Track & Optimize the Customer Journey with Integration

Monitor touchpoints, improve marketing ROI, drive pipeline & revenue.


“What a product and what a team!”

“The software is super intuitive and easy to use. Once setup (thanks to the big help of Factors’ team) tracking became a piece of cake. With Factors, I can now see clearly where my leads come from. Since using Factors I have increased my conversion rate by 4.3% resulting in an increase in revenue close to 15%.”

Connect the dots across marketing efforts, pipeline & revenue into Leadsquared is an end-to-end marketing analytics and revenue attribution platform that helps teams monitor
and optimize their efforts. Make sense of your marketing data — consolidate and crunch user actions across campaigns, events, website, Leadsquared CRM, and more.
Analyse how leads are engaging with your company as they move through every stage of the funnel across campaign interactions, web site visits, pipeline, revenue — and everything else in between.

Track the entire customer journey

With Factors integration, connect customer journeys across campaigns, web, and CRM for rapid, reliable, hassle-free reporting.

Quantify the impact of your efforts

Demonstrate marketing’s true impact on pipeline and revenue with customer journey funnels, revenue attribution, and more.

Intuition alone isn’t enough!

Ensure iterative improvements across marketing performance with automated, data-driven insights into what’s helping and hurting conversions.

Analytics made easy

Unlock intuitive, automated marketing analytics. Create ad hoc reports with custom metrics, events, & dimensions as well as countless filters & breakdowns — all in ties with Leadsquared CRM.

Monitor the customer journey

Factors integration with Leadsquared empowers teams to measure and monitor their marketing efforts across campaigns, web, event, CRM and more in one place. This eliminates tedious siloed data, excessive spreadsheets, and unintuitive reporting.

The availability of custom events, KPIs, metrics, properties, and content groups with Factors integration ensures that teams have complete control over their data, reports, and analysis.

Monitor the customer journey
Automate Analytics

Automate analytics, attribution, and insights

Marketing analytics and attribution can be a chore. With Factors integration, it doesn’t have to be. Teams automate their analytical heavy lifting using powerful, AI-powered reporting, actionable CRO insights, and countless filters and breakdowns. Determine not just how, but also why leads are moving from one stage of the sales funnel to the next on Leadsquared CRM — all in a matter of minutes.

Optimize the customer journey

Analyze what’s helping or hurting the customer journey and optimize efforts, resource allocation, and ROI performance accordingly. Make sense of every touchpoint with flexible conversion funnels, powerful attribution models, and rapid KPI reports. Unlock deep insights into the customer journey across campaigns, events, website…all the way into revenue and pipeline data from Leadsquared.

Optimize the customer journey

Be 100% Sure of Marketing Analytics & Attribution with Factors Integration FAQs

What is is an end-to-end marketing analytics and attribution platform purpose-build for marketers to monitor and optimize their efforts. It deliver high-quality revenue intelligence across campaigns, web, CRM, and more — all housed under a rapid, accessible UI.

Is privacy compliant?

Factors is 100% privacy compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. In addition, Factors is also SOC2 compliant — ensuring industry-standard protection across data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Furthermore, Factors exclusively utilized first party cookies — meaning zero access for third-party vendors.

How can I onboard Factors?

Factors is simple by design. Connect Leadsquared CRM, your ads platforms, CDP, chatbot, and more in under 30-min with no-code integration. Website integration simply requires the placing of a superlight piece of javascript code onto website header — made even easier using Google Tag Manager.

Is Factors self-serve?

Analytics and attribution can be notoriously unintuitive., however, is an extremely user-friendly platform wherein teams with no technical backgrounds can create relevant reports in a matter of seconds. That being said, dedicated customer success is on stand by when required.