A Leading Edtech Company Ensures Zero Lead Leakage with LeadSquared

“LeadSquared has helped us smoothen our entire admissions process. The integrations and automation save us a lot of time that was otherwise spent on lead capture and distribution. It is an essential tool for any fast-growing team!”

A Leading Edtech Company Ensures Zero Lead Leakage with LeadSquared

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Loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Provides a Customizable Workflow
  • Standardizes Sales Operations
  • Allows Lead Stage Tracking
  • Enables Opportunity Management
  • Automates Lead Management

Lead Leakage


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Team Monitoring

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The Edtech company aims to provide students with a platform to pursue different forms of performing arts. They have over eight courses with varying levels of learning for art, dance, storytelling, and drama enthusiasts, which cater to students in the 3-14 years age group. Their courses also witness a 50% renewal rate, with students joining the next level after completing the previous one. 

With this rapid growth, the edtech platform began to strategize to scale up quickly. They wanted to increase awareness about their courses and cater to several more students by offering free trials.  However, they used Excel Sheets as their key lead management system at this point. This not only required manual intervention but complicated the overall sales process as well, slowing the team down. To scale up at the anticipated rate, they wanted to get rid of manual intervention as much as possible.


1. Manual lead management was extremely complicated

The Excel sheets that the team had been using limited their capability to deal with the high lead volume.

2. The sales process was scattered across teams

It was hard to track student journey across teams because the data was spread across various excel sheets.

3. Reservations about moving to a new tool

Even though excel wasn’t a good solution, the team wasn’t sure about using new technology.

4. The team lacked an insightful tracking and reporting tool

While all the data was available, it was scattered, so it couldn’t be used to strategize business plans. They couldn’t monitor their team’s performance either.


Automated lead management reduces human error

Automated lead management reduces human error

The Edtech platform runs many social campaigns and ads to generate leads. But, before LeadSquared, these leads weren’t automatically captured and stored in one place. The team’s members wrote their names against a lead but keeping track of the overall accountability was challenging. The team was only equipped to handle a certain number of leads, but they were now receiving around 1000 inquiries in a day. The excel sheets just couldn’t handle the scale anymore.

LeadSquared has helped the learning platform automate lead management. All the leads are now captured and distributed without any manual intervention. The connectors integrate all the channels, including calls, WhatsApp, social campaigns, and ads with LeadSquared. This decreases the team’s turnaround time, and they can address the leads with a lot more insight into the student’s requirements. 

LeadSquared’s communication automation also allows the team to send reminders for free trial classes with links to attend. As a result, the number of missed opportunities has decreased drastically. 

Standardized operations for a fast-growing team

The Edtech company’s teams are growing rapidly with a 10-20% increase in headcount every month. With so many new members joining, standardizing the processes had become a priority. They also wanted new team members to start attending calls quickly, and it was hard to train them with a scattered sales workflow.

The company has now set up the end-to-end process on LeadSquared. All three teams—the free trial booking team, sales team, and payments team—use LeadSquared. Initially, the teams were hesitant to try out a new platform, but the adoption has been quick with just a little bit of training. With LeadSquared, the team now has better insights into the student’s entire lifecycle.

Customizable and easy to implement CRM

Customizable and easy to implement CRM

“This is the first time for us using a CRM system, and we are blown away. LeadSquared’s features are so advanced but easy to use. We find the platform extremely intuitive, and my team could adapt to it quickly” shared Product Manager

The transition from excel sheets to a CRM was extremely easy and hassle-free for the company. Along with an easy-to-use CRM, they also needed customizations that fit their sales workflows. At the institute, students can opt for multiple courses, for example, one student may be interested in both dance and music. LeadSquared was able to help them manage multiple requirements from one student by customizing the CRM to include Opportunity Management. Now, each student has a unique identifier, and their requests for various courses are managed as opportunities automatically in a single lead.

Detailed Insights into Lead Intent and Team Performance 

Detailed Insights into Lead Intent and Team Performance

The company wanted deeper insights into the student’s journey after an inquiry. Excel sheets couldn’t provide the data they required. LeadSquared’s Advanced Search feature has helped them understand and analyze the data from multiple angles. They have all the information—the number of free trials conducted, number of attendees per class, instructor timings—based on the filters they choose to apply.

The team performance and productivity can also be tracked using LeadSquared’s reports. Metrics such as deals closed, calls made, and time spent on call are easily viewable, increasing the team’s overall accountability. As a result, conversions have also increased over time.


The Edtech Platform has standardized and optimized its sales workflow with LeadSquared. The partnership has enabled them to scale up their teams and increase sales efficiency rapidly. An in-depth insight into student lifecycle helps them understand and improve their approach towards free trials and sales calls.

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