EdWisor Increases Lead-to-Enrollment ratio by 30% using LeadSquared Admission Management CRM

“The best part of using LeadSquared Admission Management CRM is the ease of customization for any business process, with minimum assistance from the tech team.”

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  • Easy Follow-ups – Zero Missed Opportunities
  • Complete Student Journey Tracking
  • 100% Lead Capture
  • Increased Lead-to-Enrollment Ratio
  • Increased MQL-to-SQL Ratio






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Millions of students graduate from colleges every year in India. But one problem that remains unresolved is employability. EdWisor understood this problem and focused on solving the issue by taking a highly personalized and user-centric approach to deliver skill-based learning outcomes. Having facilitated over 8000 interviews and supported over 2000 students with placements, EdWisor aims to revolutionize the education sector with personalized, outcome-based, and scalable learning models. Their programs are designed specifically for job roles as per the industry requirements. However, there were challenges in their pursuit, and with the help of LeadSquared Admission Management CRM, they were able to streamline sales and operations.

Challenges faced by EdWisor

Before LeadSquared, the team was facing challenges such as:

  • Difficulty in managing sales operations because of buggy inhouse system
  • As they grew, student inquiries also increased, and managing inquiries from various sources became a challenge
  • Distributing leads to team members became difficult, and they were missing follow-ups and leads in the process
  • Inability to send targeted communication to individual leads
  • Unsynchronized sales & marketing teams

EdWisor implemented LeadSquared Admission Management CRM to manage the student journey and get complete visibility into the sales operations.

How LeadSquared Admission Management CRM Helps

1. Zero Lead Leakage with Multi-channel Lead Capturing:

EdWisor captures leads from various sources such as paid campaigns on social media, third-party websites, Google Adwords, and more. But managing them manually was very time-consuming. Leads would often slip through the cracks. LeadSquared helped EdWisor capture these leads onto a single platform by integrating all the sources of lead generationTelephony integration further helps capture all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls (voice mails) on the CRM platform.

“We use Knowlarity telephony which is integrated with LeadSquared system. It ensures real-time tracking of the sales reps, which ultimately has improved our sales efficiency. The lead leakage has reduced and has helped us keep all our leads under one roof. We’re thus able to manage the inquiries better.”

Capture all student inquiries from online and offline channels with LeadSquareds' admission management CRM

2. Reduced Response Time with Automated Distribution:

Lead distribution is a big issue for every EdTech company. Doing it manually consumes a lot of time and is also prone to errors.

LeadSquared admission management CRM helped EdWisor create automation for lead distribution. The lead distribution logic is based on lead and agent attributes, such as lead quality, location, language, course interested in, agent performance, and more. It also uses capping logic to limit the lead distribution to ensure that the sales agents are not assigned more leads than they could handle without compromising call quality. Before LeadSquared, lead distribution was a pain. Our process involved distributing leads at a fixed time every morning. But now, by using a rule-based automated lead distribution, we have been able to reduce the response time and achieve better results.

With the help of LeadSquared's admission management CRM, distribute leads as soon as they are captured with your sales agents. The distribution criteria can be based on agent or lead attributes.

3. Targeted Communication with Marketing Automation:

Keeping the lead engaged with the right content at the right time is essential to improve the conversion rate. LeadSquared marketing automation solution helped EdWisor in creating targeted content and run sales and marketing campaigns effectively.

Today, EdWisor is able to build prospect journey workflows and execute omnichannel campaigns. Moreover, whenever there is a lead activity (e.g., email opens, link clicks), the system notifies the sales reps so that they can act accordingly. Also, lead scoring based on engagement metrics helps them prioritize communications with leads.

“Like any start-up, EdWisor is a fast-paced company where processes are ever-changing; that’s where marketing automation comes in handy. The ease of access and usability of the platform is commendable, and it has helped streamline our sales and marketing efforts. Trigger-based email automation helped us get 15X ROAS on our remarketing funnel. With LeadSquared, our MQL-to-SQL ratio has increased by over 50%, and we also see a 30% increase in the Lead-to-Enrollment ratio.”

LeadSquared's admission management CRM helps segment leads according to the intent of student and helps you personalize messages that will help engage with them.

4. Monitoring Teams with In-depth Reports:

LeadSquared’s analytics tool helps EdWisor track leads as well as sales reps’ performances. It tracks all the sales and marketing activities in real-time and helps remove bottlenecks. The email and call reports help keep a tab on the number of calls made and emails sent by each rep. It makes it easier to visualize the sales funnel and get a clearer view of the deals closed, pipelines that have been forecasted, and revenue committed for any given period in a few clicks. The reports came in handy while checking individual and team-wise call metrics, overall performance, and sales performance according to demographics and lead channels. With the URL tracking mechanism in the system, we improved our campaign targeting and ROAS drastically. This helped us dive deeper into our marketing efforts and drive better results.

The analytics tool in LeadSquared's admission management CRM tracks all the sales and marketing activities in real-time and predicts cash flows. This ensures proper ROAs and helps make informed decisions


EdWisor implemented LeadSquared Admission Management CRM to manage the student journey and get complete visibility into the sales operations. They are now able to cut lead leakage to zero, reduce response time, send targeted communication to prospects, monitor teams with in-depth reports, and more.

“The best part of using LeadSquared Admission Management CRM is the ease of customization for any business process, with minimum assistance from the tech team. We have been able to map the entire customer journey – from lead capture to retention. LeadSquared’s feature-rich platform also helps us get a holistic view of our daily business functions. It is truly one of the best CRMs out there, and I would highly recommend it for teams of any size.”

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