one solution.

The product is only two years old and has aided more than 3000 institutes in virtually preparing their students for competitive exams. It 5x-ed their sales team and scaled their revenue to 11x in under a year.

They hope to 20x their sales team and 100x revenue by the end of 2023.

Team at EduGorilla

Scaling the business had its challenges – a less than efficient lead management system (storing data in multiple excel files) and slow sales processes. To achieve hyper-growth, EduGorilla needed a platform that defined the sales process in its entirety and allowed managers to measure team performance.

The challenges that EduGorilla faced before implementing LeadSquared:


1. Dispersed leads in multiple files

Each salesperson maintained a separate excel file to manage their leads. This led to missed follow-ups, reduced visibility, and data dispersal.

2. Slow sales processes

Due to a lesser team bandwidth as well as various manual tasks to be tracked, the team experienced longer sales cycles and slower growth.

3. No data visibility and tracking of performance

With the leads dispersed in multiple files, there was no central repository to view comprehensive data and track the individual sales performance of each team member.

Solution Provided by LeadSquared’s Sales CRM:

1. Centralized Lead Ecosystem

EduGorilla understood early on that using multiple excel files to manage their leads wouldn’t help them scale, so the hunt began for finding the right CRM for them. The primary need was to build a central repository of all the leads initially.

With the help of Leadsquared, they could access the leads from a central database, identify the sources, and create automated campaigns to nurture those leads.

“I took demos from more than 6 CRM products before Leadsquared. One of my college seniors, who works for a giant edtech, vouched for Leadsquared. I tried it and was impressed with the team and product offerings.”

After implementing our solution, EduGorilla immediately started seeing the growth potential as well as scalable opportunities the tool helped discover.

2. Zero Lead Leakages and Lead Deduplication  

One of the reasons why they needed a centralized repository for contacts was to combat lead leakages and duplication. With every new excel file created there was a chance of missing out on adding new leads and adding duplicate leads.

There is only so much VLOOKUP you can do.

“We started with Leadsquared when we had very basic issues. But we knew for sure, to scale our business, we needed a CRM. So, we started early.”

With Leadsquared, every lead was captured from various sources, but the database was also deduplicated. This helped us scale our leads quicker and not have junk or duplicate leads piling up in our database.

3. Automation to Maximize your Team’s Efficiency 

The EduGorilla sales team started with door-to-door campaigns for Gibbon and moved to get leads on social media. As lead volume increased, so did the manual effort to manage it. The steps to maintaining individual records was quite painstaking.

As a result, each team member could only interact with about 5 to 6 leads every day. This led to having longer sales cycles.

“Through automation in Leadsquared, we realized that whenever a new lead was added to the system, we were able to call it in real-time – this helped improve our conversion ratios.”

After our implementation, a lot of manual effort diminished – lead stages could be automatically updated, new tasks for leads were updated, and the team had access to an updated view of activities each lead undertook.

This helped reduce the sales cycle to two weeks and increased the productivity of the sales team.

4. Personalized nurturing of individual leads

As mentioned before, the sales team didn’t have a prioritization criterion for new leads getting added daily. They went through the entire list one after the other.

This meant that leads that got added today might not be able to get in touch with the sales rep today itself. So EduGorilla needed to run nurture campaigns to address those leads by sending out appropriate communication.

Thanks to Leadsquared’s marketing automation, it was now easy for them to send out personalized SMS-es and emails to new leads and keep them engaged.

Lead nurturing was a very new concept for me. But we saw sending nurture emails and keeping contacts engaged throughout their journey helped us convert them more easily.”

5. Improved data visibility, reporting, and predictability

Improved data visibility and consolidated reports

After Leadsquared, the team started putting a numeric value to their goals. The sales team had achievable targets that were extrapolated through individual historical performance. The management could now focus on key metrics like average order value, conversion ratios, individual performance, and more. This helped them analyze and predict numbers.

The sales manager was able to view individual team member’s performance, modify targets, reach expected goals with the help of detailed reports and dashboards.

“Managing a sales team is all about key metrics. Having an idea about ground-level sales is not enough. After Leadsquared, we were able to put those metrics in place through reports.”

LeadSquared Results:

With the help of Leadsquared, EduGorilla was able to set up a more productive and efficient sales team. Vipul’s favorite feature, hands down, was automation. It helped cut down manual tasks and helped lead nurturing to run on autopilot. They’ve not only experienced growth but are also eager to implement other cost-effective features of Leadsquared – landing pages, field force automation, etc.

“Leadsquared helped us scale our sales team, become more data-driven, and enabled our strategies and metrics to perform profitably in our favor.”

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