In our previous article, we talked about the untold potential trapped in a customer relationship management app. Having a good working CRM is a no-brainer for smart marketers today. Nonetheless, a mobile app is better. Which is why this article is all about highlighting mobile CRM benefits.

Backtrack some years back, CRM developers saw the need to create something similar to the traditional business software. This birthed the era of sales apps such as customer relationship management apps. However, the developers noted the need for some upgrades. Why limit yourself to the office when you can have your CRM with you both at the office and on the field.

Mobile CRM Benefits You Should Know

mobile crm benefits

Having had multiple questions on whether or not a mobile CRM is necessary for a business, I decided to expose these 7 hidden benefits of mobile CRM that every business owner should know.

Shorter Sales Cycles

These past few years, we have experienced a new form of market called the buyers’ market – where buyers are in control of the buying process. Marketers are constantly complaining about sales cycles getting longer since the shift to the buyers’ market. I am sorry to break it to you, but this year isn’t going to be much different. Experts predict that 2020 is going to be the buyers’ market still. While this means more work to close a deal, we have found a hack to shorten this sales cycle drastically. You guessed it – a mobile CRM.

With a mobile CRM, your sales and marketing team can easily pinpoint where a lead is on the sales cycle and what is best to feed such lead at that point. This ensures the leads get exactly what they need when they need it. Therefore, pushing them further along in the sales cycle.

Increased Productivity

Generally, CRM apps are known to improve productivity. However, a study shows that it gets even better with mobile CRM. Up to 50% more! Instead of running back to the office every time they need to access vital info and customer data, mobile CRM gives your sales team uninterrupted access to everything they need right on the field.

Gone are the days of “I will get back to you later.” No one wants to do business with an incompetent sales team. Imagine making a pitch and your answer to the client’s question is I will get back to you later. Not only would this show how incompetent you are, but it also paints a bad picture of the entire firm.

Don’t leave your sales cycle to chance. Equip your sales team with all the vital armor today!

Better Planning

Another great perk of the highly-famed mobile sales CRM is that it comes equipped with a variety of sales tools. Besides managing customers’ calls and data, your CRM comes with planning tools that keep you one step ahead at all times. Therefore, you do not just have all you need to excel in the field, but you also have an active calendar, reminder, and planning tool to help you get ahead. Does it get better than this?!

Improved ROI

One of the essential metrics that your marketing and sales team look out for is the return on investment – ROI. That is not much of a shocker as every successful business needs a good ROI to stay afloat.

Now, what if I told you that your traditional CRM is robbing you of a good ROI? Doubt it?

Okay, here is the basic math. Typically, the traditional CRM system takes about 6 months to implement and up to 5 years to get a good return on investment. With a mobile CRM, you can narrow that down to a few minutes to implement and just a few months to get good ROI. The math speaks for itself!

Enhanced Retention Rate

Undoubtedly, your conversion rate is an essential metric to boost your overall income base. Nonetheless, there are other important metrics that work together to keep your business afloat. One such metric is your retention rate. As your sales and marketing team are out on the field, working tirelessly to attract new leads, they definitely need to balance the conversion rate with a good retention rate. As a matter of fact, a higher retention rate puts your business in a better light than a high conversion rate.

 Thankfully, your mobile CRM has the potential to boost both your retention and conversion rate. Of course, customers will be happy to stick with your brand if you offer them good customer service. And that is exactly what your mobile CRM excels at.

Reduced Cost

Setting up the traditional CRM is anything but easy. In fact, it could take up to 6 months to fully implement a sound working CRM the traditional way. As time-consuming as that may seem, it is essential to note that it also costs you a fortune.

Research shows that companies used to spend $12 billion every year on traditional CRMs. A fortune you are not sure of getting back even in the next 3 years.

Why waste your time and resources on a traditional CRM when you can get a better and mobile version for far less?

Lastly, More Sales

The ultimate goal of sending your sales team out on the field is to attract more leads, which eventually convert to more sales. Equipping your sales team with the right tool gives them more advantages over your competitors. With easy access to vital info and customers’ data, they can perform their role efficiently, thus drawing in more leads and closing deals. Just what you need right now. More sales!

A Mobile CRM You can count on

With hundreds of CRM apps on the market, I understand it can get pretty overwhelming deciding on the best one for your business. First off, I would like to quickly remind you that there are four different types of CRM, with each focused on different activities. To ensure you get the best from your CRM, I strongly recommend you stick with a professional CRM app like the LeadSquared Mobile CRM.  Rest assured your team has all they need to grow in this all-in-one app.

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