How IMT CDL Built a Paperless Admission Process
  • Lead leakage worries due to manual lead capture on excel sheets
  • Lack of ready-to-use email templates, resulting in a faulty nurturing process
  • No insight on the performance of team members or lead sources
  • Insufficient data to take corrective measures like optimizing marketing campaigns
  • Cumbersome, delayed & inaccurate MIS Reports
  • Bottlenecks in forecasting realistic admission numbers
  • Little or no scope of scaling without sales & marketing automation


Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar
Head of Marketing at IMT-CDL, Ghaziabad

​Rakesh is a versatile professional with 16 years of high growth experience in Marketing Communication, Demand Generation, Product Management & Customer Success, in diverse sectors, including Education, Software Solutions, E-Commerce & FMCG.

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