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Every business interacts with its clients via email marketing to spread the word. But spending hours on writing and sending emails in numbers is not the way. When you send emails without analyzing them, you will be moving on a bumpy road. The results may be dismal, no matter how much effort you put in. Here, email marketing software can be of benefit.

You must have a proper plan and an efficient method to aid your approach. With technology, you can now channel your efforts and engage your potential customers efficiently. 

“Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter” – McKinsey.

Email marketing tool automates your methods and offers an analysis of all your email campaigns. First, let us start with the basics.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the process of nourishing your customers with engaging information, offers, discounts, updates, etc. Also, it helps you build customer relations by maintaining a constant connection with clients. When you engage your clients with necessary inputs, you open up new possibilities of upselling and cross-selling. As a result, you can convert more prospects into deals. Here is a complete guide to email marketing

Need for Email Marketing Strategy

According to email marketing statistics, email ranks third in the most potent sources of information. Findings from Adobe’s third-annual Consumer Email Report says that;

People are still checking their emails at home, at work, on the treadmill, in bed, and when nature calls — totaling up to about 5.4 hours each week of dedicated time in their inbox. Despite the rise of Slack and other messaging apps, email still dominates the preferred method of communication.”

Thus, without any doubt, a solid email marketing plan is a mighty tool to reach present and potential clients. It helps the organization with organic insights to engage leads and nurture them. To implement these, you need an email marketing software.

LeadSquared’s CRM tool allows you to run and manage High-Performing Email Marketing Campaigns, and more.

But how to assess what features you need in an Email Marketing Software? Here is the list of features you should look at.

Features of Email Marketing Software

Features of Email Marketing Software assists your campaigns with proper insights. It enables you to customize your emails with appealing templates and automates them. 

In addition to that, subject-line analysis, send-time analysis, and other email marketing metrics help you optimize our efforts.

Let us look at the features of Email Marketing Software in detail.

Message Automation

Email Marketing Software provides message automation

Email message automation is one of the primary features. It allows marketers to send emails in response to a specific action. Consider an automated welcome series. A shopper subscribes to a retailer’s newsletter, triggering an automatic welcome message.

Once the email is opened, a second email is triggered, offering 10 percent off on a future order. Some email marketing software providers like LeadSquared comes with additional benefits.

It includes ready to use templates and content customization according to the customer’s interest.

Email Marketing Software Provides Customized Templates

“40% of people said that they would like to receive more informative emails rather than the promotional ones.

(Source: https://explore.reallygoodemails.com/2017-email-stats-according-to-adobe-6599bfa9f620)

Detailed Analysis

Good software can turn email marketing into easily measurable marketing mediums that marketers have.

With email marketing software, you can do a precise analysis of the emails sent. It helps you know where your efforts should be directed to get more landings.

LeadSquared’s CRM software for email marketing will provide you with the following reports for analysis.

Email Subject Line Analysis 

Email Marketing Software provides Email Subject Line Analysis

With the subject-line analysis feature of CRM, understand which subject lines got you higher open rates. Also, it helps you to identify the subject lines that work best for your industry. 

Based on that, you can restructure your approach and get a higher open rate for all your emails. 

Email Send-time Analysis

Email Marketing Software Provides email send time analysis

Analyze and see the day and time that gives you the best results in terms of getting opens, clicks, and responses.

Use the findings to optimize your email campaigns for high opens, clicks, and responses.

Device Open Rate Reports 

Email Marketing Software Provides Device Open Rates

Find the devices your leads use to open your emails.

You can use these reports to enhance your emails accordingly. While creating emails, you can preview how it appears on different devices, and also send test emails to reconfirm.

This will allow you to get the maximum attention of leads and the customers by catering to their specific needs.

Bonus – LeadSquared provides you an advanced email analytics tool for your campaign.

Email Marketing Software Manages Different Types of Emails

We all receive plenty of email newsletters, offers, discounts, ads, etc. informing about products and services.

Through automation, email marketing software manages different emails enabling us to nurture every customer.

Email marketing is a boon for any company aiming to engage their customers daily. Here are the types of emails with which you can engage your customer’s interest.

Marketing Emails

These are mostly promotional mails sent to a group of people interested in your activity. 

28% of subscribers state they’d like to see promo offers twice or even thrice a week.”

Marketing emails provide a variety of content, although most are used to send sales promotions, announcements, follow-ups, surveys, newsletters, etc.

Transactional Emails

These are automated emails triggered by customer activities.

It mostly includes order tracking, welcome messages, approved commissions, subscription confirmations, etc.

These are vital inputs when it comes to building customer relations. When a customer completes one procedure, and you send an email, it opens more events for further engagement.

Key Take-Aways

So, that’s a wrap, here are some quick takes away from the above article.

Email allows marketers to reach their audience with relevant and dynamic messages – 74% of marketers say personalization improves customer engagement.

Using an Email Marketing Software will get you full tracking and personalization. Regardless of what you sell, how you sell it, personalization is your key to effective email marketing.

Make Every Effort Count with LeadSquared

LeadSquared email marketing software provides you beautiful email templates. You can personalize them based on your target viewers and create engaging content.

With proper insights into your email campaigns, you can improve the quality of your emails and get more conversion rate. LeadSquared provides you an ultimate email marketing tool encompassing all features.

Hear it from the experts in the industry:

“Originally, we were trying to get more tracking and personalization to our email marketing. We used MailChimp before and it had its limits. I was blown away by what LeadSquared could offer to us,” Toni Kulikoff, Marketing Manager, Arrant-Light Oy.

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