How Silulo Ulutho Technologies increased their course conversion rates with LeadSquared

“I strongly believe that there is more to come from LeadSquared. Along with the support we are receiving, we are getting much better and the solution is adding a lot of value. However, this is just the beginning, and there is much more to achieve.”

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Student Engagement


Performance Tracking


Sales Conversion

Loves LeadSquared for:

  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities
  • Increased Enrollment and Sales Efficiency
  • Integrating All Processes
  • Improved Marketing ROI
  • Customer Support and Success

Student Engagement


Performance Tracking


Sales Conversion

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Silulo Ulutho Technologies, established in 2004 with its head office in Cape Town, South Africa, pioneers in education through information communication technology. They provide upskilling solutions through training cafes and online courses in emerging and rural communities with operations in the Eastern and Western Cape. The organization’s mission is to drive Technology, Accessibility, Empowerment, and Education.

Sales and Operational Challenges

Before 2020, the team at SUT relied on manual processes. They used to maintain google sheets to handle their lead inflow and follow-ups, and there was no lead engagement. With online and offline internet cafes, and training centers, their lead volume was high, but there was confusion on the lead progression down the funnel resulting in the lack of clarity over a sale.

After evaluating tools such as Zoho, Microsoft, Salesforce, and other customer relationship solutions, they decided to side with LeadSquared’s education CRM for training institutes as it was tailored to the organization’s requirements.

“We were looking for a customer relationship tool that could help us with features such as a student portal, automations, managing follow ups, deriving reports, and sales conversion insights. LeadSquared’s education CRM for training centers just made sense for us. We have ever since achieved much, and there is more to come,” says Luvuyo 

Which teams use LeadSquared?

Both the sales and marketing teams are greatly benefiting from LeadSquared.

“From a marketing standpoint, although it is just the beginning, the landing page feature is really helpful in getting the final sales conversion. Earlier, there was a very low engagement of leads, but now our efforts are strategic and smart. Engagements have increased from 0 to 100, and LeadSquared allows us to track data. It is much easier to track the profitable lead sources and plan our budgets.” 

For Sales Teams

“With the student portals, we know how to capture leads, manage follow-ups, and more. We now have actionable insight on records such as user usage, daily activities, and information on what is happening. When it comes to the transition of the funnel, it is one of the highlights to get a high-level view of how many leads are turning into prospects, follow-ups, incomplete registrations, and more,” says Luvuyo

Most Loved Features

1. Advanced Reporting Capabilities


Actionable insights with detailed reporting

The team at SUT wanted to know where they stand from a data perspective. This soon became the most loved feature for them.

LeadSquared has enabled the team at SUT to make actionable decisions based on numbers. They wanted clear visibility on how the leads progress down the funnel. They now rely on daily, weekly, and quarterly metrics such as:

  • Lead inflow on a daily basis
  • Daily follow-ups and lead progression
  • Day to day website and landing page registrations
  • Daily/weekly usage per user
  • Landing page performance
  • Lead engagement
  • Profitable lead sources and budgeting

“It is the reporting that helps us assess our performance! The system tells us where we stand and where we should be. This helps us benchmark our efforts and pushes us to improve further,” says Luvuyo 

2. Automating manual processes 

The team at SUT has more than 17 automation running to take care of their end-to-end processes. They have internet cafes and training centers across South Africa and have 3000+ lead inquiries coming in every month. This calls for a solid system to automate communication touchpoints based on lead actions and critical triggers. They also have automation for awarding course certifications to students that have been developed on LeadSquared.

3. Student Portal & opportunity management

Students might want to apply to more than one course when it comes to upskilling. Here is where they can manage all their applications from a personalized portal. They can make fee payments, track their progress, and achieve higher transparency with information at their fingertips. 

Having a 200+ strong sales team, there would often be an overlap of information leading to missed opportunities. With LeadSquared’s solution, the team now has clarity on all the courses applicants are interested in. The data also avoids a clash of interest in case of a sales closure.


“I would rate LeadSquared 9 out of 10. It is the right solution for us and has everything that we need. It is tailor-made for our business, and we are getting better at utilizing it day by day. Overall, the tool helps us break down complex operations and gives us a microscopic view of our performance. We plan to achieve much more in the days to come,” says Luvuyo

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