Websites to Generate Higher Education Leads in the Middle East 

The Middle East contains regions with a wealth and abundance of educational opportunities, including numerous renowned institutions. Generally, there have been efforts to improve education systems, increase literacy rates, and modernize curricula, despite the challenges associated with the region.  

Marketing education in the Middle East requires a strategic and culturally sensitive approach to effectively reach and engage with the target audience. It can be effectively done by utilizing various strategies and channels including digital marketing, community engagement, partnerships and more. 
Furthermore, it requires an active digital presence, effective content marketing, and a personalized approach. Here are some of the websites for generating high-quality leads for higher education institutions in the Middle East. 

15 Websites to Generate Higher Education Leads 

College boards

Most visitors to college board websites are students. These websites receive users who are in school or have recently graduated and seek courses for the next degree, particularly higher education. Some websites that provide distance learning courses may also draw in working professionals. 

Additionally, parents frequently use these sites to learn more about their child’s higher education alternatives. When it comes to producing leads for your business, college boards are essential. You may join these platforms, collaborate with them, or even place advertisements on their websites to market your education institution

Here are some of the best college board websites for higher education in the Middle East:  

1. Go To University  

Go To University

institutions all around the world. It is the most sought-after educational portal by students pursuing higher education, with over 4000 top global university listings and over two hundred thousand course listings, as well as additional information about entry requirements, tuition fees, global regional and subject rankings, scholarships, deadlines, and so on. 

Go To University has a separate partner portal for education institutions, agencies, or consultancies.  

Bonus: The innovative Compare Universities tool assists students in comparing universities side by side and narrowing down the best-fit university. The AI-powered University Finder tool assists students in identifying institutions based on their customized preferences for an expected score, major, geographical preference, and price range.  


2. Edarabia  


Edarabia is the Middle East’s leading education guide, assisting students, parents, and instructors in comparing and selecting the best educational institutions. Since its inception in 2005 (as, Edarabia has established itself as a reliable educational resource. It provides education at all levels, including universities, colleges, schools, nurseries, language institutes, training academies, music schools, and online institutions. 

Edarabia allows partners to advertise or enlist themselves on the portals.  

Bonus: The website allows students to keep up with the latest industry news, upcoming events, job postings, and research projects compare college ratings, and leave feedback. 


3. Yalla Schools  

Yalla Schools

Yalla Schools is a website geared toward parents. It allows parents to choose the best school for their children after comparing multiple metrics which is generally a difficult undertaking as there are several aspects to consider before coming to a decision. It enables parents to find, compare, and apply to the best schools and nurseries in the UAE. Fees, overview, leadership & teachers, curriculum, admission information, rating & reviews, facilities, and location are all available for schools in the UAE. 

Yallas Schools allows advertising on its website and has a dedicated form to take in advertising information.  

Bonus: The website also has lists of the best Indian schools in UAE (CBSE & CISCE), British schools (CIE Cambridge), IB Schools, and MOE Schools in UAE. 


4. Master Studies  

Master Studies

Master Studies is a website from the Keystone Education group. Every year, more than 110 million unique prospective students rely on Keystone to assist them in deciding which higher education program to attend. Keystone, in turn, assists over 5500 higher education institutions in reaching and communicating with prospective students in over 190 countries through its more than 460 websites covering 33 languages and eight different higher education verticals – Master’s, Bachelor’s, Ph.D., Online, Healthcare, MBA, Law, and Academic Courses. 

To enlist your organization at, you need to get in touch with Keystone Education Group. This will also give you the option to enlist your organization across all their websites. 

Bonus: Master Studies also comes with a blog section that allows students to know more about social and political scenarios and how that will affect their education abroad.  


5. Find A Masters  

Find A Masters

Find A Masters is a database of Master’s degree programs and related opportunities published by Find A University Ltd. Since its inception in 2005, they have grown to include over twenty-five thousand postgraduate programs at schools all around the world. Students may use their listings to find and compare qualifications quickly and easily, or they can reference the thorough financing and advising sections. The easy administrator system helps universities and other marketers present their programs to prospective candidates. 

Find A Masters has detailed guidelines for providers and advertisers. They enable display advertising, email campaigns, an advertisement for masters’ programs, and more.  

Bonus: Financial information can help students decide on loans. They also have a detailed postgraduate study guide to help students out during their higher education pursuits.  


6. Academic Courses  

Academic courses

Academic Courses is a Keystone Education Group website. It allows students to search through hundreds of study programs from all around the world.  

Academic Courses connects students with instructors who provide courses, preparation years, short programs, certifications, degrees, and other educational opportunities. It assists students and higher education institutions in finding each other online. It is a multilingual portal to higher and continuing education near and far and has been trusted by students since 2002. 

Institution agents can request a call back from the Keystone Education Group to advertise their courses on the website.   

Bonus: Academic Courses is helpful for students seeking any type of course and not just postgraduate ones.  


7. Unifrog


Unifrog assists students in comparing every university program, apprenticeship, and correspondence education course before applying successfully. The platform assists students throughout the admission process, from researching their hobbies to documenting the fantastic things they’ve done to locating school and training possibilities and writing their applications. 

Unifrog also assists instructors and counselors in managing the process, from providing engaging lessons using off-the-shelf teaching tools to tracking career encounters, creating references, and submitting applications. 

Unifrog allows universities, teachers, students, and agents to get in touch with them directly through their contact page

Bonus: obtains data from a variety of sources, making it a reliable source of information. They get their information from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Unistats, FutureLearn, the Cabinet Office, The Guardian, every college at Oxford and Cambridge, HESA, the Office for National Statistics, and QS. All their data is kept up to date; for example, apprenticeship positions are updated every night. 


News websites

Websites for news are viewed by many different demographic groups. Ideally, banner ads work the best on news websites. They accept guest posts as well. You may still connect with students, parents, and working professionals by partnering with the right websites. Here are a few websites that concentrate on the education sector and help you get in touch with the right leads. 

8. Khaleej Times  

Khaleej Times

Galadari Printing and Publishing Co. L.L.C is the publishing firm of the Khaleej Times, the UAE’s first and major English daily. The newspaper first appeared in April 1978. Their website was created in 1997 and is one of the UAE’s major English digital news outlets, reaching over fifteen million people monthly through a large network of social media platforms. 

Education institutions can advertise with them. They allow display ads as well as partner content.  

Bonus: Khaleej Times is a great way to reach out to parents as it has a high monthly readership. 


9. Which School Advisor  

Which School Advisor

Which School Advisor started as a hobby project but expanded to one of the best websites for finding school information. It used to be just a WordPress website but it eventually ended up being a comprehensive content platform. The website has multiple editions that cover most of the middle east, including multiple other countries in South East Asia.  

As partners or advertisers, you can directly reach out to through their contact page. They also allow video advertising on their website. They have a comprehensive kit for advertisers to get started.  

Bonus: Which School Advisor is a great website for students, parents, and teachers. It’s a single website that caters to the needs of all three. Parents and students can find information regarding schools and admission processes, while teachers can look for jobs.  


10. Education Middle East  

Education Middle East

Education Middle East is a platform that delivers information to K-12 educators in the GCC to assist them to keep up with the changing face of the education business in this age of technology and blended learning

Senior executives, educators, department heads, head teachers, ICT heads, financial managers, procurement managers, and decision-makers in the education industry benefit from the site. 

The goal is to provide knowledge to people on the ground in the educational sector on a range of themes, so establishing an important tool for the region’s educators and helping them to prepare for this drastic transformation and guide students to increasingly smart education. 

Institutions can advertise or partner with the platform. Relevant information regarding getting in touch with the advertising team or the editorial team is present on the website.  

Bonus: Education Middle East is a great resource for schoolteachers. It also has a school listing section that helps teachers find jobs and helps parents find schools for their children.  


11. Education Destination Asia 

Education Destination Asia

Education Destination Asia is Asia’s most comprehensive portal for overseas education. Their robust multi-channel media network, which includes websites, print magazines, and school fairs, shows Asia’s incredible assortment of educational choices – a means for both parents and education providers to eventually make educated selections for prospective students. 

Throughout this website, one can discover the most recent news and insights on critical aspects of international education in Asia. They provide accurate and authoritative information to our readers on preschools, international and private schools, pre-university programs, and learning centers in Asia through their experienced contributors to the international education scene in Asia, as well as their team of dedicated professionals. Their purpose is to provide their readers with useful, practical information about the international schools available in Asia. 

Education Destination Asia allows advertising and institutions need to get in touch with them directly to advertise their institution or its programs on their website.  

Bonus: The platform provides both institution-related information as well as news on the education sector.  In their News area, one may learn about the most recent changes, open days, and offers from foreign schools in Asia. In their Features area, parents may learn about foreign curricula in Asia, international school costs, and other important information and advice for selecting the best school for their child. 


Career Portals

Career portals are used by both students and job seekers to learn about the condition of the market and locate employment. Career portals assist people in finding new employment, upgrading their skills, or graduating from school. Along with being a source of job listings, career portals are helpful entryways to online courses for job searchers. Working adults frequently search for chances to enroll in higher education courses to continue their education. 

You may reach out to many potential students for your various courses by advertising yourself on such sites. 

12. Laimoon


Laimoon is a professional course and training program search engine for professionals looking to advance their careers. They work with over 200 training providers to help consumers and organizations select the best course for their requirements among over 40,000 programs. The platform began in Dubai, UAE, and currently serves over one million customers each month in over 30 countries worldwide. 

Laimoon has a separate portal for providers that allows them to add their courses.  

Bonus: Laimoon also has a corporate business. It connects businesses with top education providers so that working professionals can also upskill themselves and serve their companies better.  


13. Dubai Education Guide  

Dubai Education Guide

Dubai Education Guide, as the name suggests, is a comprehensive guide to schools and universities in Dubai and other places in the middle east. The website has separate sections for nursery schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. It also enlists training centers for working professionals. They also have a rich blog section covering numerous topics.  

Dubai Education Guide allows advertising for institutions. They also accept guest blogs. The relevant contact details are present at the footer of their website.  

Bonus: Dubai Education Guide is a great source of contact information for schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions.  


14. Education Zone

Education Zone

Education Zone is a consulting firm with offices in both the UAE and Bahrain. They assist students in upgrading their abilities by first leading them to the appropriate course for their profession choice and then registering them to study abroad at approved universities, colleges, and schools throughout the world. 

Education Zone works with foreign universities and institutes that are recognized by all GCC ministries. They recruit for several famous universities and institutes of technology all around the world. Education Zone works with New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, London, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, and Spain, among many other nations. 

To enlist your organization’s courses and services, you will need to directly get in touch with the team at Education Zone.  

Bonus: Whether you are a high school student wanting to study abroad, a working professional searching for a second degree or a short course, or a child/teenager hoping to make new friends at summer camp, Education Zone has a solution for you. 


While these websites can ensure that a lot of leads stream into your student database, you need to make sure your team is equipped to complete the admission process. You can make their tasks a lot easier by implementing a Higher Education CRM for your business.  

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It helps you:  
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2. Create an online admissions system for students.  
3. Set up a personalized education portal for counselors and students.  
4. Manage admissions procedures with ease, including scheduling group discussions and personal interviews. 
5. Improve student engagement with hyper-personalized enrollment marketing automation.  

So, if you’re looking for a tool to communicate with students and parents in a timely, relevant, customized, and targeted manner, LeadSquared’s Higher Education CRM has all the resources you need to increase enrollments.  

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