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Humans have progressed from walking long distances for days to flying miles in a matter of hours. This progression applies to the businesses of today as well. Gone are the days when businesses rely on a book or several pieces of paper to keep track of their customers. Today, businesses are operating way smarter via a tool called the customer relationship management app.

Any good marketer will agree that managing customer relationships is one of the most critical ways to grow any business. But let’s face it, as the business grows, this crucial task becomes way complicated for even the best team of experts to handle.

What you need at this moment is an application capable of handling all of your customers’ needs from when they first hear of your products or services to when they eventually become customers. By simply integrating your system with a professional CRM software, statistics show that you can increase sales by up to 29% and productivity by 34%. Now, you see what you are missing out on?

What is a Customer Relationship Management App?

CRM software is a tool designed specifically for managing both existing and potential customers. These tools help in improving communication across different parts of the business. They play a major role in customer retention by helping to boost customer experience.

CRM apps offer a plethora of features that allow you to effectively monitor and manage leads from the second they click on your site to their journey through the sales funnel and even afterward. So, you no longer have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks.

With easy access to insightful data, a study shows that marketers can totally shorten the sales cycle by 8-14%. Just what any business need for exponential growth in today’s buyers’ market.

customer management app

3 Major Reasons Your Business Need A Professional CRM Software

Want to know why CRM apps are now a necessity for business growth, not an option? Check these out!

1. Enhanced Customer Retention

Meeting your quota at the end of the day is the most important goal in any business. While you need new leads to achieve this goal, research has shown time and time again that having a happy, loyal customer base is essential for business growth.

With competitors springing up at every end, it can get pretty onerous keeping your customers satisfied with your brand. Not anymore, though! One major perk of customer relationship management app, as the name implies, is that it helps to improve customer experience – the secret ingredient in increasing your retention rate.

2. Increased Productivity

As your business grows, it becomes imperative to ensure that it operates smoothly. This includes the speed of the sales funnel, sales velocity, customer experience, product management, and a boatload of others. This increased responsibility can become difficult to keep up with as time goes by.

To ensure that you are still meeting your increasing quota and keeping your customers happy, it is a no-brainer to seek help. What better way to expedite the entire sales process than leveraging the enormous benefits packed in sales CRM apps? They do not only help you track and manage your customers and potential customers, but also ensure you efficiently and seamlessly offer a personalized experience to each customer.

3. Greater Insights

In this age of big data, businesses are increasingly searching for how to make sense of data collected. Yes, it is not enough to have all those data in the pipeline. How do these data contribute to the decision-making process and the overall growth of the business? This is yet another advantage a professional CRM offer that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Professional CRM apps are not limited to just collecting and storing data. They go as far as helping you manage the data as well as provide meaningful insights into the data collected. This goes a long way in helping you make informed decisions, geared towards your business growth.

How to Use a CRM

Now you understand why you should have one of these business growth-hacking tools, let’s take a quick look at how to use these tools to grow your business.

customer management app

Step 1: Get Your Sales Team Onboard

The first step to actually ‘kill it’ with sales CRM apps is to educate your sales team on the importance of CRM software. Get them to understand what it is and how much they can achieve with it.

Step 2: Personalize the Settings

Although our CRM app comes prepared for success, it is ideal to tweak the settings to suit your business. Each business has a unique sales process. You will have to tweak the app to fit perfectly into your sales process.

Step 3: Import Your Contacts

I believe you already have a means of storing vital data and customer info, right? Well, to enjoy your CRM to its full potential, you will have to import those contacts and deals from your spreadsheet to your newly-acquired CRM. This way, you are sure your CRM is set up to pick up from where you left off. No hitches on the way!

Step 4: Integrate Other Tools

It is not enough to have a functioning CRM in the sales team. For top-notch results, experts advise you to synchronize your data across every department. From the marketing department to the sales department, it is important to have all your tools synchronized.

Using Dashboards to Get Better Insights

If the customer relationship management app were a computer, the dashboard would be the monitor that clearly shows what is going on behind the scene. This is why your CRM dashboard is one of the most important features of the CRM app. Be sure to set up your dashboard to help you keep a tab of your team’s performance. This should also help you make insightful decisions. Set it up now!

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