It’s no secret – the best Admission Reps in the world are still the best callers.

But all the others prefer shovelling snow to calling. Which is understandable – weary students, burdened with dozens of cold messages are tough to crack. It’s a lot of work for a handful of conversations (most of which drop cold again within a week).

In this free LeadSquared webinar, Lexington Maximus, a seasoned Admissions Leader discusses the “starts” and “stops” of an impactful contact strategy. Based on his two decades of work at hundreds of leading colleges around the world, he objectively answers – “What really creates the desire to enroll in the prospects?”

You’ll take away:

  • Unprecedented advice for enhancing your overall call volumes & quality.
  • Find out what scripts & conversation have been known to create a desire to enrol.
  • And learn how the right calls will move you ahead from the competition in the months & years to come.

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