affordable CRM for realtors
Affordable CRM for Realtors

One of the most significant issues that realtors face in purchasing CRM software, is the cost. Everyone is on the lookout for an affordable CRM for realtors.

Especially those with small teams want software that can sync with their requirements and at the same time, compliment their budget.

Usually, the set-up cost for the robust CRM software runs in hundreds of dollars, regardless of the size of the team. But when you are a small or midsize enterprise, purchasing a costly CRM is out of the question.

Additionally, you should also evaluate your expectations from the CRM and select the plan that can benefit your sales team in the desired way. 

Therefore, it becomes essential to answer the following question. 

How do I get quality but affordable CRM for realtors?

No one wants to compromise quality for cost. However, the good news is that, while there are a ton of real estate CRM software out there, you can still find one that works for your team. And probably your budget.

Whether you’re paying thousands of dollars for a robust CRM or a couple of hundreds to purchase an affordable CRM for realtors, there isn’t a one-trick formula as to what that works. It all boils down to your decision-making process and your requirements from the software.  

In this regard, here are some questions that will help you to analyze your requirements from the CRM software. It will assist you to select the most appropriate plan.

Affordable Real Estate CRM

Let us answer a few questions that will help you to analyze your requirements from the software. These questions will guide your decision in purchasing the CRM that is well suited for your company.

Q1. Does your team have a specific sales goal?

Every real estate sales team has unique targets. The only unifying goal across the board is the need to sell more properties. However, the numbers may vary. A sales team of 5 – 10 will have a lesser number of property targets than a sales team of 20 or more. This need will equally translate into the size and number of CRM licenses need to be purchased. 

Choosing an affordable CRM for realtors makes even more sense when the team is a small one. You can always purchase more licenses as the team grows. Otherwise, you would be spending more money buying software licenses on a bigger band.

For example, consider LeadSquared’s Sales CRM pricing page. Here, businesses have a choice of selecting LITE, PRO, SUPER, and ULTIMATE plans, depending on what their needs are. You can always find which one works for you and your team and subscribe as needed.

Q2. How efficient is your current lead capturing process?

On the other hand, you must consider how great your team is at managing leads. And this has nothing to do with whether you’re looking to get an expensive or affordable CRM for your realtors. The easier your lead management system more will be the productivity of your realtors.

What do you currently use? 

Excel sheets? 


Email sorting? 


Paper-based systems? 

All of these, while cost-saving, can affect the performance of your sales team. 27% of people in sales spend an hour or more doing data entry daily. This is the time that they can spend carrying out more rewarding tasks.

If this is your team, you should consider getting a simple and affordable CRM and watch your team’s performance improve exponentially. You can always upgrade the plan whenever needed.

Q3. How automated is the sales cycle?

How easy is it for your team to perform sales functions from beginning to end? 

One way to shorten the sales cycle is by selling to qualified leads only. However, without the right CRM, you can miss this opportunity. Getting an affordable CRM for your realtors helps speed up the entire process.

Smart CRMs are known to do some heavy lifting like helping you filter out junk leads based on specific parameters. You can also let it do repetitive tasks, the kind that would typically take a bulk of your workforce.

Q4. Are you just starting?

Sometimes, going for an affordable CRM for realtors is a reasonable thing to do if your team is starting. You don’t want to jump the gun by purchasing a real estate CRM that is difficult to adopt for rookies. It is because, on some occasions, the bigger the CRM, the more complex and costly it could be.

Even when you don’t have a choice but to get robust CRM, there are softwares that let you try them out for a particular period, without any charges. You and your team can test the waters using this option and see if it is just what you need.

Features you must look for in Affordable CRMs for Realtors

Yes, you can get affordable CRM for your realtors, but there are certain things you must not compromise. 

Adequate Customer Support

That you’re getting a budget real estate CRM, it doesn’t remove the need for comprehensive customer support. Undoubtedly, CRM will help you to provide exemplary customer care by supplying you insights into the actual requirements of your customers. CRM will track customers’ activities on the website, assign a lead score, set reminders for you to follow-up, prioritize leads, and more.

But, technology can only fulfill its part. Ultimately, it depends on your sales team, how efficiently they can leverage these inputs to give proper customer care.

User Experience

A more user-friendly platform is always easier to access. Otherwise, members of your sales team may end up spending time navigating the CRM than fulfilling their sales targets. And that defeats the purpose of getting a CRM in the first place. So ensure that you select a user-friendly real estate CRM that is easily accessible for every member of your team.

Mobile CRM

The boon of automation is the ability for salespeople to work on the go – get task notifications from anywhere, respond to inquiries immediately, schedule meetings, etc. It is only possible when the real estate CRM also has a mobile version. 

Improve your team with LeadSquared’s affordable CRM for realtors

Uniquely tailored to the real estate industry, LeadSqaured’s CRM software caters to teams of all sizes, without compromising on the essential features. 

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