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The secret love language to motivate action from applicants.

Enrollment Expert : Matthew Schmoker, Founder and President, Legacy Admissions Solutions

Are you frustrated trying to learn the secret admissions language that best connects with prospective students and their support system? Is it possible you’re saying or doing something that creates a disconnect? Does your marketing, social media messaging, and admissions approach truly connect with each type of student and motivate action?

As part of Legacy Admissions Solutions’ award-winning research, which involved over 817,000 student inquiries, surveys, and direct student contacts, and helped create the Legacy Student Success System™, this webinar provides scientific and proven communication approaches to improve marketing and admissions practices to better engage, drive more leads, and motivate action with prospective students and their support system.  

In this webinar Matt Schmoker, Founder and President of Legacy Admissions Solutions, reveals some key discoveries from Legacy’s groundbreaking and award-winning research, as well as content from the Legacy Student Success System™ while offering immediate, actionable strategies to help make an impact in your school and increase enrollments.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Concerning stats regarding today’s student perspectives towards post-secondary education
  • Best communication and marketing strategies for engaging with each of the 5 Student “Types.”
  • Top 15 words, phrases, and actions creating a disconnect with prospects
  • Top 15 words, phrases, and actions creating greater engagement, more inquiries, and motivates action.

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