It’s a good time for travel agencies. People are traveling more, going to remote places, and taking the services of travel agencies. That brings a lot of players in the industry, all trying to grab a share of the market. In this scenario, it’s important to gain a competitive edge so that you can turn up a profit and increase sales in your travel agency.

Today, we will tell you some unique ways to increase sales in your travel agency. Travel has become an experience, and you need to tune yourself to the trend for higher profits.

Offer More than Your Competitors

People are tired of visiting the same places again and again. They are bored with the same packages that you sell to everyone. Your customers need something unique- and experience they can cherish throughout their lives.

Instead of pushing readymade packages, find out what your customers want. Maybe they want to go to escape to an isolated village on top of a mountain. Perhaps they want to dive underwater and not just spend time on the beach.

Become a travel expert and create packages based on customer demand and needs. You can check out the travel agent tips and tricks to boost more sales. 60% of millennials are more than happy to pay more for a travel agent’s advice. Use your expertise and craft out innovative packages that offer a great experience to the traveler. Only then you can establish yourself as a leading player and attract more customers.

Create a Website

Every business needs a website, especially travel agencies. Why?

  • 82% of all travel bookings in 2018 were done online
  • People complete 148.3 million travel booking each year
  • The online travel market is expected to grow $817 billion by 2020

If you don’t have a website, you are missing out big time on sales. So the first step is to create a professional website where people can book online. You can also promote deals, discounts, and offers on your website to increase sales.


  • Use high-quality photographs and videos to pique user interest and curiosity.
  • Invest in SEO
  • Take advantage of pop-ups and sidebars to promote deals and packages
  • Create an online booking system

Sell Ancillary Services

Did someone book a hotel with you? Why don’t you offer him a cab service?

Did someone book a flight? Maybe he can use a drop to the airport?

Travel agencies are collaborating with local businesses to offer more to their customers. Once, you could only book flights and hotels using MakeMyTrip. Now if you open the app, it lets you hire cabs, book train and bus tickets, villas and apartments, and more.

You can also bundle up the services and sell them together for more sales. You can check out our article on upselling techniques that work like a charm. For example, if someone books a flight, you can give them options to book hotels, cabs, and maybe even return flight tickets with you.

Ask Customers for Reviews

People trust reviews. 80% of travelers use Tripadvisor to read reviews. And they spend up to 4 weeks comparing and analyzing them. Overall, 93% of travelers across the world say online bookings impact their booking decisions.

Having good reviews on your website or other booking platforms attract more customers. They are ready to trust fellow travelers when they say you had provided a good service. So ask your customers to leave reviews and rate you on booking platforms.

If someone posts a negative review, deal with it instantly. Address the concern and apologize if it’s your fault. Tell them you are looking to make up the shortcoming next time they book with your agency. You can also offer them a discount or free stay to make it up.

When you make a disgruntled customer happy, he is more likely to become a loyal customer.

Start a Blog

33% of US travelers read blogs for travel advice. Travel companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month. They also get more than 3 times traffic!

Create a blogging section on your website and aim to publish at least 1 – 2 blogs per week. You can do basic keyword research and write on trending topics and destinations. It’s great of you can provide real value and sometimes cover destinations that are still unknown.

You can write on travel tips, travel hacks, top destinations, and anything that resonates with your audience. Your blog can also publish the travel experiences of your customers for more impact.

Promote your posts on social media to bring more traffic and travel leads.

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Get Active on Social Media

Social media can help you target a larger audience and discover new prospects for your business. Sites like Facebook with over a billion users have become the top marketing tool for travel agencies.

You should create your official page on Facebook and Instagram at least to reach more prospects. Share pictures and blog posts regularly to grow your followers. Interact with your audience and engage them on every occasion through comments and likes.

You can also join various travel groups on social media and promote your business. It’s a bit tricky as you can’t just go advertising in these groups. You need to invest time, participate in discussions, answer questions, and set yourself up as an expert to boost and increase sales in your travel agency.

Then you can slowly start leaving links to your blogs or site if applicable without appearing too ‘salesy’.

Ask for Referrals

Nothing works like word of mouth even in this online age. If your customers had a good experience, ask them for referrals. Maybe they can refer your name when their friends ask for a good travel agency.

Final Thoughts

Try to provide a good service and make your customers happy. Give them something unique they can remember for the rest of their lives. And don’t forget to use our tips to get more sales.

You can also invest in a good travel CRM like LeadSquared to convert more leads and generate more sales. 


How can travel agencies leverage technology to streamline the sales process and improve customer experience?

Embrace technology for efficiency and personalization. Utilize travel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to manage leads, track customer preferences, and personalize communication. Explore online booking engines and digital marketing tools to streamline the booking process and improve customer experience

How can travel agencies retain existing clients and encourage repeat business?

Focus on customer loyalty. Develop loyalty programs that reward repeat business and offer exclusive benefits to returning clients. Personalize recommendations based on past travel preferences and proactively suggest new destinations or experiences that might interest them. Prioritize excellent customer service to build trust and encourage repeat bookings

How can travel agencies identify the right niche to specialize in?

Research and identify a niche with growth potential. Consider your agency’s expertise, resources, and target audience. Analyze travel trends and identify niches with a strong demand base but less competition. This allows you to cater to specific customer needs and potentially command premium pricing within your chosen niche

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