Door-to-door sales pitch vary significantly from pitches used for cold calling. You need to consider the nuances of a direct selling approach like door-to-door to create the best sales pitch. Today, we are going to give you some practical tips to create the best sales pitch for your field sales reps.

However, we are not going into how to create a sales pitch. However, you can check out our blog to know the best door to door sales scripts that work. So, here are the best tips to refine your door-to-door sales pitch for more conversions. 

1. Leave Room for Changes

A door-based selling sales pitch should never be rigid. You never know which way the conversation will head, so it’s necessary to remain flexible. 

You can use your sales pitch to keep track of the main points and the questions to ask. But keep room for changes so that you can handle the conversation in the best way no matter the direction it takes. 

You can treat your sales pitch like a checklist to ensure you didn’t miss out on important points or questions. 

2. Include Open-Ended Questions

Your field reps will need to ask multiple questions to qualify a prospect and discover his needs. It’s always better to ask open-ended questions that give an opportunity to your prospect for speaking out. 

An example of an open-ended question will be – “Can you tell me how you think you can solve your problem?” Asking questions like this helps you uncover the pain points of your prospect so that you can align the feature or benefits of your product accordingly. 

Asking questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” will not help you learn about your prospect. 

3. Be Clear and Concise

Your sales pitch should be very easy to understand without any ambiguity. It should resolve all queries a potential customer can have and shouldn’t drag on. Be concise and to the point for generating the most impact.

However, don’t miss out on crucial details, features, or benefits about your product. Just be short and sweet!

4. Include Expert Knowledge

Door-to-door sales reps need to establish themselves as experts in the industry. They have to provide expert tips and facts to convince customers. 

Your reps should know the product inside-out even before they knock at the door. To help them out, your pitch should contain extra knowledge and information that helps them sell. You can cite industry publications and research papers to make your pitch more convincing and trustworthy.


5. Don’t Sound Desperate

Your sales pitch should influence and encourage the prospect to take action. However, your sales pitch shouldn’t be too aggressive or too pushy. 

Customers can sense desperateness really quickly and will probably call off the deal. Your pitch should flow naturally and be customer-centric. It should align with the pain points of the customer and describe how your product can resolve the problem.

Being pushy in your sales pitch doesn’t help. You can only make a sale when someone is already interested in your product, to begin with. 

6. Include Pauses for Answers

Your door-to-door sales pitch should consider all the nuances of having a conversation. It should sound like a conversation and give the opportunity to your client to speak out. 

It’s always better to leave pauses in your script where you expect an answer from your prospect. Accounting for your prospects’ replies makes way for an effective sales pitch. 

7. Keep Multiple Options

We already said how you need to be flexible with your direct selling sales pitch. You can help your reps stay flexible by suggesting multiple options for answers and questions from your potential client. 

Let’s say you are selling garden hoses. So the first thing in your sales pitch would be the question- “do you have a garden?” Now, what if the prospect answers, “no?” Should you end the conversation there and move on?

Well, like we said, offering multiple options in the pitch can make a big difference. If the customer says “no” to your question, you can then ask, “do you need something to wash your car with?”

Most probably, the prospect will have a car even if he doesn’t have a garden. Your reps can then sell the garden hose as a pipe to wash cars.

8. Stay Open for Changes

Developing a door-based sales script is an evolving process. You need to adjust and refine your dialogues based on the impact the pitch creates. 

If you see a pitch is not working out, then decide the changes you need to make. The customer replies will help you determine if your pitch is working, or you need to make changes. 

9. Induce Familiarity

We are more likely to trust someone who says they know someone we know! You can adopt the same technique in your sales pitch to convince potential customers. 

Let’s say you visit a few houses in a neighborhood. In your pitch, you can then take the names of the people you visited. 

Let’s say you are selling LED bulbs. When you knock at a door, you can say-

“I just told Mr. Rogers next door how he can save hundreds of dollars every month by switching to LEDs. Do you want to save money and the planet like him?”

This creates more impact and also makes your prospect more likely to listen to your reps. 

10. Include Facts and Figures

Nothing convinces better than facts and figures. Instead of saying our product can help you save money, tell your prospect exactly how much they can save. So, instead of saying, “buy our product and save big,” you can say “buy our product and save $100 each month.”

Which one do you think creates more impact? Along with following our tips, consider using a Mobile CRM like LeadSquared to empower your reps on the field to make more sales.  

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