With presence across 250+ cities and an online community of 161.3 million users, Justdial has become an industry pioneer in local search engines. The marketplace continues to penetrate Tier II and Tier III cities, showcasing numerous local businesses and generating leads for business owners, round the clock. Acknowledging such a vibrant response, your company must employ an efficient methodology to manage Justdial leads. 

The best way to do that would be to integrate your CRM software with Justdial to fetch leads from your listings automatically.   This would ensure that there’s no lead leakage because of human error or oversight. 

Why am I focusing more on using a tool to manage Just Dial Leads? 

Quick answer: Data entry is not the priority of your Salesperson. Instead, they can use their time and effort to convert leads into sales and generate substantial revenue for the company. 

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Manage Justdial Leads Like a Pro 

When people make inquiries in Just Dial, they fill up a form or call the phone number that is mentioned. You get these details, and you store them in an Excel sheet. But, there are times when your sales and marketing teams are overburdened with work, and the leads leak. 

This could have been an opportunity worth crores, but now you have missed it. And what’s there to repent after the deal is gone. Your team calls it an honest mistake, but we both know that such excuses can only justify their shortcomings, not the cause of the lost opportunity.

So when you debate on what is the best way to manage Justdial leads, I say it is by employing the expert in lead capture automation – LeadSquared.  

How LeadSquared Manages Justdial Leads?

Be it Real Estate, Travel, Education, Automobile, Healthcare, or any other industry, LeadSquared has built connectors or used APIs to capture leads from different marketplaces. Justdial is one such marketplace.

The software captures and maps every lead automatically, ensuring ZERO lead leakage. It gives essential inputs to your sales team by tracking the prospect’s behavior. Now, let us dig into the entire process of managing leads and the sales procedure that follows. 

LeadSquared Makes Every Lead Count 

Capture all Justdial leads

Let us suppose you are a player in the Real Estate Industry. You have your listings on JustDial competing with several prime players in the market. A potential home buyer makes an inquiry, and you get his details. But it is quite evident that the same prospect would also submit inquiries on your competitors’ listings. 

At this moment, what determines who will close the deal? 

The answer is quite simple. Responsiveness and speed. One who can connect with the potential customer first will have higher chances of closing the deal. 

LeadSquared helps you initiate the first conversation with the prospect as soon as the lead arrives. It automatically segments and distributes the lead to your sales team according to the prospect’s interests and location. 

Following that, it notifies your sales team via email, text, and also on the mobile application, reminding your team to follow-up at the earliest. 

You can also choose to engage your prospective buyers with different property options available in the vicinity of the first one that doesn’t cut it. 

Tracks Every Lead Activity 

track all justdial leads

Once the lead has entered the system, you can automatically track every interaction of the lead with your website and engagement campaigns. Something as simple as knowing the pages your prospects have spent the most time on, and the emails they have opened can help you assess their buying intent. 

It helps you plan the content of your next follow-up email or text so that it resonates with the client.

Plus, LeadSquared automatically assigns a lead score to every lead based on their activities. Simultaneously, it prioritizes your follow-up conversation to ensure that you reach out to more promising leads first.

Nurture Every Lead Efficiently 

nurture justdial leads

LeadSquared helps you nurture every lead with relevant content throughout their journey. The software incorporates drip marketing, engagement campaigns, trigger-based communication and enables channeled follow-ups to engage the lead in a better way. 

Let me give you a brief example. In every buyer’s journey, there is an awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage. It would be best if you were to engage your leads properly in all these stages.

First, in the awareness stage, you can send emails and text with informative content based buyer’s interests. Following that, when the lead is well acquainted with your product or service, you can provide them with different options to nurture them further.  

In the decision stage, when the buyer is all set to buy your product, you can share testimonials of prospects just like them happy with their purchase.

Integrate Your Marketplace Listings with LeadSquared 

To Summarize, LeadSquared takes good care of all your leads coming from Justdial and other market places. The software directly captures, tracks, and nurtures every lead with customized inputs, thereby enabling you to attract, convert, and retain more customers.

Take a demo and manage every lead with the care that they deserve! 

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