door to door sales scripts

Many people think door to door (D2D) sales is dead. Nothing could be more wrong!

D2D sales still generate $28.6 billion a year. Pro reps are still knocking on doors and closing deals even in this age of digital marketing.

But as we all know, D2D sales is a challenging area. You hear more “no” than “yes.” And it’s not very easy to make a sale.

To help you out, we have created this post with the top door to door sales scripts and strategies to make a sale. We will also find out how a solid sales script looks and how you can make one for your reps.

Door to Door Sales Strategies to Sell Like a Pro

The following D2D strategies are bound to close more deals-

Know Your Customer

You should have an idea of your target customer before you can sell anything. Knowing your customers help you refine your script and approach for the best results. Here are some factors to develop your buyer persona-

  • Age
  • Education
  • Profession
  • Pain points

After you have an understanding of your target customer, find those who fit the bill.

Know Your Product

You should know your product or service like the back of your hand. Doing so helps you to-

  • Answer any question about your offering
  • Offer expert opinions
  • Push the deal confidently

Appearance Matters

Appearance matters a lot in D2D sales. You don’t have to dress up for attending a meeting, but you should appear nice and friendly. You can wear your company t-shirt and jeans, but make sure not to appear like a kid or amateur.

Also, keep a positive and open body language all the time.

Tip: Watch out the body language of your prospect to get clues about how he/she feels.

Learn the Reason Behind “No”

D2D sales reps hear “no” most of the time. Let it not deter you!

Learn to recognize which “no” means rejection, and which “no” is a mild objection. If you get to know the reason behind the objection, you can address the issue and recommend your product accordingly.

Tip: You will learn from experience to differentiate the “no.”

Focus on What You Can Do

Some things are not in your control while others are. Your attitude is in your control, but the territory where you work isn’t. So work on what you can control for the best results.

Tip: You can work on your-

  • Body language
  • Appearance
  • Voice tone
  • Responses
  • Objection handling

Don’t always focus on results, but concentrate on the process.

Remember to Follow Up

Most of the time, you won’t be able to make a sale in the first meeting. That means you will need to follow up. Keep a note of the follow-up dates so you don’t miss them. You can also take the email or phone number of your prospect and leave him an email or text.

Now your prospect knows you and is ready to listen. So it’s the perfect time to close the deal.


Perfect Door to Door Sales Scripts to Convince Your Prospect

Here is all that you need to look for when it comes to creating a door to door sales script that converts.

1. The Opener

The objective of the opener is to connect with your prospect and get him talking. You should be polite, friendly, and appear interested in what the customer has to say. In your opener, try to address the following points-

  • Who you are
  • Where you are from
  • What is your purpose
  • When you will leave

A person naturally thinks about the above factors when he opens the door. So these are the things to address.


“Hello, I’m John, and I represent Pure Air. I have a few minutes before my next appointment and would like to if you are interested in creating healthy indoors for your family. Can I quickly overview how we have helped homeowners like you lower the risks of various respiratory diseases?”

2. The Presentation

This part of the script focuses on building trust and credibility. You can try storytelling as a non-invasive method to engage the prospect and share real-life examples that solve his pain points.

A story builds credibility, offers a solution, and makes the prospect relate with your product or service.


“I visited your neighbor Tom’s house last day, and we were discussing how an air purifier can increase the indoor air quality of a house. He agreed and said his friend Jack stopped having breathing problems after getting a Pure Air purifier. This makes me proud to represent Pure Air and help homeowners like you.”

3. Involve Your Prospect – Discover Pain Points

Talking about the benefits of your product will only go so far. You have to align them with your prospect’s pain points. You can ask open-ended sales questions to find out the problems your prospect faces.

After you discover the pain points, tie the benefits and perks of your product with them to make an assured close.


“Did you notice any breathing trouble recently?”

“Do anyone in your family suffer from cough and cold a lot?”

“Have you done anything to improve your indoor air quality?”

4. The Close

Now is the time to talk about pricing and close the deal. Your prospect is convinced your product can solve his pain points. Only that remains is to make the closing.

Here too, you can build more credibility by starting with how people trust your company.


“For 10 years, homeowners have relied on Pure Air for a healthy living. Based on your circumstances, I recommend the Pure Air Family Pro to improve your indoor air quality by 80%. We have a special offer, and you can get it at a discount of $25 just for this week. When shall I come and install the purifier?”

With the right strategies and perfect door to door sales scripts, you can close more deals even in the door to door sales. You can empower your reps with a field sales mobile CRM solution like LeadSquared to track and manage leads and sales.

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