8 Ways to Get Media & Press Coverage for Your Travel Startup

8 Ways to Get Media & Press Coverage for Your Travel Startup

Media coverage can be hard to come by even for long-established companies, but it’s significantly harder for startups.

Hacking the Media: How to Get Media Coverage for Your Travel Startup

In our last webinar, travel marketing expert, Tanu Arora from TravHQ – a travel marketing and media website, joined us to discuss, how to get media coverage for travel businesses and 8 simple ways in which this can be done. In case you missed it, you can watch it here.

Tanu also talked about:

  • The travel media ecosystem
  • When travel startups should do media outreach
  • What factors should be considered before approaching the media
  • How to close the deal with the media

A marketing professional with experience of 4 years, Tanu holds expertise in sales, digital marketing and developing successful brand strategies. She is also the Brand Lead at TravHQ.

So if you are a travel business, just starting out and want to know how to get media coverage for your business, you should check out the webinar recording

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I hope you can implement these methods and I do hope they actually help you in getting better media coverage for your business.

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