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From lead generation to conversion, know what’s trending in the Travel & Hospitality sector. Learn how to optimize your sales, marketing, and operations for more bookings.

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    Hospitality Marketing
    The Minimalist Guide to Hospitality Marketing [Webinar]

    Our last webinar threw light on marketing in the hospitality industry. Floyd Tavares, Manager – Business & Digital Marketing, from Deltin Group ran the session. He was joined by Nilesh Patel, Founder and CEO of LeadSquared. In case you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording below. You will also find a short Q&A session […]

    Webinar Recording: Kick Ass Lead Generation Strategy for Travel Businesses

    It has been over six months since we started conducting webinars on marketing and lead generation. During this period, we have shared our learnings and trends in online marketing, lead generation, conversion rate optimization and other marketing topics. Our perspective is largely driven by our own experience of marketing LeadSquared, and the experiences and stories […]

Case studies

    MMT fi
    How MakeMyTrip Boosts Employee Productivity with LeadSquared’s ACE Goals

    Read how MakeMyTrip used LeadSquared's ACE Goals tool to define metrics for their team's performance, for better progress.

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    GCC Hotels
    How GCC Hotels increased their event bookings by 50% with LeadSquared

    Learn how GCC Hotels were able to restructure their sales process, enhance team productivity, and employ better marketing campaigns.

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    How Acron Homes and Hospitality Increases Bookings with LeadSquared

    Acron Homes and Hospitality is renowned for their establishments in Goa. They leveraged LeadSquared to improve lead management and increase bookings for their properties.

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    Rhythm hospitality
    Here’s how Rhythm Hospitality Increased Sales Efficiency with LeadSquared

    Rhythm Hospitality leverages LeadSquared's advanced capabilities to ensure zero missed follow-ups and faster turnaround time

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    Ananda Spa’s Journey to Better Lead Management

    Ananda, a luxury destination spa leveraged LeadSquared to attain better lead nurturing, comprehensive data management, and improved performance management.

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    Artboard – 10
    O2 Spa’s Secret to Successful Spa Marketing

    O2 Spa, a luxury resort spa chain leveraged LeadSquared to achieve 100% visibility into lead journey and reduce CPL by 40%

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